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Hat tip: Cyberella

Wallsten is out of town. So let’s all call his editor

Everyone call this number (LA TIMES)- Meredith Goodman at (213) 237-4673.

Give the Obama endorsing L.A. Times a piece of your mind. Sign the petition.

If you do not want to send the e-mail thru the above address feel free to contact LA Times at: Los Angeles Times 202 W. 1st St. Los Angeles, CA 90012 Phone: (213) 237-5000 Fax: (213) 237-7679 For circulation, customer service, or home delivery, visit or call (800) 252-9141.

How about asking your Rabbis to contact the Los Angeles Times?

A concerned collection of Rabbis showing up at the LA Time’s editorial office would be a great photo op.


9 responses to “Sign The Petition

  1. All LA Times subscribers should unsubscribe. Boycott LA Times advertisers. Offer a reward for a duplicate tape. Contact the LA Times and finally do whatever is necessary to get the tapes.

  2. Did you know that Alan Dershowitz supports Obama? Does his opinion mean anything to you?

  3. Edmund, even though Dershowitz wrote the book The Case For Israel and challenged former President Jimmy Carter to a debate about Israel, I still don’t like or trust him. After all, this is a man who boasted about how he would defend Adolph Hitler in a court of law, and have him proved “not guilty.”

  4. Also Edmund, Dershowitz has spoken out publicly against the Ten Commandments on the grounds that they’re anti-life, immoral, etc.

    Furthermore, the late Rabbi Meir Kahane once debated Dershowitz, and basically mopped the floor with the guy.

  5. Blogger Doug Ross claims to have a source who has viewed the tape and provided two quotes, here:

  6. KnowAnExLATimesEmployee

    Yes, I do know someone that lives in Highland Park, near downtown LA, off Figueroa, and I can tell you that there ARE people in their, that speak Spanish, that are not completely in Love with the Times nor’ Obama, and this tape is for real!
    There’s so many people in there watching it in rooms, and commenting in there it’s become very common within the building.
    Imagine what a cleaning person all night long can do in a building like that.
    Anyway, there have been a few warnings, by Jesse Jackson that I considered might, just might be because of being jealous.
    But now this tape. It is just that it IS real, and he really did say that.
    So, people will have to trust their instincts, since the Times will probably NOT release it, and it will belong to a certain very rich lady soon, for her safe, everyone trust your instincts.
    If Obama chooses to, he can do alot of damage to Israel. He can allow it to become, well let’s not talk about that, but you know!
    I know many of us are Democrats, and our families are Democrats, but he reminds me of typical guys in Inglewood.
    A slick talker, smooth moves, con man type of guy, that will use ANYONE, ANYTHING, to become the 1st Black President.
    I only see him trying for the betterment of his ‘people’ not ALL people in the US and Israel that has so many people from the US there, at some time of the year or all the time now.
    So, think long and hard about him….He could do very great harm if he so chooses, and with his Powerhouse Senata & House behind he will become one of the most powerful person’s in all the World.
    This might cause his Ego to get the best of him, and not truely care about the people that got him where he is today!
    I just cannot vote for him, I’m going against my lifelong Party affiliation, I just cannot, not with this.

  7. So many people watching it where? Can you be more specific?

  8. KnowanexLATimesEmployee, can I email you privately so you can tell me more?

  9. The Center for Palestine Research and Studies conducted regular public opinion surveys in the West Bank and Gaza with financial support from various foundations and from the International Republican Institute, McCain’s organization for promoting democracy around the world.
    Under McCain’s leadership, the IRI gave at least $838,494 to Khalidi’s group in 1988 and 1999, according to the IRI’s tax returns.

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