What Every Jew Needs To Know About Barack Hussein Obama

These two videos sum up what I’ve been saying all along about Barack Hussein Obama, and why Jews (and other Americans) shouldn’t vote for him.


15 responses to “What Every Jew Needs To Know About Barack Hussein Obama

  1. Real trouble with Obama and a super majority in Congress


  2. Please see this long site about “obsama” and socialism.


  3. Hannity is saying Khalidi praised the PLO terrorist Abu Iyaf in his obituary in 1991. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g17gT4eLAg ) What he does not say is that in this very short piece, Khalidi writes: “Abu Iyad was the prime political strategist inside Fatah and the PLO in recent years, playing a crucial role in winning the Palestine National Council over to a diplomatic strategy in its 1988 meeting in Algiers with his eloquent speeches and his back room political skills.” (MER 169, p. 4) I think first this shows that already in 1991 Khalidi was on the very moderate side of Palestinians. And second that Hannity is a jackass (well that is not really new 🙂 )

  4. Moderate Palestinian my foot!

  5. I am just a visitor to your site because I wanted to know how my jewish neighbors where feeling about Obama. By the looks of these posts, you may be torn about it.
    Please believe me when I say that Obama is a very real danger to Israel. All of his associations are a clear that he is not your friend as he wants you to believe
    The story about Raila Odinga in Kenya is true. Odinga is his cousin and he did sign an agreement with the leaders of Islam in that country that if elected, odinga would convert the whole country of Kenya to Islam. There are videos on you tube with Obama speaking to the people of Kenya to help Odinga get elected!
    He and Bill Ayers and VERY good friends, and he has lied to everyone in the country. Have you not noticed that everytime someone has asked him about an associate that his response is that it was just someone he knew?
    My family is from Whitwell TN They did the Paperclip Project and have the RailCar Memorial! This should tell you that I have your true interest at heart!

  6. Hi Linda. Welcome to my blog.

  7. Thank you!
    I am saying prayers that we will make it through this really terrible time in our country.
    I like some many others wonder why the msm is hiding the truth about Obama. It seems that many of the PUMAS will be voting for McCain/Palin and the Catholics are also turning to McCain.
    I have talked with many Black freinds who are not voting for Obama and they tell me that they are afraid to be open about it. It is a shame that we cannot openly express how we feel.
    Please, if you ever get a chance to come to TN, please visit the Rail Car Memorial in Whitwell. There is a documentary on DVD about it called The Paperclip Project.
    People make fun of us and say we are Redneck and stupid. That we cannot possible be smart enough to understand. My Grandmother was a deeply religous woman. She lived her entire life in that little town. She and my mother taught us that even though people may be different from us, we should have our eyes and hearts open to them. We are all God’s Children

  8. I knew clicking on Jews against Obama was going to be a huge benefit. I knew it. I love it. People of different faiths are amazing when they DO THE RESEARCH and present a totally new point of view making it even stronger 50 times stronger proof of why voting for John McCain is the only way to protect this country from disaster. God bless you. God bless you.

  9. Welcome to my blog, Jamienov81.

  10. Obama wants to sink the coal industry!
    Our electricity would skyrocket!


  11. Everyone needs to see this. Send it to everone you know!!!

  12. Stop whinning about Barack Obama already. He is our president for atleast the next 4 years and whinning is not going to do anything about it. And why do you feel the need to say Barack Hussein Obama -is printing it in huge letters suppose to scare us or something? Who cares? If he was a Muslim who cares? That makes a person look extremely racist and proud of it. What if it was a Jewish president and everyone was constantly talking about how scary it was, because some Jews recently did something horrible. Would that be fare to the rest of the Jewish people? You may think well, Muslims are doing something horrible everyday. Well, many people think the Jews are doing something horrible everyday. Just get over it already and move on. That’s why there is no Jewish president and guess what, no Muslim president either. So get over it!!!

  13. Nicole, this is my blog. So if I want to I’ll “whine,” that’s my prerogative. If you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to comment here, or even read my posts.

  14. Who’s whining (besides Nicole)? This is a clear-headed blog exposing the liar for what he is. Notice there are posts here by Catholics, Protestants and Jews who see through this guy. Sticking your head in the sand is asking for it. Obama would sell his grandmother (DID sell his grandmother, sorry) to get elected. Now it’s our turn to be sold “down the river”.

    Here’s the problem: he has majorities in House and Senate and the MSM bought and paid for. He thinks he is the Messiah and will wipe his feet on our sovereignty to get the recognition he thinks is coming to him. Watch him persecute talk-show hosts like Limbaugh. I mean, since when does a POTUS attack private citizens? Stalin did. Can you picture W doing it?

    I am watching for the signs that Rev. Manning is right about his conjecture that Obama is going to sell Israel out for his own gain. Once Israel is gone, what do you suppose will happen to US Jews? Do you think he will protect them here from annihilation? I don’t. And Christians, real ones, will fare no better.

    Obama is not a Christian, and probably not a Muslim either. He is firmly enthroned in the House of Self-Worship and will use any faith to get the stature he wants.

    Our hope is that sooner or later he will overreach and anger the other narcissists in his party and his engine of self-aggrandizement will fail. But how many innocents will die before he is stopped?

    I believe that the Evil One is always floating “trial balloons” to see if he can finally obtain his Anti-Christ and really take the world to hell. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot: all types of the creature that will arrive on the world scene sooner or later. They may not be THE Anti-Christ but they are types of him. And I think Barack Obama has that type of character. It would take a miracle to change it.

    So beware.

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