Join This Brand New Grassroots Patriot Organization!

Here’s what they’re about: is a new nonprofit political activist group dedicated to the effective action needed to protect America from the disturbing trends indicated by the election. Hundreds of volunteers have already joined us.

The group will sponsor or participate in many activities including:*

1. Expose Obama and preclude him from taking office.

2. Demonstrations – virtual online and onsite.

3. Telephone, email, and fax campaigns.

4. Public awareness activities

5. Communication and civic education

6. Legal Actions

7. Influence the electoral college

* Strategies are being developed. Check back or Join FreedomMarch for updates.

We plan a peaceful nationwide march on Jan 17, 2009 to communicate to Obama, (provided that he is not disqualified by then) and Congress, that millions of Americans are monitoring them closely, and that they must respect our wishes.

*FreedomMarch is in its infancy. Join Here. A new high-end website is in development.

FreedomMarch consists of a fast-growing group of American Patriots of all races, religions, and political stripes which attracted national media attention twice during October 2008. The video here was seen by millions worldwide within 48 hours starting Oct. 8, 2008 as a consequence of our efforts: “Louis Farrakhan calls Obama the Messiah.”

Millions of Patriots can Save this Nation. Join Us Here.

Freedom strongly believes that Barack Obama is at best a socialist, and at worst, a closet radical. His numerous ties to the most onerous of America bashers, hate mongers, radicals, racists and outright terrorists show his true colors, and they are not Red, White & Blue! These ties are a clear indicator of the real Obama agenda. Obama is an icon for socialist radicals hijacking this nation.

He constantly states, “Believe me and not your lying eyes.” Never in the history of the United States has there been a less-qualified, less-trusted, more-suspect candidate whom the Main Stream Media will not expose and even endorses.


14 responses to “Join This Brand New Grassroots Patriot Organization!

  1. My heart is with you my friends. Remember this: They are MANY in America who are with you and they will never just stand by.

    We are watching.

  2. Okay…I don’t want Obama in office, but…wasn’t #1 done before the election? As for legal actions, there’s an idea. Maybe Hillary supporters will sue Obama for rigging the caucuses.

  3. Backpack- Airport- Paraguay.

  4. I’m with you.
    Especially after Obama selects devoted Muslim & son of Palestinian terrorist Rahm Emanuel to be his chief of staff.

  5. During the past few days, I received a plea from a few well-known Christian leaders for us to pray for Obama, citing the scripture that urges us to pray for safety and wisdom for our leaders.
    Here is my reply:

    • No Prayers for Obama

    Obama is not a natural US born citizen and therefore got this election through trickery and coercion. He is not my president, only in name.

    Obama used the name of Jesus Christ to try to get the Christians to vote for him and he used a photo op at the Holy Wailing Wall in Jerusalem to get the Jewish vote. For 20 years he attended a “church” where the pastor cursed and used God’s name in vain from the pulpit, to get the black vote. In my opinion, he might as well of used the “F” word in the “sanctuary,” which I’m sure he has anyway, just never got on tape. And it is very clear about how he and Obama feel about Israel and the Jews.

    Besides the fact that wisdom is a gift of the Holy Spirit which Obama doesn’t himself possess; if I am to follow your logic, then am I to assume you’d also instruct the German Christians back in Hitler’s day to pray for the “wisdom and safety of Adolf Hitler? For me to pray for the safety and wisdom of the AntiChrist as well? Brothers and sisters, it’s time to check yourselves on that one.

    However, there are far more scriptures in complete contrast to praying for a monster like Obama. I don’t recall Jesus calling for prayer for Caesar, Herod, or even Judas for that matter. Peter did not pray for Ananias and Saphira who came to him with a lie on their lips; and the early Christians did not pray for Nero’s safety and wisdom. In fact, Jesus said He only prays for the ones that the Father has given him, those who’s names are in the Lamb’s Book of Life.



    Jesus said John the Baptist was the greatest man that ever lived.

    Now we have a man Obama that supports infanticide, homosexual marriage, Islam (praying to the moon god, which YWH forbids), racially divided churches, and splitting the land of Israel: all of which is far greater sin than Herod marrying his brother’s wife.

    This man Obama is not only worshiped as deity, but accepts and enjoys the adoration and worship; adoration and worship which belongs only to God. He promised to enact the HATE CRIMES BILL which will pretty much make it illegal for Christians to speak the full Word of God in regards to homosexuality, Islam, and other sins God forbids. Perhaps as time goes on it will be a crime to even speak out against Obama. And you’re asking me to pray for safety, wisdom, and discernment for someone who is actively engaging in and promoting the very things GOD HATES?

    I hope Christian people will read more of their bible instead of hide behind one scripture that was never intended to lull Christians to remain quiet in the face of sin and wrongdoing. Especially when truth and the very name of YWH and our Lord Jesus Christ is trampled on. Paul also said women should keep their head covered, yet you’re not emailing any such request. And any Christian that asks me to pray for Obama or Hitler or anyone who accepts worship and adoration as a god, rather than to give YWH God the glory, is asking me to participate in a sin.

    We are a perverse nation with perverse ideals and morals and a very sick society, and we have far surpassed anything of Rome in Jesus’ Day.

    We would be better served if Christian people sounded the alarm, rather than calmed Christian’s valid concerns about one of the most evil men to come to power in a long time: Obama.

    I will pray Romans 8:19-21 for the Sons of God to be revealed. But I will take back my blessing from Obama and this country and shake the dust from my feet on the way out, as the bible instructs us to do for those who will not accept the gospel.

    Remember: if Christians lose their salt, what good are we?

    And for the record, there will be no “regrouping” of the worldly Republican Party in 4 years. Don’t you get it? There won’t be an opportunity to do a “retake,” the republicans already blew it. God is not our puppet, He asked, we said no as a country and that is that.

    I’d like to urge Christians to stand against sin, not sit and beg unbelievers like Bill Maher to come to the truth about God. It is beneath any child of the King to do so. The fields are ripe and we have much more important harvest work to do than waste our time on pruning a bad tree that refuses to give forth fruit.

    As far as I’m concerned Obama is the son of perdition. What other world leader accepts and thrives on the type of adoration and worship being bestowed upon him? That is worship and adoration that belongs only to God, not Obama.

    I even remember Obama’s pastor being introduced as “the Lion of the tribe of Judah” on national TV. Yet, it is so sad you did not speak up about that. In fact, I am not aware of any “church leaders” that did either. And now you’re asking us to pray for a monster who wants us to call him the Messiah?

    I don’t think so.

    Barack Obama Anti-Christ In His Own Words:
    “A light will shine down from somewhere, it will light upon you, you will experience an epiphany, and you will say to yourself, “I have to vote for Barack.” -Barack Husein Obama, Lebanon, New Hampshire, January 2008

    dictionary results for: “epiphany”
    –noun, plural -nies.
    1. a Christian festival, observed on January 6, commemorating the manifestation of Christ to the gentiles in the persons of the Magi; Twelfth-day.
    2. an appearance or manifestation, esp. of a deity.

    American Christians are getting really flabby. They are actually calling on others to pray for safety and wisdom for a monster like Obama, a reprobate? Well, y’all can continue to delude yourselves and call good “evil,” and evil “good.” Anything you can do to kick back, pretend, and do and say nothing, so you can go about your worldly life earning respect from man. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, even when that means using the muscles in our mouths to declare the truth, even at the risk of jail or even being ridiculed. I’d take eternity in heaven for remaining faithful, over hell any day.

    God is not mocked. And each one of you will stand before Him and give an account of everything you did and said in this short life, even for what you did not do.

    Our time would be better spent to do the things Jesus asked us to do: heal the sick by laying on of hands, feed the poor [widows, orphans, and those who truly cannot work like disabled folks], clothe the naked, cast out demons, spread the gospel, pray for Jerusalem, and love our brothers and sisters in the faith including the Jewish people. That is where our prayers should rest. Not on some egomaniac, narcissist and power-hungry antichrist Obama. Yes, we are told to pray for our enemies [in a neighborly sense], but that doesn’t include Obama or Hitler or any other “instead-of-Messiah” who comes on the scene. And as we learn from Peter, as mentioned above, it doesn’t include bold-faced liars either.

    Christian Leaders, you’d be better off asking us to pray WE have the strength, faith, wisdom, discernment, and courage to stand against all Obama and his regime are going to slam down our throats during his “reign.” That we stand firm, remain faithful to Jesus and his commandments in these times. And yes, even if it means being jailed for speaking up for Jesus. Something American Christians know nothing about, but will VERY SOON.

    Don’t you get it? God has left the building as far as America is concerned. It’s on. And you had better be prepared to give your life in resistance to what our new administration is asking us to do and/or worshiping Obama antichrist.

    Remember: St. Paul said cowards will not enter the gates of heaven.

    So my recommendation to you teachers, pastors and Church leaders is to do your job! Stand up with courage, remain faithful to God’s Word and lead your flocks! Prepare them, get them ready to give their very lives for the gospel and the commandments of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and stop instructing us to close our eyes to what lies before us! We as believers NEED TO BE PREPARED.

    Because this man Obama does NOT have good intentions for America, nor Christians, Jews, nor Israel. Period, end of story.


  6. 2012 Conservative Resistance Movement:

    #1 We do not acknowledge Barack Husein Obama as President of the United States. [Never refer to him as president because he is not fit to serve this great nation. He is not even a natural born U.S. Citizen, as is required to hold office of the presidency.]



  7. Okay. I have an idea that might get Obama out of office. He rigged a few of the Democratic Primaries. If things worked out fair and square, Hillary would have gone up against McCain, don’t know who would have won, though.
    If we can get this public, something might happen that gets him out of office.

  8. Thanks Jknight. I’ll take check out the links.

  9. Barack Simpson, er, Homer 0bama, or whatever- Bot Free forum-

  10. It is a sad time. But no matter what God is in control and now, more than ever, faithful Jews and Christians need to stand together.

  11. This is wonderful. Thank the Lord for you people here, resisting the hostile coup that is taking place in front of our eyes! I’ve been wondering if it’s all been a bad dream, and why so few seem to realize what’s happened. I pray for US: that all the loyal Americans who have seen this evil man for what he is, will realize they are not alone and still have the freedom to fight. This country did NOT ask for B. Hussein Obama. He is not an American. He cannot be our president. We need to never, ever back down on this.

  12. Thank you Wonderwoman. Please feel free to tell your friends about Freedom March, as well as this blog.

  13. Being the jewish organization that you say you are, its hard to figure out that you are going all after a black president. You comments are very Hitler and its hard to imagine that we still have people that think like this. After seeing the previous comments, I felt like we were still lynching black. I am not black.
    This kind of attitude got 6 million jews killed that didnt need to die.

  14. Chris, we at JTF really don’t care about the color of a person’s skin. We care about evil actions. And unfortunately, there are plenty of evil actions coming from Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and their ilk. And that is very unfortunate, considering how the Jews fought for the civil rights of African Americans.

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