How Obama Plans To Sell Israel Down The River

Pastor Manning is spot on here.


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  1. This does sound very, very plausible. Obama is enough of a “satanist” (good word, Reverend) and a snake to maneuver this way, no doubt about it. Product of the Chicago machine, he’d sell his grandmother to get what he wanted (oops, he already did that). So, when the Oily One declares a diplomatic victory in Afghanistan, what do we do?

    Israel is an ally. The sad truth is that the U.S. has a history of abandoning allies. We did it to South Vietnam, we are getting ready to do it to Taiwan, and Israel could be next. With this man in the Oval Office, I weep for our Israeli allies.

    Will there be pogroms here in the States?

  2. But as my old Messianic Rabbi told me, “WHEN THE PEN HITS THE PAPER,” you’ll know.

    And Obama is JUST the son of perdition that would sign that treaty from HELL and DEATH with Israel.

    I really want to thank Rev. Manning for being the ONLY Christian Pastor who has the courage to come out and speak the truth, albeit more roughly than other less passionate folks like it said, and say publicly what many are saying privately.


  3. this man has no idea what he is pontificating about and it is pure pontification considering he owns no party affiliation and ties to the new democratic government soon to be in effect.
    the obama administration owes nothing to these groups in question. there is no basis. the obama administration owes a lot to Bill Gates and MS(NBC), Steve Jobs and Apple, and other corporate interests that have funneled massive amounts of money into barack obama’s campaign. that being said, how can one even speculate the government’s potential to abdicate Israel from its allied forces? Israel and the US have a mutual relationship that goes back 50 years. Israel also has a strong military presence in the middle east that trumps any jihadist militia by 100-1, so just the notion that someone will come into power to side with those we have been fighting is harebrained. fear not what the media has been using to further a republican executive branch in 2008 because its futile now.

  4. You know, I believe Pastor Manning is on to something. He understands Democrat cut-and-run warfare. Did you know that the stupid cowardly Democrats wanted to cut and run during the Civil War? That’s right: around 1863 they thought too many men had died and wanted to just forget the whole thing. If the Dems had prevailed, there would have been two nations where there is only one now. Oh, and there would still be slavery in the south.

    Obama seems to have a big enough head with nothing much in it, to bite at an offer of ‘valorous’ retreat from Afghanistan and Iraq. He may not really care either way what happens to Israel. I bet we’ll see him tell Israel she can fend for herself and try to dodge Ahmadinejad’s bombs as best she can. Look for this in 2011, like Pastor Manning said.

    Here’s hoping there are more brains in the Israeli government than there are here. Maybe they can save us from Obama.

  5. This web page is the most negative, stupid and destructive thing i read recently.
    Pity. The majority of the world, and suprisingly enough – a majority of the American people voted for Obama …so whats the problem?

    what he stands for is positive things, communication, problems solving instead of negativism and problem-creating business like this webpage is driven by. I feel a shame calling my self jewish when this type of jews, or so called jews pay for a web page with negativity like this. What a pity.

  6. This web page is the most negative, stupid and destructive thing i read recently.
    Pity. The majority of the world, and suprisingly enough – a majority of the American people voted for Obama …so whats the problem

  7. Su, the reason this web page is the most negative, stupid and destructive thing you’ve read recently IS BECAUSE IT BREAKS DOWN THE ILLUSION YOU HAVE ABOUT OBAMA.

    It is destroying the illusion of your cult leader: Obama. This is why you’re fighting it.

    This is very common with cults. The sad thing is most people involved with cults need to be de-programmed.

    PLEASE GET SOME HELP! You need debugging badly. You’re BRAINWASHED BY THE CULT OF OBAMA.

  8. How does this web page break down any illusion about Obama when it doesn’t have any factual information? I’ve read through this site and there just seems to be a lot of speculation and fear-based misinformation.
    To Linda with the Caps Lock:
    If the majority of people thought it was a mistake to vote Democratic, then the election would have went to the Republicans. But it didn’t, because this is what happens every time an administration fails. When Carter floundered, we voted Reagan in. When W. destroyed everything we voted Obama in.
    This had nothing to do with cult of personality, MoniQue, this had a lot to do with economic throes and the resignation of fearmongering. I personally have a good friend who is enlisted and he may be able to finish up his duties to secure a peaceful and meaningful job with the military.

  9. Sorry OT, but

    Please Help Leo Donofrio with his case challenging Obama is not a “natural born citizen.”

    As we speak efforts are going on within the Supreme Court to suppress Mr. Donofrio’s document.
    Call TODAY!
    US Supreme Court Clerk’s Office – 202-479-3011
    US Supreme Court, Public Information Office – 202-479-3211
    Explain to them you are not pleased at the way they are handling Case #08A407.
    It is also important that Justice Clarence Thomas and the rest of the Supreme Court receive direct mail letters (not e-mail)
    Include:Case Docket #08A407 and in your letter.

    You may write to Justice Thomas at the following address:

    The Honorable Associate Justice Clarence Thomas
    United States Supreme Court
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    Washington, D.C. 20543.

    Also write to
    Chief Justice Roberts
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    Washington, D.C. 20543

    Unlike Mr. Berg’s case, Mr. Donofrio’s case has standing. This may be just the case to bring down Obama. Let’s all do what lies in our power to help him win this important court case.

  10. Mary: I think we’re assuming people have been following the news. Obama is friends with some very ugly people, and has been for years. He hates this country and has yet to produce evidence that he a citizen. He is the worst pro-abort to emerge as president-elect, ever.

    If you aren’t bothered by any of that, if ripping full term babies out of the womb and collapsing their skulls by suctioning out their brains doesn’t bother you, then you and Obama are cut from the same cloth and I don’t know what it would take to wake you up.

    This evil man has blood on his hands, and I hope I don’t hurt the feelings of my Jewish friends by mentioning this, he would have been capable of what Adolf Hitler did, and then some. At least Hitler never thought of partial birth abortion, and wouldn’t have supported it for his own “people” if he had.

    Is it “negative” to demand that truth be known about the man elected to lead the greatest nation on earth?

  11. Wonderwoman I am interested in what sort of information you have on George W. Bush and his administration. Please provide all the details and glaring truths you find necessary. Because when you compare this Barry fellow to one Adolf Hitler, I am more than concerned for your personal political understanding.

  12. Mary: What’s on your mind about Bush? All the dirt, true or false, that could be dug up on him has been aired on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, in the NYT, LAT and a swarm of other print vehicles. Not to mention the Daily Kotz and its like.

    This “Barry” fellow? You mean the one who voted 4 times to squash the born-alive victims protection act in the Illinois senate? W has his faults, namely that he is not conservative enough, but he is not a pro-abort, and seems to be able to wear the flag without acting like B.O. i.e. a vampire in the presence of the Cross.

  13. Gof works in mysterious ways. I, a Jew, saw at first glance, that Obama is the anti-Christ. Even his name, Obama, is an anagram for Mabus, Nostradamus’ name for the third ani-Christ. But few Christians and no Jews listened to me.

    Timetable aside, Rev. Manning is saying what I said the very first nano-second I saw Obama: his goal is to destroy Israel and kill every Jew in the world.

    Obama’s Court Jew, Rahm Emanuel, who has already denounced his own father and Zionist past for the sake of Obama, will wind up in ObamAuschwitz with the rest of the Jews.

    The politically correct, Party-before-Contry Jews who voted for Herr Obama violated the most-repeated, most emphatic divine prohibition in Scripture. They went whoring after a strange god. The price of their suicidal apostasy will be total catastophe for their people and the world. God help us all.

  14. Very interesting observation.

    Also, I think I accidentally deleted your last comment. At least I think it was yours. Or perhaps it was Wonderwoman who asked what the Jewish term was for the evil popping up in every generation. The word is Amalek.

  15. Thanks, jtf. Not my post that was deleted, but the info on Amalek is relevant.

  16. Ah Pastor Manning. Do you know he was a CEO of a major corporation and left his post to preach? Some say he’s crazy but I just think he’s downright blunt. We could use more of that in this smarmy political atmosphere.

    I do hope all is well with you jtf. I think of you. Not all of us Democrats are falling off a cliff, my friend. We know a snake when we see one.

  17. Barack Obama links Israel peace plan to 1967 borders deal

    Barack Obama is to pursue an ambitious peace plan in the Middle East involving the recognition of Israel by the Arab world in exchange for its withdrawal to pre-1967 borders, according to sources close to America’s president-elect.

    Obama intends to throw his support behind a 2002 Saudi peace initiative endorsed by the Arab League and backed by Tzipi Livni, the Israeli foreign minister and leader of the ruling Kadima party

    November 16, 2008

  18. CrystalD,
    Thanks for the link. If Brzezinski is behind the plan, we can rest assured that it is not in the best interest of Israel or the Jewish people.

    Returning the Golan Heights to Syria is like standing with open arms and no blindfold in front of an enemy’s firing squad.

    Obama’s very generous Arab campaign contributors–over $60 million in illegal donations–want things for their money. An extant Israel is not on their shopping list.

  19. Hi Uppity,

    Thanks for stopping by. I read that Pastor Manning was a marketing executive at Procter & Gamble. Wikipedia said he was once in jail for armed robbery. Manning admitted on one of his videos that it was when he was in prison that he found Jesus. But he seems to have really turned his life around. So more power to him. I agree with a lot of what he says.


    Thanks for the link. I saw that earlier as I was trying out a new web based RSS reader. I’ll post about it shortly.

  20. Anybody hear about the Jewish concert in Berkley that got interrupted by the Arabs- story here…

  21. The majority of the American people however has spoken out through their vote that (ONE of the things) they do not wish for an increased risk of war vs. Iran solely because of Israel. Barring a direct Iranian attack on the US mainland (not going to happen), the majority of Americans (and the Dem controlled Congress now) is not going to ever allow it — especially after all that went wrong with Iraq after they authorized “use of force” for Bush. With the current financial situation , etc, the US is in, fighting Iran is out of the question. And this is making some of the AIPAC’ers and the Israeli Right upset. Obama will open negotiations and talks with Iran, and place pressures on Israel to be kinder to the Palestinians which Israel has not seen in years and years. This is what the majority of Americans have now cast their vote for.

  22. can’t take a little criticism for being stupid eh?

  23. Nero, I can tell by your site that you are quite pro-goat fornicator. No wonder you want Israel sold down the river. So of course you’re gloating about Barack HUSSEIN Obama becoming the next POTUS.

    Anyway, I’m not interested in your ramblings. So why don’t you go blow yourself up in Ramamallah? The gene pool could use a good cleaning.

  24. Fortyfootowl, you are the one who is stupid. It’s clear you live to give Barack HUSSEIN Obama a blow job. Go ahead and try it. But not here.

  25. Jtfdotorg, but don’t you see how bad that “cleaning the gene pool” kind of thing is?? That’s basically what the Germans thought, back in the earlier parts of the last century. And look where that led people. You Jewish extremists have to learn to be more open and peaceful, otherwise you should expect nothing but further bloodshed. As I saw it written out well in Spain once, about the Israel/Palestine issue, “Viva resistencia, sempre resistencia, sangre, o libertad.” Sangre, o libertad, para los Palestinians.

  26. Dear Nero you don’nt appear to be bad guy ,besides Israel can protect itself with 300 nukes that can be launched by Air Land or submarine.In any event here is a poll how Americans feel about Israel vs the Arabs

  27. Nero, you’re wasting your time here. Why don’t you instead tell your beloved fakestinian Arabs to be more peaceful? After all, they have lots more land than us EEEVIL JOOOS have. Yet one tiny country is too much for them? Come on!

  28. No it’s not too much land. I support Israel’s right to continued existence. It deserves peace. The best thing will be for the future if they can work out some kind of 2 state solution. I don’t support the groups like Hamas who want Israel gone because A) it’s not right and B) it’s not realistic even if it were moral (which it isn’t). The Obama supporters (most of us) are not people who wish to see Israel gone; that is a radical viewpoint held by a minority of extremists (whether Muslim or non-Muslim). Most Muslims are realistic enough, if nothing else, to understand Israel is there to stay, and the question speaks more to concessions along the lines of the aforementioned 2 state solution, not the dissolution of Israel. I like and admire the majority of the Jewish people I have known or even come in contact with through TV, film, etc. I think they are a nearly indispensable part of the American life and experience. I am in fact ONLY truly radical when it comes to the cause of being anti-fascism and anti-neo Nazi’ism, etc. I would take up arms against any group that would persecute Jews or any other group en masse for no reason whatsoever, as tragically happened in Europe in the last century. I would have been a “partisan” resistance fighter over there. The only thing I criticize is when I see what I view to be excessive Israeli gov’t heavy-handedness and/or racism coming from Jewish Israelis towards Arabs. That’s all.

  29. MARK, right now Americans are more concerned about the financial crisis than anything else. Whether they back the Palestinians or not, probably it doesn’t really matter in the long run because the gov’t here does what it will either way. All I’m saying is that the Obama gov’t will, I think, be a bit more favourable towards the Palestinians than the previous admin was, and definitely more so than a McCain admin would have been. And the Obama admin will be far less likely to pursue war aggressively (against Iran for instance) the way W Bush did against Iraq. Under McCain, war with Iran would have been only a matter of time, I think, but under Obama I don’t believe it will happen (barring something remote like a direct Iranian attack against America). The public here has no more stomach for wars of questionable necessity to American interests. Supporting Israel, morally, more so than Palestinians for instance, does not necessarily equate to being willing to send one’s son or daughter to another country to die over it.

  30. I think, that a two-state-solution will be the end of Israel as Jewish nation. It remains a fact, that even an Israel in the borders of 1967 or even 1948 would have a strong Muslim miniority, that will grow very fast, feeded by welfare. If the Arabs in Israel will get their state, they will not stop to attack Israel and the Muslim Arabs inside the Jewish controlled parts will never be loyal citizens. So it is only a matter of time if in some parts of this remaining Jewish controlled areas Muslims will reach the majority. This parts will then split again, until there is nothing left. Imo the only solution is to stop welfare to them and to let them leave to a Muslim country of their choice.

  31. How come the Saudis haven’t offered every man, woman and child of the Palestinians: a private villa in Riyadh, complete with guaranteed annual income and maid service, together with free Muslim education and all medical expenses paid? They can certainly afford this.

    I used to think Israel was being “mean” to the Palestinians, but an Israeli friend pointed out to me that the Saudis have had the wealth to absorb any putatively displace people, and so solve the problem. Why don’t more Arabs want “peace”?

    Not to condone any cruelty to anyone anywhere, but you have abuses of power in every nation, because human nature is what it is. But still, if it’s peace everyone wants, why don’t the Saudis buy it with their vast oil money? Why don’t the Kuwaitis, or the Iraqis? Why does the burden always land only on Israel?

  32. Nero.. So, in YOUR opinion… can America be a 2/state?

    REAL Americans are VERY concerned about Israel KNOWING that we will face the wrath of God himself when we totally turn our back on Israel.
    That you dont know this, shows your ignorance in history. Any nation that stood against Isreal, pretty much ceased to exist.
    As far as the financial drain, evidently you dont know a lot- Jewish Israelites DO NOT WANT American $$’s..Why?? BECAUSE it goes DIRECTLY to p-stinians, that blow their own kids up. That you dont know this, makes you look absurd and ridiculous, since America is a mirror with ALL of OUR $$$ going to ILLEGAL mexican occupiers.
    Go and research how MUCH Israelite-Jews have done in Israel, and then try again with your nonsensical HOGWASH.
    Manning is 100% CORRECT on this issue.

  33. Isn’t B.O. talking up getting Osama Bomb-Laden now? Should be very interesting to watch and connect the dots and compare to Manning’s prophecy in the coming year.

  34. Cesar Nero:
    Sure, the “palestinians” should have their own state—JUST NOT INSIDE ISRAEL!

    And they can stop using that fake name “palestinians” while they’re at it.

    “The Roman Emperor Hadrian determined to wipe out the identity of Israel-Judah-Judea. Therefore, he took the name Palastina and imposed it on all the Land of Israel.”

    Palestine has always been and will always be Israel. “It is important to note that there was a Jewish population in Palestine continuously. Even after the Jewish state was ended by the Romans, Jewish communities continued to exist. All of the successor governments tried to eliminate the Jews at one time or another, but none succeeded as numerous accounts testify over the centuries. When the Zionists started the modern “return” to Eretz Yisrael in the 19th Century, they were joining Jews who never left.”

    The name “Falastin” that Arabs today use for “Palestine” is not an Arabic name. It is the Arab pronunciation of the Roman “Palaestina.”

    Gosh, even “Falastinian” sounds like FALACY, aka FAKE.

    But we don’t have to decide this. God Himself already did. Ezekiel 37-38 describes the end result. Israel is God’s land, especially Jerusalem. And the people and the city bear His name. So the arabs are basically fighting with God.

    Good luck there.


    It is written.

    You don’t like it, take it up with God.

  35. Have you ever heard of a self hating Jew? Manning is a self hating Black Man.You’re so worried about Israel, they have Nuclear weapons, they can take care of themselves. Wanting the US government to wipe out the Arab off the face of the earth is not cool.

    We all got to live together, Effing the country up just to teach President Obama a lesson is jacked up.

    Rev.Manning is paid by people like Sean Klannity to stop the progress of black people. Remember those Jews in Germany that some one hated. Some of the people that went after them first were Jews.That’s how Manning works.He attacks any black man with a spine. I don’t think President Obama is the”messiah” or anything ,but did you see how the right wing went after black people. People using the N-word on television in Kentucky and West Virginia calling him muslim which isn’t a bad thing.BTW, Rev.Manning and Michael Medved both called the President’s mother a whore.
    class act hun?

    You see the serge in racist groups and weapon sales.How do you think black people who are 13% of the population feel?I scared of white people , that’s how I feel.

    BTW, President Obama has gotten the MOST DEATH THREATS OUT OF ANY PRESIDENT.

  36. Seriously, this blog is not helping race relations. Calling a black man sub-human and Satan is not cool.If its like that then shouldn’t Rev.Manning be the Devil?You know I’m telling the truth. Remember when I told you about Sarah Palin supporting Pat Buchanan?You said she just wore the campaign button to try to be polite. Now if President Obama wore a Nation of Islam button would you have said the same thing?Hannity even offered a bounty for a photo of him with Min.Farrakhan. None exist.

    Now the photo of Sarah Palin wearing a button of a anti-semite exist, doesn’t it? You said so.

  37. Kid: you seem to be the one obsessed with color. B.O. would be a Satanist no matter what color he was. It’s just that peeps like you voted for him because of his dark skin. I think you’re projecting your own racism onto others.

  38. America’s a huge country , comprised of peoples of many varying ethnicities, religious beliefs (or lack thereof), and so on. Therefore we can’t say “real Americans” support this or support that. With so many people here it’s impossible to get a true count of what Americans believe (occasional poll results notwithstanding).

    I would say roughly the nation is nearly divided, 50/50 or thereabouts, between liberal-type views and conservative-type views. But there are also many shades in between as well, and they often overlap at times too.

    Lately, Christian (and obviously Jewish) religious conservatives TEND to be the Americans who are most vehement about continuing to lend unquestioned support to Israel. Personally I think Jewish religious extremists cynically use the support of the Christian evangelicals (who comprise a much larger voting bloc and money bloc overall than the Jews). What these Christians believe is that eventually “armageddon” will occur, in Israel, and at the point when Jesus returns in the “rapture” the Jews will either convert to Christianity (finally…. be “perfected”, as some of them say), or be damned basically. Now Jews of course don’t believe in all this anyway. Yet they play along with these Christian radicals and ignore that part of the Christians’ belief, in order to keep getting the American Christians’ financial and more importantly political backing.

    However, as you seem to have noticed, these types of American Christians have taken a major loss in the election 2 weeks ago. Congress and the White House are now controlled by people who are generally supportive of Israel to an extent of course, but likely not to the religiously extreme extent of some within the Bush administration for example. McCain/Palin would have been very much in the same line as the Bush administration as far as radical support towards Israel, it is clear. They likely would have eventually pushed towards military action against Iran in fact. Obama will obviously not.

    One way or the other, 53% (majority) of the Americans voted for it to go this way now. Granted, yes, most Americans likely will say they are generally “supportive” of Israel’s existence, if asked directly. However they are NOT all supportive to the degree of the Christian Right. The viewpoint that “any nation that abandons Israel will be in trouble” , besides being complete mythological BS, is simply not a factor for the general (non-Jewish, non-evangelical) American. Most Americans in fact don’t give much of a thought at all to Israel OR to Palestinians, or to that part of the world in general(except if they have a kid in Iraq, or if they start talking about oil prices and terrorism or something like that).

    Take a similar poll and ask Americans how many of them will be willing to have their sons risk death or maiming solely for the direct defense of Israel, and then see how deep your “support” truly runs. It’s “moral support”, at best, in most cases. And many Americans nowadays (especially the non-Jewish, non-Christian or non-religious) don’t care about Israel at all quite frankly. There is in fact growing sentiment amongst many that the yearly aid to Israel from American tax dollars (3-4 billion), especially in today’s economic climate, is far too high. And many Americans have begun questioning the disproportionate influence of AIPAC in Washington (especially after the publication of books like the recent Mearsheimer book). The fact is now, Israel, under the incoming Obama administration, will likely be pushed harder than it has been in a long time towards new (serious) negotiations towards the 2-state solution and granting more rights to the Palestinians.

  39. Nero, us JTF’ers are against all foreign aid, even aid to Israel. The reason is that it comes with too many strings attached to to. So I would love it if America stopped sending money to Israel.

    But even with that being the case, why do people like you always bring up Israel receiving money, yet always neglect to mention Egypt or the Fakestinian Authority? Why the double standard? Why don’t any of you leftists get all bent out of shape when billions are sent to Hamas, which only uses that money to kill Israelis?

    Your beloved Fakestinians already have a state of their own in Jordan. So I really don’t see the logic, or the morality of breaking apart a civilized, Western style democracy to create yet another Arab terrorist country in the Middle East. We already have too many of those.

    Your precious fakestinians do not want a two-state solution either. They know they’re outgunned by Israel. So they resort to terrorism, and also demanding more and more land, until Israel becomes indefensible.

    These people don’t honor peace treaties. Google the Quraish tribe in the Koran. Mohammed signed a seven year peace treaty with them in order to disarm them. Once he became stronger, he broke that treaty, and slaughtered every single Quraish man woman and child.

  40. And one more thing, Nero.

    You can spare me the bromides about how Americans don’t want their children dying in wars to protect Israel. No one is asking that of them. JTF wants Israel to be able to defend herself from her surrounding terrorist neighbors, as well as her domestic 5th column population.

  41. Hey Wonderwoman, this is the first time in my life that in the general election I voted for a black man for president.President elect Obama is not a satanist.If Rev.Manning ran for president as a democrat, I would vote republiklan.In this election I didn’t mention race, but those people in West Virginia and Kentucky did.They even called the President a word that al-Qaeda started calling him today.Looks like this site and al-Qaeda has something in common, disrespect of black people.

  42. KID, I suppose that HUSSEIN obamas WIFES picture with Farrakhan’s wife is not ‘good enough’ for you, huh?
    So, HUSSEIN obamas wife meets with shady characters and you dont care..
    Manning is NOT a ‘self-hating’ Black man, he is an HONOR to black people, many who we at JTF KNOW that respect him, they are right wing Jews.
    TRULY you dont like that there is actually a SMART Black man.. Thats the REAL truth. Actually it makes you INSANE that there are SMART black people- you are foaming at the mouth just thinking about it. Matter of FACT, you probably HATE Alan Keyes too, a BLACK man that is SUING HUSSEIN obama, because your man REFUSES to show a BIRTH CERTIFICATE. You DONT care that HUSSEIN was friends with Rezko- a terrorist sympathizer who is now in a fed. prison, you DONT care that HUSSEIN is buddies with Ayers, a TERRORIST that WISHES he bombed MORE places than he did before. You DONT care that the Rev. WRONG damned America for having to bomb Nagasaki & Hiroshima- so that LIVES would be SAVED, you DONT care that the DIST 13 in the Southside of Chicago was run RAMPANT during HUSSEINS reign of TERROR as the ILL State Senator, you DONT care that homeless people were registered, their addresses being PARK BENCHES, you DONT care that MICKEY MOUSE registered to VOTE 72 times. You DONT care that HAMAS, AL AQSA MARTYRS BRIGADE and other TERRORIST groups ENDORCED HUSSEIN obama, you DONT care that he plans to make YOU into a GOOSE-STEPPING STORM TROOPER for HUSSEIN obamas CIVILIAN military. You DONT care that the LA TIMES REFUSES to release the TAPES showing HUSSEIN obama & all of the anti-semitic remarks AGAINST Jews. You DONT care about his MUSLIM FAITH— Tell me, KID- WHAT DO YOU CARE ABOUT??? A. NOTHING that has ANYTHING to do with AMERICA.


    Hi Folks:

    I have some great news. As many of you that has been listen to our radio show the last few days are familiar with the law suit that is in front of the Supreme Court which Leo has brought. Leo called me today and told me that all 9 of the Justice will go into a conference on December 5th and decide what to do with this case. Leo tell me that this was a history making event. It has not happened in many decades. This is what they will decide: 1). to grant his motion, 2). to dismiss his motion or 3). hold a hearing on the motion. Leo feels that they will hold a hearing on the motion which will be to decide the case. Folk this is important because of 1 reason, there is 5 Republican Judges and 4 Democrat Judge on the court. Leo feels that they will find in his favor.
    Leo tell me it was because of all the faxes and phone calls to Justice Thomas is why they are hearing this case. One of our member, PUMA_IN_MI was able to obtain Justice Thomas fax number and 1000’s of you send out faxes to him.
    Leo will be on Honest American News with Bob Vernon tonight at 8 pm to give the update. You need to be listening . Please join us in the Chat Room.

    We need everyone we can get into that chat room so that Leo will know that we are behind him.

    Please come to the chat room and join us tonight at 8:00 pm central time, CLICK HERE for the chat room

    Folks, do you realize what this means? Those Justice are about to overturn the election. One other thing, Leo had concern for his life and now thanks to one of our members, the FBI is watching him like a hawk. This thing is much bigger than me, and I am so proud of each and everyone of you who stood up with me and continued the fight. God Bless all of you.

    Sorry Caren was not here to do this email, so please forgive all the mistake I have made. ED

  44. I wouldn’t worry too much about whether Obama does stuff to Iran. Iran and Magog will attack Israel, and God will protect Israel. Just read Ezekiel.

    Kid Funkadelic, just because we don’t support Obama doesn’t mean we hate all blacks or view them all as sub-human or emissaries of the devil. I’ve known decent people of all colors. In fact, not all blacks support Obama. If you need black people other than Manning who don’t support Obama, here you go.

    “Rev.Manning is paid by people like Sean Klannity to stop the progress of black people.”

    I don’t believe it. Furthermore, just because Al-Qaeda called him racial epithets and some anti-Obama people in the States did the same, does that mean they’re buddy-buddy? What about the Gay Democrats that drop the N-Bomb on your people in my state of California?,8599,1859323,00.html

    “I, a Jew, saw at first glance, that Obama is the anti-Christ.”

    Are you crazy? This Satanist and Anti-Christ stuff is overboard. I’m Christian, and know that there’s an Anti-Christ and a Satan, but we don’t have enough proof to arrive to that conclusion. I wouldn’t eliminate the possiblity, but I don’t think we have any proof that he is. And I’m not an Obama supporter.

    Nero, I think that you are wrong too. There’s nothing wrong with Christians, nothing wrong with Jews.

  45. Nero: I’m a Catholic. Catholics don’t believe in the “rapture”. We don’t believe the geographic Israel will necessarily be the cause of Armageddon. We loves Jews as our neighbors. As an American Catholic, I respect Israel as an ally. If my sons had to fight to defend an ally, well, the men in my family fought and died in WWI and WWII to defend our allies. It’s called duty. There are far worse ways to die than in defending one’s country, and that includes our allies. Death in battle is preferable to death by drugs, obesity and HIV which you liberals seem to prefer.

    If Israel is allowed to go under, millions of innocent people will die. Our allies, our relatives and our friends. You may not like how Israel was formed, but she is a reality now and you can’t just erase her like a figment in a computer game, and merely to salve your fat liberal conscience.

  46. Kathrine, as a 1st-gen Italian-American myself, three guesses at what religion I was raised within and am still a part of ….correct, Roman Catholicism. The Italian and other Latin-culture Catholics I grew up around never seemed to care much at all about Israel, and I can tell you for certain I never heard support for the modern state of Israel mentioned once in weekly masses in our local church over the years as I grew up.

    The Vatican just recognized Israel in 1993, the year I graduated high school, so certainly they would not have been discussing in sermons a state which the Church did not even officially recognize. Catholics in general are probably the Christians who are least concerned about the politics of Israel, or that has been my experience in the Church at least — in contrast to the Christian evangelicals for instance, some of whom seem to dwell on Israel much more so than some (secular) American Jews. In any event, within the Catholic Church we were also taught evangelical “megachurches” and such are not even real churches.

    Obviously Israel is “going” nowhere, nor should it be going anywhere. For my part, as I stated before, I’m simply pleased that the Obama administration is less likely to be as unwaveringly in step with the Israeli Right as the Bush admin was or as a McCain/Palin admin would have been. It might lead to at least some semblance of fairer play with regards to the US and this ongoing issue.

    As far as the issue of aid and their “importance” to the US as an ally, what does Israel truly give back that makes them so crucial to US interests?? It’s a one-way street, this “alliance”; the US is Israel’s protector and (some) American Jews are some of Israel’s biggest benefactors. But what does America receive in reality in return from Israel ? Thank you? If even…. More like the occasional spy scandal perhaps. Or the USS Liberty. Or some sleazy Israeli Hasid radicals (or spies or whatever they in fact were) jumping for joy across the river as the twin towers toppled over??

    Personally, I believe Israel should hope the US does NOT ever seriously get more into “energy independence”, because come the day OIL from Arabia is no longer as big a factor in the US economy, the Middle East in general (and Israel right along with it) will become about as important to future US policymakers as our special American “relationship” with Liberia.

  47. Kathrine, Pontifical view, which I am (essentially) in basic agreement with,

    “The terms of the Middle East drama are well known: The Jewish people, after tragic experiences connected with the extermination of so many sons and daughters, driven by the desire for security, set up the State of Israel. At the same time the painful condition of the Palestinian people was created, a large part of whom are excluded from their land…

    “In this spirit, we reiterate our strong call of November 2000: “The only acceptable option is an end to the violence, respect for the basic human rights of all, and a return to the path of peace.” (U.S. Catholic Conference, November 15, 2000.) A way must be found to return quickly to genuine negotiations, embracing, as far as possible, the gains made in the last rounds of final status talks. We deeply regret that the negotiations last summer and fall did not achieve a lasting settlement. Despite that failure and recent, terrible events, it is not too late to embrace nonviolence, dialogue and negotiation as the only road forward. The steps toward a just and lasting peace remain the same: real security for the State of Israel, a viable state for Palestinians, just resolution of the refugee problem, an agreement on Jerusalem which protects religious freedom and other basic rights,1 an equitable sharing of resources, especially water, and implementation of relevant UN resolutions and other provisions of international law.2 These steps will pave the way to a future of cooperation and accommodation rather than occupation and conflict.

    As supporters of the State of Israel and a state for Palestinians, we recognize that each side in this conflict has deep, long-standing and legitimate grievances that must be addressed if there is to be a just and lasting peace.

    It is necessary for all to recognize that Palestinians rightly insist on an end to Israel’s three-decade-long occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and to the continued establishment and expansion of settlements. Palestinians see this occupation, maintained by force and marked by daily indignities, abuse and violence, as a central underlying cause of the present crisis. Israel has a fundamental right to security, but security will not be won by ongoing annexation of Palestinian land, blockades, air strikes on cities, destruction of crops and homes, and other excessive uses of force.

    It is also necessary for all to recognize that Israelis rightly see the failure of Palestinians to demonstrate full respect for Israel’s right to exist and flourish within secure borders as a fundamental cause of the conflict. Palestinian leaders must clearly renounce violence and terrorist acts against innocent civilians, take effective steps to stop them, and bring to justice those responsible. The violence undermines the trust required to make peace and weakens the Palestinian search for justice. The Palestinian Authority must show the Israeli people that it is fully committed to prepare its people to live in peace with Israel…

    “1 The question of Jerusalem involves two aspects. Territorial sovereignty is a bilateral question for Israelis and the Palestinian Authority to resolve equitably and by negotiations according to UN Resolutions. The religious dimension of Jerusalem, especially the “Old City, ” involves the need to preserve its unique and sacred character, both the Holy Places and the living communities of believers there. In order to safeguard the religious and human dimensions of Jerusalem, the Holy See has long advocated a special statute, internationally guaranteed. This statute would secure: (1) freedom of religion and conscience for all; (2) the juridical equality of the three monotheistic religions; (3) respect for the identity and sacred character of the City; (4) protection of and freedom of access for all to the Holy Places; (5) the regime of “status quo” in Holy Places where it applies. This statute, to be negotiated by the two parties in consultation with the three religious communities, could be guaranteed by the UN, the sponsors of the peace process, or another entity, but, in any case, should be sanctioned by the United Nations.

    2 Among the pertinent UN Resolutions are nos. 242, 338, and 194.

    Office of Social Development & World Peace National Conference of Catholic Bishops/United States Catholic Conference, 3211 4th Street, N.E., Washington, DC 20017-1194, (202) 541-3000. June 19, 2001 Copyright by United States Catholic Conference”

  48. “It is also necessary for all to recognize that Israelis rightly see the failure of Palestinians to demonstrate full respect for Israel’s right to exist and flourish within secure borders as a fundamental cause of the conflict. Palestinian leaders must clearly renounce violence and terrorist acts against innocent civilians, take effective steps to stop them, and bring to justice those responsible. The violence undermines the trust required to make peace and weakens the Palestinian search for justice. The Palestinian Authority must show the Israeli people that it is fully committed to prepare its people to live in peace with Israel…”

    Have the USCCB commented recently on the failure of the “Palestinians” to live up to this?

    Hasn’t Israel pulled out of settlements and been rewarded with missiles from Gaza for its concession?

    The U.S. has a duty to defend its allies whether we get paid off or not. It’s called loyalty, something liberals do not understand.

  49. I understand loyalty perfectly well, and am only “liberal” in some respects (in reality things are usually more nuanced with people than just liberal vs. conservative, black-and-white). Speaking to loyalty, in the event Israel were attacked (which hopefully will not happen) by for example Iran, then I would say the US would have to step in (as should any decent Western nation as well). That I would understand and support.

    What I would not understand or support would be the US getting into some sort of “pre-emptive” attack type of situation against Iran (for instance), the way they did with Iraq in ’03, simply because for example Israel feels menaced by Iran. The way some of the Right’ists and neoconservatives here in America were starting to talk (before of course the bottom fell out of the American economy) , they were wanting to do just that, and McCain/Palin did not seem against it. Whereas Obama did. Just as Obama was the only candidate , or even nominee in fact, who was against the Iraq invasion from the start (which a majority of Americans seem to today feel was indeed unnecessary and was “sold” to the public and the Congress using less than wholly truthful means).

    It is likely we are all not as different here as some of these posts may make things seem and , with the possible exception of this particular issue (Israel/Palestine), could well agree on much else. We do better to emphasize our common grounds , I suppose, than to emphasize and dwell on what we disagree on and argue with total strangers on the internet in any case. Best to all, and a just peace to both sides in this very difficult issue.

  50. The problem would seem to be, for those opposed to a preemptive strike against a nuclear Iran, that it would be 50,000 degrees in Jerusalem before anyone would step forth.

    Is the suggestion that we went into Iraq because Israel had the jitters? I still think we did the right thing. I’m not cynic enough to think it was a hoax or just because some Israelis were worried about their flower beds getting trampled. Bush went in because the evidence at the time supported it. HRC was for it too. She’s never recanted. So, are you saying only Obama was right?

    The guy in putative charge of Iran is a madman. Look at his squinty little glittering eyes. It’s like looking into an abyss. This guy is capable of anything. And Obama wants to negotiate with him. I don’t know who is crazier.

    No one wants the U.S.A. to go around bombing just for practice (although Slick Willy did just that in Serbia when things were getting too hot at home for him). If Israel can somehow free Iran from this little ape, without our help, so much the better. I sure hope Israel isn’t waiting for an all-clear from us to do this. We seems to have just elected a Commander in Chief who thinks he can discuss diplomatic affairs with a lunatic.

  51. My other response to this blog sparked an interest in this Pastor Manning character, which led me to some of his biography:

    James David Manning (born February 20, 1947) is chief pastor at the ATLAH World Missionary Church on 123rd Street in New York City. Manning grew up in Red Springs, North Carolina, and has been at ATLAH since 1981. ATLAH stands for All The Land Anointed Holy, which is Manning’s name for Harlem.

    Manning graduated from The College of New Rochelle with a Bachelor of Arts degree and continued on to Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York where he was awarded a Master of Divinity. Manning also holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from his own ATLAH Theological Seminary, an unaccredited educational institution.

    Manning is fiercely opposed to the gentrification of Harlem and calls for its residents to boycott its shops, restaurants, doctors, banks and churches. That action, combined with a general rent strike, would force all property owners out of Harlem, he said, leaving the neighborhood to its rightful inheritors: black people.Manning calls his plan “No Dew, Nor Rain,” after Elijah’s warning to Ahab, king of Israel, of a coming drought. “When there’s no dew, no rain, there’s a drought – there’s all kinds of suffering,” said Manning. The whole of Harlem, he said, is to be a “drought zone.”

    As a younger man, Manning burglarized homes, mostly on Long Island. He spent about three and a half years in prison in New York and Florida for burglary, robbery, larceny, criminal possession of a weapon, and other charges before his release in 1978. While in prison, he became a devout Christian.

    Manning attended the Oxford Round Table in 2004.

    His congregation, “ATLAH Worldwide Missionary Church” is the former Bethelite Missionary Baptist Church. The church is also the site of the ATLAH Theological Seminary, where “the renowned and educationally astute Honorable James David Manning, PhD” offers classes on preaching and prophesy (et al.)

    2008 Election

    Manning achieved some controversy in the 2008 presidential election after ATLAH posted several sermons of his that were harshly critical of Democratic candidate Barack Obama on the website YouTube. Among other accusations, he called Obama a “good house negro” in one sermon while in another he referred to Obama as “trash” due to his mixed race heritage and accused him of being a “pimp” and “long-legged macdaddy,” citing the viral video “I Got a Crush… on Obama”. In another video, he calls Obama’s mother “trash” for becoming pregnant out of wedlock. Manning defended his sermons in an interview on Fox News, saying that “we also have to talk about his character.” He went on to proclaim Oprah Winfrey as The AntiChrist. In his sermon he said “Run children run. The Antichrist has come. Its Oprah Winfrey. Run and tell everyone around you”. He further stated that God told him that Hillary Clinton would win the Democractic Primary and that Obama would not become the President. Manning illustrated how God showed him Hillary would win by revealing her card in the light. After his prophecies didn’t become true, he defended them by saying that it is what God said to him and he will continue to follow in his faith.

    The sermons drew the attention of the Americans United for Separation of Church and State, who filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service objecting to alleged violations of laws granting tax-free status to churches on condition that they refrain from certain forms of political activity.

  52. Every one is so eager to bomb Iran, one question? What Muslim country has the largest group of Jews in the Middle East? I-R-A-N.

  53. Kid: I have black friends and when I show them your postings they curse and apologize….

  54. Nero- You make ALL AMERICANS look like FOOLS.
    Go to Muslim France, or Canade, better yet go to UK.
    Make HUSSEIN your P.M.
    You are NOT an American.
    NO WAY.
    Furthermore, for your empty toe-picking RHETORIC:
    You could NOT answer ONE of my questions from up above, b/c YOU KNOW it is ALL the truth.

  55. WonderWoman: I dont have any black friends, but If I were black, I’d PUKE myself.

  56. Kid: Just because ‘people’ like yourself voted HUSSEIN obama in, I will not EVER vote for a demoKrat AGAIN.

  57. Mary Fischer:
    OBVIOUSLY YOU DONT KNOW anyONE in the military.
    MANY men have AWOL & are retiring EARLY.
    Who can blame them??
    They are fighting off islam, and AMERICA votes in a MOSLEM- BRILLIANT!!!!

  58. Jesus Was a Jew

    Most of the ones who reply against this have lack of knowledge about religion. Islam and Judaism

  59. It’s funny because these things were all mentioned in the BIBLE. In the book of Revelations, God talks about all these signs. There was this VHS tape I watched a few weeks ago called The End Times…that was made at least 12 years ago…wwwwaaaay b4 Obama was even thought of as Presient. On this tape, they explained how there is going to be someone who is going to go into Israel and promise peace for no 9 years…not 10 years….but 7….7 years to be exact. They gave this character a few names that I honestly didn’t pay any attention to, but the only one I can remember is the antichrist. His main focus would be Israel because that was Jesus’ homeland; the people of Israel were His people. This antichrist is going to have Israel sign the “peace treaty” and then tear down the palace in which they use to pray in and rebuild another palace for the people of Israel….one day while they are in there praying, he will walk in that palace and present himself as thier god…tell them he is god in the flesh and that his stature is his “temporary earth body.” For all those that don’t believe…VHS TAPES HAVE LONG BEEN DISCONTINUED. As a Baby Christian…yes…I was Saved and Baptized a few weeks ago…I have began to read my Bible…and I understand the end is near. This may make people angry when I say this, but read the book of Revelations…everything God said would happen before he end this world is happening around is. True…Obama is the first black man to be president, but no one finds that a little strange? We haven’t had an OFFICIAL black man to be president from the beginning of time from when the government was created. All of a sudden, this wealthy black man comes from pretty much nowhere and wants to be the president. I am not one to be paranoid, but I do read my Bible and I look around at what we find acceptable now in our society…and I see it…the end is near…Obama just may be what a lot of people called the antichrist. For all of those that don’t believe…keep living the way that you see fit. But for those that do believe that what I’m saying is true…I urge you to first…read the book of Revelations….and you will see. Those with an open heart need to GET RIGHT WITH GOD….b4 its too late 😦

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