Now Liberalism Is The Real Religion Of Most American Jews

This is according to right wing Jewish columnist Don Feder, who I agree with almost all the time. The only thing I would add to this commentary is the almost universal Jewish support for abortion.

I have tried talking to women I know about why Obama is bad news for America and for Jews. But unfortunately, all that mattered to these women was ABORTION. They have a horror of a Republican POTUS appointing conservative Supreme Court Justices, whom they fear will overturn Roe v. Wade. Never mind Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience, or how most of his advisors are hostile to Israel, and American Jews. All they car about is abortion.

But anyway, this article should put to the bed the notion, once and for all that most American Jews are Israel firsters.

After this year’s election – in which Barack Hussein Obama got 77% of the Jewish vote – we can confidently say it never will. Once again, in 2008, most American Jews voted their religion – liberalism.

Some minorities have a clearer perception of where their interests lie. According to the American Muslim Task Force for Civil Rights and Elections, nearly 90% of Muslims voted for Obama, only 2% for McCain – smart Muslims, dumb Jews.

If there was ever a year in which Jews should have been forced to reconsider their robotic loyalty to the Democratic Party, 2008 was it.

The Democratic presidential candidate should have set off alarm bells in the head of the average Jewish voter – from his whack-job pastor’s anti-Israel ravings, to his multiple ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, to his Middle East donors, to his terrorist cheering section, to his refusal to condemn Jimmy Carter’s meeting with Hamas – Jews should have broken out in a cold sweat at the thought of this ideologue directing U.S. military and foreign policy.

That they didn’t reflects the triumph of the heart over the head.

It’s not that Jewish voters were unaware of the reality of Barack. The Republican Jewish Coalition spent beaucoup bucks broadcasting the facts through e-mailings to Jewish voters and ads in Jewish periodicals. Jewish voters just didn’t care.

My friend Rabbi Aryeh Spero says roughly 40% of Jewish voters are intellectually tied to the left – marching in lockstep to the beat of, the anti-war movement, George Soros, Barney Frank, etc.

Along with other dogmatic utopians, they actually believe that any enemies we have are of our own making, that America has generally been a force for oppression and exploitation in the world, that terrorism is born of poverty and despair (rather than a murderous fanaticism), that America must do perpetual penance for past mistakes, and that a Palestinian state will usher in the messianic age. I could go on, but it’s too depressing.

Another 25% Spero describes as “traditional, though not necessarily Orthodox. They take into account what’s best for America, Israel and Jewish survival.” They usually vote Republican.

The last 35% are not inveterate leftists. Intellectually, they may understand the dangers of voting for an Obama. But they are connected to the Democratic Party by an emotional umbilical cord. In the end, no matter how convincing the evidence or sound the reasoning, they’ll go with their hearts.

Hence, through a process of self-hypnosis, most Jews have programmed themselves to believe the impossible.

In the American Jewish Committee’s 2008 survey of Jewish Opinion (conducted September 8-21), by 53% to 36%, Jews said the Democratic Party is more likely to make the right decisions in dealing with terrorism than the GOP – doubtless on the principle that appeasement works.

By the same lopsided margin (52% to 32%), those surveyed said Democrats also were more likely to do the right thing when it comes to Israel. They probably reached that conclusion when Jimmy Carter pronounced Israel an apartheid state, and Nancy Pelosi crawled to Syria, wearing a headscarf.

That McCain had an unblemished, 20-year record of support for Israel, Obama is surrounded by advisors who are hostile to Israel, and Iranian Television described the latter as “highly educated” and “eloquent,” mattered not in the least.

The AJC survey highlighted another reality. Among American Jews generally, support for Israel is a low priority.

When asked: “Which one issue would you most like to hear the candidates for president discuss during the 2008 presidential campaign,” 54% said the economy, 11% picked health care and only 3% chose Israel.

To the question, “Would you support or oppose the United States taking military action against Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons,” 47% of Jews said they’d oppose America moving to save Israel from nuclear annihilation, 42% would support it, and 11% were unsure.

This is perhaps the clearest indication that a significant segment of the Jewish community either doesn’t give a damn about Israel or is delusional.

Even though Iran is led by a raving anti-Semite and Holocaust-denier – who’s said Israel “should be wiped off the face of the Earth” – even though Iran was voted most likely to commit nuclear suicide if it could take Israel with it, a plurality of Jews still said they’d oppose U.S. military action to forestall a second Holocaust.

Hey, Pat Buchanan, most Jewish voters who’ve taken a stand on Iran agree with you! No wonder there were so many Buchanan votes in Palm Beach County in 2000.

On one crucial point, there must be no confusion: There’s nothing remotely Jewish about the Jewish vote.

As Jewish author Dennis Prager notes, if there was a connection between Judaism and liberalism, those Jews grounded in Torah and most committed to living a Jewish life, would be the most liberal. Democratic presidential candidates would carry Borough Park and Crown Heights in Brooklyn by a landslide every time, while Manhattan’s Upper West Side would be painted red.

The opposite is the case.

The AJC poll found that as Jewish observance went up, support for Obama went down. Obama had the support of just 13% of Orthodox Jews, compared to 59% of those affiliated with Conservative Judaism (which bears no relation to political conservatism) and 62% of Reform Jews. McCain got 78% of the Orthodox vote.

Exit polling showed that of those American Jews living in Israel (overwhelmingly Orthodox) who cast absentee ballots in the U.S. election, 76% voted for McCain.

The term Jewish vote is meaningless. It signifies nothing. Today, most Americans who call themselves Jews are ethnically or nostalgically Jewish. They may, occasionally, participate in Jewish rituals involving dreidels or bagels. They are not, however, Jewish in the sense that their grandparents or great-grandparents were – not even close.

In this regard, they are like so-called Catholic voters. For most, their Catholicism consists of being born into a Catholic family and attending mass on special occasions.


It’s interesting to speculate on why Republicans, in the face of bitter experience, determinedly pursue the Jewish vote.

Jews represent just 3% of the electorate – though they are more heavily concentrated in swing states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

But Republicans, many of them serious Christians, see themselves as the standard-bearers of our Judeo-Christian heritage. How does that work when the descendants of those who stood at Sinai reject them?

The answer: Those Jews also reject the Judeo-Christian ethic and the historic mission of the Jewish people – to repair the world under the rule of God.

The Republican Jewish Coalition should close its doors. Its budget, and anything else the GOP spends on wooing Jewish voters, should be equally divided between building more Orthodox Jewish day schools (thereby encouraging the Orthodox to have more children) and transporting evangelical Christians to the polls on Election Day.

That would do more to help Israel and to assure Jewish survival than the money wasted quadrennially on trying to bring a message of reason to the mega-meshugeneh.


18 responses to “Now Liberalism Is The Real Religion Of Most American Jews

  1. I read your blog to stay up to date with opinions with which I disagree, but the “most of his advisors… are hostile to American Jews” crack after the appointment of Rahm Emmanuel? If this blog returns to making arguments instead of spewing uninformed invective, I suppose I may return to reading it.

  2. It’s true that American Jews are not voting pro-Israel. Maybe they are embarrassed by Israel, because she has succeeded in staving off Arab treachery since 1948.

    American liberals seem to loath a winner. What they want is a de-balled US similar to other silly nations such as Netherlands or Sweden: platitudinous, prone in front of Islamo-nuts, and no military presence.

    But American Catholics are TRULY in the dark. Despite the 2000-year teaching of the Church on abortion and infanticide, they went for the man who is in the pay of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger’s eugenics enterprise. They cannot say they didn’t know they have, by their vote, excommunicated themselves latae sententiae. American Catholics are spiritually dead and far more responsible for this disastrous election than American Jews.

  3. American liberals seem to loath a winner. What they want is a de-balled US similar to other silly nations such as Netherlands or Sweden: platitudinous, prone in front of Islamo-nuts, and no military presence.

    Excellent analogy, Kathrine!

  4. Act NOW: Demand Obama PROVE He’s A US Natural Born Citizen!

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  5. This is sad…I was once engage to a Jewish woman who would fit into the “liberal religion” category. But the thing that put her into an incredibly rare position within this category was that she was pro-life. She had good reasons: One, her mother almost aborted her. She went from a doomed to die baby in her mother’s womb, to have a chance at life and grew up to a woman with her Masters Degree, currently finishing up her PhD. But the other thing that gave her a pro-life outlook was her wonderful Jewish grandparents who instilled in her that importance of life.

    Now if we can work on the other issues, she might be a full blown conservative! LOL…

  6. jtf,
    Your analysis is bang on. For close to 80% of American Jews, political tradition has become an article of faith. I take the liberty of suggesting three additional realities.

    1. American Jews think “it can’t happen here.” They fail to recall that prior to the rise of Nazism, Germany, like contemporary America, was arguably the most civilized country in the world, the leader in the arts, sciences, and social sciences.

    2. American Jews do not comprehend the absolutely murderous hatred blacks bear them, a result primarily of the propaganda churned out by Farrakhanism and black liberation theology. They have never seen the anti-Semitic things which you exposed here that were posted repeatedly at Obama’s website, things like, “Kill the Kike” and “Burn the Jews.” Jews deludedly see themselves and blacks as allies against racial hatred. Those days re long, long gone. The alliance is strictly unilateral, which is to say, it is no alliance at all.

    3. Jews suffer from survivor’s guilt. They atone for having been spared the Holocaust by substituting blacks for Jews, mistaking past injustice for inquisition.

    Jews are both victims and perpetrators of the most pernicious intellectual trend in America since isolationism, political correctness. Can Jewish consciousness be raised to comprehend the trends you have traced?

    Given the current left-of-liberal social, political, and intellectual climate, I am not optimistic.

  7. I figured it out you want people to riot. You want disorder,well you ain’t gonna’ get it.that the only way republiklans can rule ,divide and conquer. Manning is a butt kisser. When black people arein trouble who do we call,Jesse, Al, Min Farrakhan?

    When white folk are in trouble Jesse Lee Peterson and Manning comes to kiss that booty. Try again.

  8. Kid: I see you as a delusional white boy in dreadlocks sitting in his parent’s basement and thinking he’s Martin Luther King. Am I warm?

  9. I think that one of the greatest paradoxes in the West is that whilst many American Jews often feel closer to the Republicans due to their pro-Israel foreign policy, they almost always vote for the Democrats at home, because of the tradition of civil liberties movements of the 60’s.
    The fact that, notwithstanding the enthusiasm of many Jewish liberals, Israeli public opinion has been worried for several months about Obama’s victory and almost no politician congratulated him upon the result (apart from some predictable statements suitable to the occasion), reveals mercilessly that a sensible section of the Jews in the US have political and ideological views that are very different from and probably incompatible with those of the Jews who live abroad.
    What seems very probable is that Obama, willing or unwilling, will be forced to follow a different path, in order not to turn away his non-White supporters and not to provoke the Islamic masses (thus avoiding dangerous accusations of apostasy).
    I can’t predict the future, but I’d say that, although Israel still remains the principal strategic partner of the USA in the region, the openly pro-Israel policy of the past is likely to be over.

  10. It’s actually much simpler. I am a 40-something American Jew. I have an advanced degree, make a good living, and along with my wife I am raising a wonderful family with 2 sons. I voted for Obama. He is, IMHO, a smart, wise, fair, and strong leader, and by far the better choice over McCain and Palin. While I have visited Israel on multiple occasions and have many family members living there, I am not an unconditional supporter of Israel. I am an American first and I support what is in America’s best interests, not Israel’s best interests. I strongly believe that worst forces in Israeli society have acquired power and it is in the best interest of the USA to support more dovish parties in Israel and not Likud. I agree with Ehud Olmert that the settlements were a disatrous strategy for Israel and immorral. I support a fair 2-state solution with the Palestinians, and as an American Jew I am prepared to donate money for reparations to those Palestinians that lost their homes in the Nakbha. I am a realist who supports a strong Israeli defense, but my reality based assessment also includes appreciating the Palestinians and the misery that zionism has brought them, and understanding that true peace in Israel and Palestine can only occur when both sides recognize one another as humans, and make amends for harming the other. I am not averse to voting for Republican candidates, and have in the past when I believed them to be the best candidate. There are many more American jews just like me. We are a sleeping giant in the American Jewish community. We are sick and tired of AIPAC speaking in our name and we are ready to push aside these organizational regimes and speak for ourselves. J-Street is just the beginning. Obama is not going to sell Israel down the river. He is going to hold Israel accountable to being the light unto Nations it was intended to be.

  11. Dave: how do you deal with Iranian-made and -supplied missiles shot from Gaza and Lebanon into Israel AFTER removal of Israeli settlements? The problem with your irenic attitude is it is saying “Peace, peace” when there is no peace.

    I’m not Jewish, and for me religion has nothing to do with this question of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and etc. But it seems like they’ve been attacked (1967) and won anyway, and nothing they do quells the Arab troublemakers. I’m not saying all the Arabs are causing the trouble, but you have to realize Iran is happy to provide the rabble-rousers with materiel to attack Israel. It’s a little like the Irish troubles. The men in the street just want to live peacefully but there are basically gang leaders who will have to find a day job if they can’t keep the hatred alive and the conflict raging.

    If I were an Israeli I would be completely in favor of swatting back and not yielding an inch until the other side showed true interest in peace, not just happy talk with American suckers like Obama or Carter.

  12. And the way you talk about Obama is, frankly, creepy. I guess we all need a deity, but why not worship the one true G_d and not some empty suit propped up by the shadowy forces that poured 600 million into his campaign.

  13. I am not Jewish…and from information I’ve read over the years, I see that Israel and the Palestinians have tried to negotiate a land arrangement for a long time, and in just about every instance, when they seem to be making some progress, a Palestinian blows himself/herself up or there is some other kind of attack on Israel, and the whole negotiation process comes crumbling down. The Palestinians don’t want just “a piece of the land”, they want to “drag Israel into the sea”.
    As much as we are Americans first, we cannot ignore our allies, and I don’t think we, the non Jews, and the ethnic Jews, should become so complacent thinking this country’s political or ideological winds will never change, that dark periods of the world history will not be repeated. Where will the Jews run to, Dave, when they are persecuted away from Turkey, or Iran, or England (did you ever envision England allowing Sharia law in their midst?), or France, or…the USA if a very pro Islamic, anti-semite government takes hold of our nation?
    Just look at your map, Dave, and see which countries Israel is surrounded by. Is very likely your grandparents gave their youth and even their lives to establish a country where the Jews would feel at home, feel like they belong, and not being “strangers” in lands where they were being persecuted.
    As I said, I am not Jewish, but I believe in Israel’s right to exist.

    Have a good day my “good income earner”, protected by civil rights, “sleep peacefully at night”, fellow American “Dave”.
    By the way, did you volunteer to serve in the US Army, to go on a couple of year long deployments in Iraq?
    We have too very easy here, my friend. GET A LIFE!

  14. Amazonia, welcome to my blog.

    Dave, since you stressed that you are American first, I find it ironic that you support the fakestinians, who cheered when America was attacked on 9/11. What kind of patriotic American would want to see a tiny Western style democracy and ally slowly broken apart to create yet another terrorist rogue state in the Middle East. We have more than enough of those already!

    Furthermore, forcing Israel to retreat to indefensible borders is NOT being a light unto the nations!

    As for reparations for those illegal alien Arab squatters, spare me! There are 66 Muslim countries in this world, with 600 times more land than Israel. Is it not enough for you that Israel routinely releases terrorist prisoners as a gesture of good will?

    Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

  15. I think it is NOT classic liberalism, this people are bound to. The Democratic party is as liberal as an ape in the Congo. It’s ideology is a derivative of the Socialist ideology. Fact is that the Democratic party wants a strong state and a more collectivist society. This is totally opposed to liberal core values and of course this is very dangerous specially for Christian and Jewish communities, because if somebody is different he will abut easier if the political goal is that all people should become brothers. This is dangerous.
    Adam Smith, Friedrich von Hayek, Ludwig von Mises and Milton Friedman were real liberals. The left has stolen this noble word and is using it to cover their evil plans. Time to expose this lie!

  16. And Dave, how many Muslims and specially Muslim Arabs do you know personally? One thing I can tell you for shure: They are totally different from any civilized citizen of western countries. And about Obama I can only say: We will speak again in four years. Even you will have changed your mind at this point. I didn’t like Palin and McCain so much, but I am shure that even this people would have been a much better choice compared with the Obama/Biden ticket. Jmo

  17. Dave:
    You voted for HUSSEIN obama b/c you hate G-d.
    You have TURNED your back on HaShem. No point in arguing, I wont argue back.
    You need to go and REPENT.
    A fellow Jew ACTUALLY have the AUDACITY to vote in the next HITLER.
    There is NOTHING “SMART” about saying “Yes We Can” and YOU know it Dave.
    You are lying to YOURSELF, your family, and everyone you know.
    Maybe you can POSSIBLY open your eyes to see, but I doubt it…

  18. Well JTFDOTORG:
    I am NO Liberal, and neither are YOU- and we can be PROUD that we are not all screwed UP and voted in a DUDE named HUSSEIN obama.
    Thank G-d!!!!

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