JTF Speaks Out On Mumbai Attacks


11 responses to “JTF Speaks Out On Mumbai Attacks

  1. Thank you JTF for this very important news. People better get prepared, now.

  2. Kenneth Brown

    Thank you for exposing the MSM. I noticed this and it is like the muslins have taken over the media. I agree with you on the American people who voted for the muslim Magic Negro. They are so ignorant they know not what they voted for.

  3. They ARE EVIL the MSM.
    Kenneth: They voted their OWN determent. I AM NOT GUILTY. Shame on these MONSTERS!
    Great Show Chaim- REALLY fabulous.

  4. Has the media mentioned that the Indian government has gone to military-level security because of the attacks?

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  6. JTF – Have you considered adding American Thinker to your blog roll? It’s a convservative online publication that is very anti-Obama and very pro-Israel.

  7. That’s a great idea, Anna. I do read the American Thinker. It’s a great web site. I’ll blogroll it.

  8. JTF

    Have you ever submitted any pieces to AT for publication? If not, you should. You could reach a wider audience.

    This is another FANTASTIC site you might want to consider adding to your blog roll: Carolyn Glick. I believe she’s based in Israel. A fantastic thinker and writer:


  9. Anna, I’ve never submitted anything to AT for publication. In fact, I read their articles and occasionally post them here with my quick commentary. They have great articles. I think I just might submit something in the near future, if time permits. However, no one here will know about it, as I prefer to keep a VERY low profile.

    Also, I’ll go ahead and blogroll Caroline Glick.

  10. JTF
    Glad you’re thinking of submitting a piece to them. They will accept stuff under an alias. I totally get the low profile thing! And glad you’ll blogroll Ms. Glick. She is fantastic!

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