A Poll From C.F. Of The JTF Forum

Yes, we all know that Ehud Bara[c]k’s “war” against Hamas in the former Gush Katif is a joke and farce that he does not intend to win. Still, it’s provoking massive outrage in the Euronazi brothels of the former Reich–Germany, France, Scandinavia, etc. What, if anything, will these Amalek states do? Will they ask Obama to bomb Israel on their behalf?

a–nothing, they’ll just b***h to the United States about Israel
b–weapons airlifts to Hamas
c–deployment of U.N. “observers” to Gaza
d–deployment of “volunteers” to neighboring Arab states for training
e–assembly of a NATO strike force
f–asking Obama to bomb Israel

Please leave your answers in the comment section.


4 responses to “A Poll From C.F. Of The JTF Forum

  1. I’ll go for C mainly because I hope it’s not B.

    I’ve been thinking of you the past few days, jtf.

  2. Hi Uppity,

    I hope you’re thinking good thoughts. And congratulations again on being nominated as a finalist for best new blog.

  3. Well with all that’s going on with Israel and Hamas, I couldn’t help but worry. Doesn’t seem to have put a chink in Teh One’s vacation though. But then neither did the Russia attack on Georgia. You just can never tell where that guy is coming from. Fence post right on his butt.

  4. Because there’s enough hypocrisy and Je-hating to go around among the cousins of the Third Reich, I’d say, (g) All of the Above.

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