Pro Fakestinians Protest Outside Obama’s Hawaii Vacation Home

Now this is a little surprising to me, given the advisors Obama has surrounded himself with. But from what I can tell, these people are pissed that Obama (at the very least) is appearing to shift to the center.

KAILUA, Hawaii – A handful of pro-Palestinian activists protested outside President-elect Barack Obama’s vacation home on Tuesday and urged a new approach to the Middle East. Obama did not acknowledge them.

Eight activists marched with signs to the edge of the property’s security perimeter, telling reporters that they want the incoming administration to take a fresh look at the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian territories, especially given the current fighting in the Gaza Strip. They also said Obama needs to take a more active role in the conflict, even though he doesn’t take office until Jan. 20.

“We feel there’s a great need for change. We need to stop giving Israel a blank check to do what it’s doing,” said Margaret Brown, a 66-year-old Honolulu resident who held a handmade sign that read “Yes we can change U.S. policy toward Israel and Palestine.”

“We just gave them a blank check to oppress the Palestinians, and this is the result,” she said.

Obama’s motorcade rolled past the protesters as it headed on a morning trip to Punahou School, his former high school where the president-elect was playing basketball. Aides said he was playing basketball with friends.

Now I would like to know what planet these people are on. How come they weren’t protesting when the fakestinians were (and still are) launching thousands of rockets into Israel? Hypocrites.


4 responses to “Pro Fakestinians Protest Outside Obama’s Hawaii Vacation Home

  1. It’s only evil when Israel does it.

  2. Check out this excellent piece by Phyllis Chesler:

    (BTW, Pajamas Media should be on your blog roll, along with The Chesler Chronicles.)

  3. Thanks for the link, Anna. I just put up a blog post about this and hat tipped you.

  4. to jtf:
    re your ‘piece’ on gates.
    you don’t win points, change any minds, or positively represent the jewish people with that kind of language or imagery. it doesn’t help us or anything for you to call obama (although i hate him)a gorilla or call gates names like piece of garbage..or say that africans worship ‘doo-doo’..or that no culture comes from there.
    if you were to give a substantive critique of gates’ africa series, fine. he actually has been a friend to israel and has spoken out against anti-semtism and anti-israelism. did you know that?
    all you did on this piece is badly represent the jewish people and make yourself look like an immature teen-ager with issues.
    is obama/osama dangerous for america and the world?yes. do i hate him? yes. do i hope he gets impeached or thrown out of office? asap. do i think j street are a bunch of kapos? yes.
    but it harms the jewish people when you spout racist,distorted defamation of people like gates, and the whole continent of africa.
    it is not jewish, torahdich or menschlekeit.
    maybe you need to consult with a rav and get your act together so your blog will be constructive instead of potentially hurtful to the jewish people.
    you can criticize,mock,hate, all you want. but what you do on this piece is sick, disgusting and totally unacceptable.

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