Daleksfearme’s Video On Why Israel Needs To Be Arab Free


3 responses to “Daleksfearme’s Video On Why Israel Needs To Be Arab Free

  1. PalestineFOREVER!:)

    Umm..Okayy? It not Israel, its Palestine, and Israel is killing palestine, already in the past nine or ten days they killed over 750! and now prolly even more! So this needs to end, and its not ISRAEL! its PALESTINE! Palestinians had it first, so its palestine, not israel, they has it FIRST! and you just went and took it, more like steal, and you’ll never get palestine, it will ALWAYS be PALESTINE! OKAY?

  2. Sorry Fakestine, you’ll never get Israel. There’s no such thing as a right to carve up a civilized democracy to create yet another Arab terrorist rogue state. You already have a bunch of Arab/Muslim countries to call you own. So bug off!

  3. Listen fakestine, the last thing the world needs is an Arab terrorist rogue state carved out of the guts of a civilized Western style democracy. Furthemore, Jerusalem is not mentioned even once in the Koran, whereas it’s mentioned hundreds of times in the Old Testament.

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