Pro Jew Catholic’s Newest Program


14 responses to “Pro Jew Catholic’s Newest Program

  1. I stand with Israel!
    Israel is stronger than all his enemys! I will burn the mosque in my town if someone hurt my friends in Israel! Nuke Gaza and destroy Islam! We need to stop these pigs! Fuck Islam and Fuck Allah.
    Kahane Chai

  2. I think the Muslims of the world should step in and destroy Hamas, the Taliban, and the extremists in Iran, Iraq, and Libya in order to save their honor and whatever good name they have left. Their extremists are causing people all over the world to suspect and hate them. Israel is right in their air strikes and I think they should have sent them as soon as the Hamas rockets began. The Palestinians who leave their children in the vicinity of Hamas strongholds are simply making human shields of those innocents. Apparently the lives of innocents are worth nothing to them except as pawns in their nefarious plans. Death to Hamas and all other extremists Muslims.

  3. Why didn’t Israel start this war before? Will they have time to get rid of their enemies before Obama steps in and “saves the world”?

  4. Remember this ….A good jew is a dead jew …And if Hilter was alive to this day I would slap the shit out of him for not doing a good job by getting rid of the roaches called jews …FUCK JEWS , FUCK THE TORAH , FUCK YOU PEOPLE AND YOUR UNBORN KIDS !

  5. Fuck YOU, Pali, and your fellow vermin fakestinians! If it wasn’t for the vast amounts of Arab oil, which you people were to stupid to even extract without the help of Westerners, no one would give rodent’s behind about you cockroaches.

    Your men are all dickless excuses of human beings who are too cowardly to go out and fight like real men. So like the cowards you are, you hide behind your women and children, then whine when they accidentally get killed. No one calls you out on the fact that you LOVE it when your women and children to get killed, if they kill Jews. But it’s only when they get killed without killing us EEEVIL JOOOS that you shed your crocodile tears for them.

    So just be lucky that Chaim Ben Pesach is not yet in power in Israel. He would put a stop to your nonsense once and for all. Now run along and fornicate a goat, or rape your camel!

  6. Funny how you jews always hide behind something …Once open a time I grab a jew at a protest ( AS HE WAS HIDING BEHIND THE COPS ) But I grab him a block away and I swear he was crying like a bitch he is …The story of the matter is YOU PEOPLE ARE NOTHING BUT FAGGOTS …Oh wait I met a jew girl one day in Palestine and I told I was latin decent …lol I fucked her and came all over her face after she sucked the PALI’S DICK and told her she got fucked by an ARAB ..She started to cry lol lol…And I will do the same again and again

  7. I don’t hide. I’ll tell you the same thing I told a Hamas supporter at the Hamas protest. Fuck your so-called “Palestine,” you communist bitch! You’ll never get Israel. Not if JTF has any say in the matter. We’re proud Kahanist Jews, who won’t take nonsense from cockroaches like you.

  8. By the way, Fakey, your so-called prophet (ten tons of shit be upon him) was a terrorist, a pedophile and a murderer.

  9. Pali is a pig. It thinks it is so superior but it reality it is a treif piece of garbage. This Pali is no human being. Only such a dirty animal enjoys posting foul garbage like this specimen.

    The truth is hard to swallow Pali. You will be a martyr when you kill yourself like your fellow animals. We will enjoy peace when you and your brothers are cold and laid in the ground, wrapped in pigskin. Please learn the ways of dying, just don’t kill any Jews when you go, that will land you in the nasty place of eternal pain and suffering. Your pathetic excuse of a life will not be missed.

    Why don’t you go kill some more Fatah…

  10. Hey, Pali…………

    I sincerely doubt you got within cooee of a Jew. You see, arabs like you only operate in a pack because you’re nutless, gutless cowards. You attack in packs, you rape in packs and it’s always against the weak, the unarmed and the defensless. When confronted by the IDF, the JDL or someone similar, you run like scared rabbits. Look at how pathetic all you stinking arab maggots are. You’re nothing. You’ve invented nothing, built nothing and contributed nothing to mankind except terror, mass murder and rape. ALL arab/muslim countries are impoverished shitholes that no man or dog (including arab/muslims) wan’t to live in. yo are all a sick, pathetic joke.

    your day is comming too, Pali. The only power arabs wield is oil. The electric car is now being perfected in Israel & the USA. When it is and oil becomes near worthless, the world will be free to tell you arabs what they really think of you. then you’ll all starve to death (or get nuked……………I’m happy either way.)

    Israel and the Jews will still be standing when you’re all ash!

  11. Pali, do all the arabs enjoy donkey sex or do you guys like horses?

  12. anything’s better than your hairy women…. good thing a few hundred were killed in Gaza last week…. WEAR DEODORANT you queer muslim homo! JUST ROLL IT ON!

  13. “Oh wait I met a Camel one day in Fakeintestine named “Mohammed” and I told dis Camel I was latin decent …lol I fucked the Camel and came all over his face after he sucked the PALI’S DICK and told her she got fucked by an ARAB ..She started to cry lol lol…And I will do the same again and again”

    man, you muslims really need to wear your glasses when you go out…LOL..

  14. Hey Newman! How’s it going?

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