Chaimfan’s Gaza War Commentary

Part three of my series on Gaza deals with the vitriolic, calumnious, anti-Israel propaganda that is making the rounds in national media organizations such as Yahoo! News, Reuters, AP, the New York/Los Angeles Times, and more local outfits as well such as the OCR (Orange County Register). What is this and what can we do about it?

Anti-Semitic Media Claims and their Refutations

CLAIM: There are massive numbers of Arab casualties due to Israeli airstrikes.
TRUTH: Even the Arabs’ own estimates are only 500-some casualties, total. When one considers that about 300 tons of bombs have been dropped by Israel so far, that averages to almost 1,000 tons of explosive per Arab casualty. Even if we believe these casualty figures, that is an extremely inefficient tonnage/casualty ratio, which suggests that Israel is NOT targeting dense population structures. When one considers that the Arab/Islamic propaganda spewed by these nations and their sycophants in the United Nations and Europe is based in complete lies intended to make the Israelis look as bad as possible, it becomes even doubly difficult to believe the claims.

If the Israeli Air Force, which is the most powerful air force in the Middle East several times over, really wanted to, it could completely level the towns and villages of Gaza, creating hundreds of thousands of Arab casualties very quickly. However, Jews do not believe in mass murder and total warfare, and always seek to spare civilians even when those civilians want them dead and are all helping the Hamas terrorists.

CLAIM: Great numbers of Arab casualties are civilians.
TRUTH: Even if you take the Arab media and U.N. estimates at face value, only 25% of Arab casualties are so-called civilians. That would mean that out of 500 alleged Arab casualties, roughly 125 are civilians at most, which is an astonishingly low rate of collateral damage. This is a very low figure when considering what modern warfare consists of as it is, but it should be remembered that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are well-known for using female and child fighters, who obviously are not civilians. But don’t forget that these claims are complete and utter lies of Islamic and anti-Semitic Western propaganda.

CLAIM: Israel attacks civilian centers.
TRUTH: The truth is that Israeli soldiers actually have to ask their commanding officers’ permission to return fire even when being shot at. Israeli soldiers and bombers simply do not target civilians, ever! This is the worst lie of all. The fact is that each and every Israeli soldier and citizen is taught that it is more honorable to die than risk harming an “innocent” Arab civilian. The reason why the Israeli government has sent ground troops into Gaza, greatly increasing the chances of Israeli casualties, is because they absolutely refuse to bomb Hamas strongholds from the air that at all might contain noncombatants! Israel could have won this war through aerial force alone, with no Israeli casualties, in a matter of minutes, but would never bomb Gaza into rubble, because Jews do not believe in total warfare and complete annihiliation of their enemies, even when they are seeking their destruction.

Any check of the real facts (generally buried deep within the news stories) will show that the vast majority of targets hit by Israeli jets are “symbolic targets” (Hamas government buildings, mosques, assembly halls, houses owned by terrorists, et cetera) that have long been abandoned and are in fact EMPTY BUILDINGS! Does a military that primarily attacks empty buildings desire to cause mass civilian casualties! For that matter, does a military that attacks empty buildings really want to win?

It should be remembered that in Islam, any casualty of war, regardless of the circumstances, is considered a martyr of Allah and therefore a blessed saint who goes immediately to heaven. This is why Arabs choose to live near terrorist compounds and training camps. If they or their children are inadvertently hit by Israeli fire when Israeli troops or planes are hammering the terrorist combatants, they believe that they will go to Paradise immediately. This is also why Arab parents often send their children to be “shahids” (suicide bombers) to blow up Israeli children.

CLAIM: Israel is using white phosphorus, a very dangerous incendiary chemical, in its bombs.
TRUTH: This lie comes from Press TV, which is the English-language version of the official media arm of the Iranian government. This is the same Iranian government that denies the Holocaust, vows to use a nuclear bomb to wipe Israel off of the map, and calls for an Islamic holy war against both the so-called “Great Satan” (America) and the “Little Satan” (Israel).

CLAIM: Israel is using depleted uranium bullets against the Arabs of Gaza, because doctors have discovered traces of depleted uranium in the systems of Arabs they have treated.
TRUTH: This lying claim comes from the nation of Norway, and specifically, from Dr. Mads Gilbert, who heads a triage team from that nation. The fact that Norway is sending doctors to Israel to treat the Arabs allegedly wounded in this time of war, but not the Jews wounded by Arab missile fire, says everything. Norway is an extremely anti-Jewish and anti-Christian nation that sided with the Nazis in the Second World War. The president of Norway during World War II, Vikdun Quisling, was a big supporter of the Third Reich. Norway has always sided with Muslims in every single war of the past fifty years, anywhere in the world. Don’t forget that Norway intervened on the side of Israeli Arabs in 1993 to produce the Oslo Accords, which produced the modern phenomenon of “land for peace” (in which tiny Israel gives large chunks of its territory to create a so-called “Palestinian” state). Norway also has taken the side of the Tamil Muslims of the LTTE terror movement in Sri Lanka in the jihad there, and of the Albanian and Bosnian Muslims (who joined the side of Germany in World War II and volunteered for the SS in droves) in their jihad against the Serb Christians of Yugoslavia. In every evil cause imaginable around the globe, Norway can always be counted upon to get involved up to their necks.

Also, it should be known that modern Norway today is an atheistic, postmodern, Christ-hating nation that takes in unlimited numbers of Islamic immigrants, and provides housing and jobs to even the most radical Muslims within, and also has large numbers of witches and satanists roaming the streets, attacking Christians and burning churches. It is actually hip and cool to be a satanist in Norway.

In closing, I strongly urge you to take these lies with a grain of salt. The fact is that the world hates Israel and Jews and always has. In Biblical times, Jews were accused of disloyalty to the Persian, Roman, Greek, and other empires, even when nothing of the sort was true. In the Middle Ages, so-called Christians made up the “blood libel” that Jews kill Gentile children and use their blood to make matzos. In the late 1800s, Jews were accused of being spies that undermined nations such as France. In the 1930s, we all know what happened. Today, anti-Semitism takes the form of vicious lies against Israel. Please have sober minds and use some sense in evaluating what the world tries to feed you.


4 responses to “Chaimfan’s Gaza War Commentary

  1. political science degree

    Sixty years ago, May 8, 1948, Israel declared its independence – following a decision by the United Nations to partition the area known as the British mandate territory of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states. Israelis celebrate their independence, but for Palestinians the anniversary is known as al-Naqba or the catastrophe.

    The Jewish people have always regarded, and will continue to regard Palestine as a whole, as a single country which is theirs in a national sense and will become theirs once again. No Jew will accept partition as a just and rightful solution.

    In the war that ensued, many Palestinians fled to the West Bank, which became part of Jordan and then was seized by Israel in the 1967 war. For these Palestinian refugees, and for others in the surrounding Arab countries, the anniversary of Israel’s founding is an annual reminder of the homes they lost many years ago.

    In geographical terms, the Gaza Strip represents almost exactly 2 percent of the total area of Palestine. An additional fact on the ground, which the Israelis prefer to forget about, is the 1.3 million Arab Palestinians who remained in their villages and cities when the state of Israel was founded in 1948 and who make up about one-fifth of Israel’s current population. By around 2060, the Palestinians will account for roughly half – if not more – of the inhabitants of Israel and the areas occupied by Israel.

    Obviously, to state the facts is to state that it is the founders and promoters of Israeli independence seek to create conflict over territory. The territorial aggression continues despite resistance.

  2. יברך ישראל

  3. Thanks for the update. We need blogs because we can’t believe everything we see on the news.

    CNN insists Gaza casualty video with fake CPR is real
    This is just another example of why Al-CNN can not be trusted to deliver news from the Middle East. They are concerned with their global audience and have trouble maintaining their objectivity. Sadly, the same is true about CNN reporting news in the USA if there are political undertones.

    See the video here. CNN insists Gaza casualty video with fake CPR is real

  4. Listen lefty, Israel won that land fair and square in defensive wars. Your beloved “palestinians” were nothing but Jordanians and Egyptians until 1967.

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