Obama’s Friend Rashid Khalidi Shills For Hamas

Former PLO mouthpiece turned Columbia University professor, Rashid Khalidi wants Americans to know what’s “really” going on in Gaza. And of course The New York Times is happy to provide him with a platform to spew his hatred and propaganda.

Notice that Khalidi throws in the bromide of “collective punishment?”

So I ask you, what about collective responsibility? These are the people that cheered when America was attacked on 9/11. They voluntarily elected a terror organization (according to the EU and the U.S.) as their government. And any money they receive in international welfare is only used to kill Jews. So what do they expect.

When you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.


61 responses to “Obama’s Friend Rashid Khalidi Shills For Hamas

  1. Peter Sigurdsson

    When you commit to genocide you align yourself with hitler, remember that!

  2. Peter why don’t you run along and tell that to your Hamas friends?

  3. I seem to remember reading in the press and hearing on TV that a group of Israeli’s were taken into custody following the 9/11 murder fest having been witnessed cheering and jumping up and down with glee when the tower collapsed. It was later learned that those men were members of the Israeli secret service. Why would they have been so happy to see the tower come down and why were they deported from America? Why do you have no ention of those guys’s given that it’s a matter of record and easily checked out. Rashid Khalidi, incidently,is a Semite and I find your comments relating to him exceedingly anti Semitic

  4. Take your paranoid anti-Jewish libel elsewhere.

  5. Hussein’s associations with terrorists is blessed by the MSM.

    At Khalidi’s 2003 farewell party..Ayers and Dohrn were at the bash..Why is the Los Angeles Times sitting on a videotape of the 2003 farewell bash in Chicago at which Barack Obama lavished praise on the guest of honor, Rashid Khalidi ā€” former mouthpiece for master terrorist Yasser Arafat?

  6. Everybody has to live for something. If they don’t, then they are subject to a life of mundanity or even worse than that, they cannot live at all.
    I feel the author of this blog and the people who follow it are the latter. As you feverishly work to connect unconnectable dots here, the politics of government will unfold, for better or for worse.
    President Obama was the better choice of the two who ran last year. When you write these ignorant diatribes about him, accusing him of Anti-Semitism among other scathing rants, you paint yourself to be quite the racist.
    Think about how bad off-track America was to elect a man with that particular middle name. Yes, the dredge report couldn’t find anything remotely sinister about it and all the lies the McMachine generated added up to nil. After all, Hussein is as common a name as Smith or Johnson is in that region of the world.
    My suggestion to you is to look at other perspectives besides your own, because in my objective analysis – it’s extremely skewed and negative. Always question your truest intention when you devote yourself to a cause so impassioned.

  7. Crystal,,,the LA Times is doing that because at his core Obama is an Islamist and the media goes with the money trail.

  8. “… any money they receive in international welfare is only used …”
    While you may want to help Jewish people you actually are hurting your own people. Now you are alienating Blacks and Arabs.Welfare?Those dogwhistles don’t work so good anymore. Noticed the people posting here don’t support you. So keep playing the Rev.Manning videos(his money is running out).Be the best bigot you can be.

  9. Obama ,Oprah ,Rev Wright Law Suit about wiretapping and FBI Informant .

  10. Darling Medae you state Obama was the better choice based on what? Explain how he helped the people he represented in my home town Chicago? Could it be working out sweet heart deals with Rezko that provided people in the community a new slum landlord?

    It’s easy to connect the dots with Obama. Ayers, Khalidi, Rezko and Wright are a great group of people and I couldn’t think of a better group for reaching out to all people. I mean those people have shown that they will open the door to anyone no matter what religion or race and you couldn’t find more upstanding people in your community. I mean Chavez is crazy about Ayers and I heard Castro let Ayers hang out in his country while he was preparing for those good community deeds he did when your boy Obama was only eight. But then again Darling I’m sure in your point of view Che Guevara was also a good person and anyone who points out the facts about his past deeds is also racist.

  11. Thank you for posting this and the many other pieces on your site. There are precious few places a person can go these days to read the truth on the matters you address.

  12. Figures, another ball-less Jew. Your blog is gutless; you censor it the same way Israel censors it’s GENOCIDE of the Palestinian people, and then lies to the world about all of it.

    If you had even the slightest bit of back-bone, you’d publish ALL comments, instead of just the ones that agree with you.

    Obama won, JEW lost. Get used to it.

  13. The New York Times and those who wallow in their anti-Israel swamp are come from the same mold as those who thought Hitler’s Nazis weren’t worth fighting in WWII.

    If Hamas wasn’t the terrorist organization that they really are, they wouldn’t set up shop in schools. They fire missiles from buildings were children are hoping to be fired on, creating more propaganda for the NY Times to fling.

  14. 1. If you posted a link or two to some of the NY Times articles that are particuarly representative it would help those of us who visit this blog, or at least me, to take action. It would provide me with the author of the piece and the date. From there, I can write a letter to the author as well as a Letter to the Editor.

    2. Poster #12. The fact that your horrid post is up disproves your point. That said, I find what your wrote to be utterly vile and I think that even if someone were not as passionate about Jewish and Israeli issues as the own of the blog and many of us who visit, they would still find your final statement to be disgusting beyond words. I hope the owner of this blog deletes your post. It’s simply spews filth into this fragile world. And, by the way, lots and lots of blogs (obscure ones and those in the msm) censor comments. Nothing no. No big deal. Some do it to the extreme of only posting those in agreement. Others allow for more disagreement, but don’t let vile posts go through. I’d say your post falls into the latter category and hope it will be gone soon.

  15. Anna, usually I delete mornonic anti-semitic comments. However, sometimes I enjoy letting idiots have it.

    People’s Poet, let me educate you on the meaning of free speech and censorship. The real definition of free speech is that the government can’t come and arrest people for saying they either hate Obama or President Bush. It has nothing to do with private individuals interacting on a forum, or anywhere else. In other words, this is my online home. Therefore, I have every right to decide who comments here or not. Let me also say that if I were to go on your beloved Stormfront and say that white nationalists suck, I’d be banned so quickly, it would make your head spin.

    So get lost!

  16. Also Poet, I am anything but ball-less. So you can stop trying to paint your beloved Arab illegal alien terrorist squatters as victims. I am NOT a New York Times editor. So run along and play with your dolls!

  17. Sean, nothing happened with that. Those people were interviewed by the FBI, which found no evidence of any wrongdoing. So take your Jew hating conspiracy theories elsewhere.

  18. Jtfdotorg – Loved reading your last series of posts. Very satisfying!

  19. Thank you, Anna.

  20. Madae

    First, you are making a huge assumption that Obama “won.” If you are not aware, there was massive caucus fraud during the Democratic primaries. It didn’t seem to occur to a lot of folks (in the msm or otherwise): How was it that the candidate who won more primaries than any candidate in history lost 13 out of 14 caucuses? If you’re curious, you may want to check this out and learn:


    Second, you appear to be one among many who joined the ranks of accusing those who oppose Obama as being racist. The assumption is so presumptuous that it barely warrants a response, but let me state one in brief. I have been a far left leaning Democrat my entire life, a political activist, and a person old enough to have been a part of the civil rights movement. How does it not occur to you that there could possibly be people out there who are against Obama for a laundry list of reasons, NONE of which have to do with the color of his skin. Yes, I will grant you there are/were surely those who are against him becuase he is black, just as there were likely those who cannot/could not vote for a woman, or a Jew, or an openly homosexual, etc, etc, etc. But, in speaking for myself and many many folks I know, we have arguments against Obama that are rooted in his past affiliations with dubious characters, his lack of experience, some of his stated sympathies in terms of certain groups and governments and how he might interact with them, etc. Sorry, but if Clinton or McCain were found to have attended a church that elevated the likes of David Duke to receive a Lifetime Achievement award, or if they had past associations with convicted felons and/or terrorists, they wouldn’t have made it to square one. No, this is not about racism. Not for me. By painting with such a broad stroke you seriously undermine your credibility and any argument you are trying to put forth. Your accusation of racism is offensive.

  21. “So you can stop trying to paint your beloved Arab illegal alien terrorist squatters as victims. ”

    The only “terrorists” in PALESTINE, are the Israelis.

    If you claim they are all “nomads” or “squatters” as you so despicably describe them, let me point you to the native Americans in this country, as the perfect parallel; they were called “savages” and exterminated with extreme prejudice, yet we now pay them “allowances” – give them free land (reservantions) and allow them to build casinos with tax-free revenues – all to compensate for the attempted genocide, we as a PEOPLE (Americans) attempted to commit upon them.

    The retribution we pay the Natives of this country – comes from ALL our taxes, as pay-offs for past injustices. When it comes to the Palestinians, the injustices being committed by the Jews, are in the past, present and obviously the future (as the Israeli government vows that they will continue their outright murder of Palestinians) – and no one in this country attempts to do a damn thing about it.

    If Israelis and Jews in this country, would be honest, and speak the truth about their true intentions and motivations – I could respect that, but all we hear is lies about how Hamas is a deadly threat against Israel, and yet the facts so completely and utterly contradict such bull shit claims:

    The Facts:

    1230 dead Palestinians (most of them women and children)

    14 dead Israelis (ALL of them soldiers)

    This is not a threat; this is a JOKE – this is a SLAUGHTER. (A Christian had a better chance against a lion)

    At least Hitler was blatantly honest about his intentions and motivations; there was no smoke-screen.

    Your intention is genocide, and rather than admit it to the world, you assume the world is dumb (and insult the intelligence of all people) and you continue to deceive through misinformation, euphemisms and blatant lies.

    Israel continues to terrorize Palestine, murder it’s people and shower them with Illegal weapons like White Phosphorous; it’s ONLY intent, to burn human beings to their VERY bones (the United Nations has evidence of this and you only needs to see videos of the bombing in Gaza,to know what White Phosphorous looks like), and through all of this, they offer no apologies but instead proclaim PROUDLY their intent to continue such atrocities.

    But all of that doesn’t EVEN come close to the most disgusting part of this whole insane objective, what is really stomach turning is the absolute hypocrisy of a people – whose recent ancestors lived through an intended genocide of their entire people – who’s grand children that benefited from a War(a war where 50 million non-Jews were killed)to end such a threat, now commit the very same acts upon another people.

    That is the most despicable thing a human being can do; hypocrisy in the very essense of the word.

    People wonder how the Germans could “go along” with the “Final solution”, that no one fought back – and now the question is posed to all of you:

    How are you able to, in good conscience, just… go ALONG?

    And not just go along, but fight OPENLY(like this blog) for the on-going extinction of an entire people?

    The bottom line:
    The Germans paid for their crimes, and so will the Jews.

    Karma’s a beeeeeeeotch.

  22. Listen poet, I have no interest in your whining about Arab so-called civilian casualties. The fact of the matter is that moosie men are dickless excuses of human beings who will cower like rats behind the skirts of their women and children rather than fighting like real men. So if anyone is going to use a so-called civilian as a human shield, they’d better accept the consequences when Israel tries to defend herself.

    Furthermore, Hamas’ charter calls for the destruction of Israel. The American Indians did not have as their life’s goal the destruction of the USA. Nor did they send their children as suicide killers. True America gave them land. But American is hundreds of times bigger than Israel. So your comparison is completely lame.

    You just don’t want any Jewish state to exist, despite the fact that there are dozens of Christian countries and many many Muslim countries. So spare me your accusation of wanting genocide. It’s you who wants genocide against all Jews. That’s why you support the fakestinians!

  23. I thought Jews were supposed to be smart?

    It’s well documented the “Savagery” the Indians (Native Americans) committed on early settlers, before and even more-so – after the Americans started breaking treaties, and stealing land back, (the very term “Indian-giver” stems from early America’s propensity for breaking signed treaty after treaty, whenever returned land became valuable)ranging from raping and murdering American women and children, to the practiced ritual of “scalping”.

    Come to think it, Israel continues to steal land back after they return it to Palestine TIME after time as well. (The parallel works better than I originally though)

    So you gotta be dumb as a box of rocks to think that the Palestinians are doing far worse than early “Indians” ever did.

    I mean seriously, man, you just sound dumb.

  24. Listen Poet, those so-called Palestinians, who were basically Jordanians and Egyptians before 1967 can all get over it. Muslims have 600 times the land that Israel has. So if they want to live in a Muslim country, let them leave Israel. They attacked Israel, and lost. If they didn’t want to lose “their” land, they should have thought of it before attacking Israel.

    There is no moral right to create yet another Muslim terror state out of the guts of a civilized Western style democracy. If you don’t like it, bug off, or start your own pro-fakestinian blog.

  25. And see, this is exactly the problem; Jews have no desire to have dialog about any of this. You just get all upset.
    When you create a blog, you should at least operate under the guise that you want a free exchange of information and ideas. If all you really desire is people posting that have the same ideas as you, then why even bother? Just spout your narrow-minded opinions as you wish, and turn off the comment button so you don’t have to worry about any dissension getting in the way.

    Basically what you’re doing here, is liken to textual masturbation. (only one side of the equation is involved.)

    Personally, I’m desirous of BOTH sides of an argument.

    Something tells me you desire both parties in a physical relationship too, but you have to settle for a kind of textual masturbation as well.

    Long live PALESTINE!

  26. Oh you’re going to start moderating my comments now huh?


    (at least a Palestinian will FIGHT)

  27. No I’m not done with you yet. You’re a pussy. You fakestinians are pussies. You cower behind your women and children rather than fighting like real men. So don’t flatter yourself.

  28. So then POST my comment! I’m sitting here reading an entire COMMENT that I posted, with a big disclaimer above it that reads: “your comment is waiting moderation”

    So MODERATE it!

    (For the record I’m not Palestinian, but I am a humanitarian)

  29. Oh stop you’re whining. You’re not a humanitarian. You’re a pig-anitarian.

  30. And I dont “whine”.

    (My nose is too small to make that natural nasally Jew sound.)

  31. Sure sounds like whining to me. And at least you’re honest about the fact that you look like porky pig.

  32. Are you kiddin’ me? I’m 6’4, thin, blond, blue eyed – I’m your Aryan NIGHTMARE come true.

  33. Why don’t you send me your picture? I’ll put it up on the blog, and I’ll conduct a poll to see whether or not my readers think you look like Porky Pig. I think you’re a dead wringer. But I’ll let my readers decide.

    I’ll also let them know that you’re an Obama supporting Stormfronter, who despite claiming to hate non-whites, is supporter of Barack Obama in the belief that he’ll be hostile to Israel and to Jews. I know your type all too well. You people support Obama for that very reason, despite the fact that he’ll tax us out of existence. In fact, I’m sure you would love for America to be flooded with illegal aliens if it meant no more Jews in America. You people would also kill your own mothers if that would somehow guarantee a Jew free world. That’s why you support the so-called Palestinians. Aryans have no love for the “darker” races.

  34. You white supremacists are the last people to talk about a free exchange of ideas. If you really wanted that, you wouldn’t have taunted me with the word “JEW” from the get go, nor would have called Israel a terrorist country, or accused Jews of having big noses. Also, I understand Stormfront is very quick to ban people. So stop acting like a spoiled baby.

  35. To People’s Poet and his philistine friends:

    Zuhair Mohsen, one of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, made the following statement in a March 1977 interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw:

    The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism.
    For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.

  36. First of all, Oh One of Gargantuan septum; I said that I am your “Aryan nightmare” in the sense that you are clearly a very frightened Jewish person, who probably lies awake at night worried that the Nazis are still coming for you, even up to this very DAY – not in the sense that I believe in anything associated with Nazi-ism or the Aryan Nation, but that I was appealing to your own views (and fears) of such concept. It’s called sarcasm. Look it up.

    Secondly, to the “Spectator”; you’re going to quote what”ONE of the PLO members” said 42 years ago and have it become a SWEEPING indictment of what ALL Palestinians think and want?

    You do realize that 55 years ago white GOVERNMENT officials in this country set forth laws to deny BLACK people the right to vote, and governors ALL across this great land ENFORCED those laws, and SPOKE of the NEED For these laws because blacks were not capable of handling such an “intelligent” decision like voting.

    Flash-forward to the now, and we have a BLACK person elected president.

    So you see, to quote ONE ancillary member of a group 40 years out of context, is not only absurdly irrelevant it’s completely self-destructive to your entire argument. (or at least Dotorgs argument)

    It is completely inapplicable to PRESENT day issues.

  37. pookieginsjuggernaut

    PeoplesPoet… There are 5 million Israeli Jews in Israel and 1 million A-rabs from Egypt and Jordan, you are mistaken, the OCCUPIERS are the Philistines (aka: p-stinians) OBAMA SUX BTW. So do you. You will pay for saying things against Israel, G-d HIMSELF will make YOU pay.
    You are NOT 6’4″ you are a LITTLE man with NO cajones, hiding behind Duke and the vermin that will be CRUSHED by G-d. Make NO mistake, those who touch the Lords annointed will NOT LIVE.
    Also- guys that pretend they are big, usually have tiny peters that they need microscopes and tweesers to go in a corner and have some fun… go back to the GESTAPO and tell them that Pookie is NOT a force to be trifled with, since I have ransacked S.F. and will DESTROY them from WITHIN.

  38. First off all, Porky Pig With a Miniscule Member, I am not afraid of you, or other lefties or Nazis. If any inbred, fat ugly Nazi tried to mess with me, I would kill them. So don’t flatter yourself. We are not your average ghetto Jews. We’re proud Kahanists.

    Also, you libs love to say conservatives take things out of context. I think it is a sweeping indictment of the Arabs when they elect a Hamas government to represent them, or when they cheered on 9/11. Hamas actively recruits human shields. And the fakestinians are perfectly happy to die in the process of killing us EEEVIL JOOOS, as it gets them into their so-called heaven, where they have their 72 Helen Thomases.

  39. I don’t deny the rights of the black people. The are as US citizens as the white ones.

    2009 – 1977 = 32, and not 42 as you say.

    But this doesn’t really matter. A nation cannot be formed in such short period of time.

    Zuhair Mohsen told the truth. And the simple Palestinians don’t call themselves so. They call themselves ARABS. Their ethnicity and religion is the same as of Jordanians, Syrians and Lebanese.

    Arabs are also people. They also have rights.
    But you should abandon using incorrect terms.

  40. First of all, everyone knows Jews have shrinky-dink size dongs. In fact you’re world renowned for the inverse correlation between the size of your noses, and the size of your hoses.


    And forgive me for the typo, 32 or 42; still completely irrelevant to the PRESENT issue at hand. And as to your assertion that a Nation can’t be formed in “such a short time”; correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Israel became a nation in what, ’48? And that was only a few years separated from being ousted from every other country, TO Israel.

    And you seem to want to recognize their legitimacy.

    And I got another issue with Israel (btw, ya know how non-Jews always misspell Israel as “Isreal”,the reason we do is because it’s NOT REAL, and it should actually be spelled IsNOTReal), why do we care about a RELIGION having a homeland anyway? I mean you people always stand pat that you are not a RACE, but in actuality a religion. Then why was there ever an interest in finding you a “homeland” anyway? I mean what – are we supposed to go out and deem Iraq the “Scientology Homeland” too while were at it?

    Get serious. The only people that give a shit about the “Jewish Homeland” are Jews, and much the same way as you slowly but quite absolutely, wore out your welcomes IN every other nation on this earth, so it will go the same way here in the States.

    It is… INEVITABLE.

  41. And stop EDITING my POST-name after I post it.

    You’re beginning to act just like the JEWISH-controlled press in this country and filtering and altering news to SUIT your Zionist Agenda.

  42. You little squirt, Israel and the Jews are here to stay. No amount of your trolling will change that fact. If anyone has worn out his welcome, it’s you, you disgusting billy-goat fornicator. So get off my blog!

  43. Sounds like you have lots of experiences with the “dongs” of other men, you degenerate.

  44. cutesweetsincere

    I LOVE this quote and shall share it with you.

    War may sometimes be a necessary evil. But no matter how necessary, it is always an evil, never a good. We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other’s children. (Jimmy Carter)

    THAT goes for Palestine children and the Israel Children. One life is NOT better than the other!

    For the record…The People’s POET is gifted in many areas, genitals included! NOTHING misiscule about that man. Why is it you boys always have to take a shot at penis size? It’s not the size that matters as long as you know what to do with it!

  45. PEOPLE’S POET: You are a complete idiot…the Palestinians were called on the phone and sent leaflets WARNING THEM TO LEAVE and they DID NOT LEAVE..that is why there were so many deaths. If you remember correctly, your own soldiers use their WOMEN AND CHILDREN FOR HUMAN SHIELDS while fighting…what sort of a thing is that? (insane)…..ISRAEL IS DEFENDING HERSELF AGAINST BULLIES, plain and simple, they are tired of being threatened, killed, harrassed, Hamas wants them off the face of the earth…THAT WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN!!!! why? Because G-d is on her side and will always be……she is the apple of His eye…..I don’t know if you can ever get that through your head or not, but it’s true.

  46. The Arab Muslim Nazi interlopers in the Land of Israel DESERVE to be collectively punished, because they are collectively guilty. Collective punishment for collective guilt should be common sense in this case. If there was any group of people that deserved a holocaust, it is these terrorist, child-indoctrinating, suicide-bombing, woman-beating, sand maggots of the PLO and Hamas. When 80 or 90% of the Arab Muslim Nazi population votes for a terrorist organization, then “innocent Palestinian civilian” becomes nothing but the world’s biggest oxymoron. Too bad the self-hating Jewish traitors that run Israel are not giving these Hitlers in headscarves the mass execution that they truly deserve. They should also be bombing the U.N. buildings that are collaborating with the terrorists by providing them with food and medicine.


    How can you refer to a group who is losing 1230 to FOURTEEN on the score card of LIVES ended, as “bullies”??

    The Israelis have KILLED 1230 people, MOST of them women and CHILDREN, you insane HUMAN.

    I gotta tell ya, the rhetoric this Hanna chick is spewing; sound peculiarly close to the very same shit a Hitler Youth would be spewing back in WWII.

    (They were just following “orders”)

    The hypocrisy runs rampant…

  48. People’s Poet (can I call you P-P?), the numbers game doesn’t work in this case for the following reason: The Muslims hide behind their women and children. This inflates the numbers of their deaths. They know that the Israelis are not savages like they are, and Muslims don’t care about human life, so they exploit this. Imagine if the Israelis did the same thing. Then the Muslims would be like “BONUS!” Actually, civilians are always the Arab Muslim Nazis’ target of choice. Then when world hears of these numbers, the Muzzies still win because then ignorant Nazi sympathizers like yourself use it as propaganda for them and make Israel out to be the bad guy. So don’t you see? You’re nothing more than a propaganda tool for the successors of the Nazis. The good guys defend their civilians, the bad guys hide behind them. End of story.

  49. First of all, you NAZI-Jew (and the Israels are the Modern-day Nazis) The UNITED NATIONS confirmed that NO rockets were being launched from the Palestinian refugee SCHOOL where 40 people, most of whom were CHILDREN, were killed. And for days the Israeli defense minister denied the UN report.

    It has only been in the last few days that the Israeli PRESS confirmed the UN findings that indeed NO rockets were launched, and that the Israeli government issued a press release confirming that THEY in FACT had “made a mistake”.

    A mistake which killed 40 women and children.

    You’re a NAZI, and every justification you give for MURDERING Palestinians, are the exact rhetoric the Nazis gave for MURDERING your great Grand fathers and mothers.

    You’re all fools for not being able to see that.

    And as I said, just as the Germans got their comeuppance, so will YOU.


  50. Listen P.P., Fuck your fictitious “Palestine” and fuck you. You’re the nazi. And you’re banned!

  51. I’ll believe the the Israelis over the United (with terrorists) Nations, and people like you, any day.

  52. cutesweetsincere

    What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?

    To those of you who claim “G-d” is on the side of Israel, do you really think G-d is proud of those who are trying to destroy what he created? Then again, knowing what this blog is spewing..HATE, I am sure you do really feel you are superior. Hitler felt the same way!

  53. P-P, so first you say 1230 and now it’s down to 40? Are you denying the Muslim tactic of hiding behind a woman’s burka is even used? Well unfortunately it happens all the time. They hijack mosques, hospitals, and even U.N. buildings, and all you Jew-haters seem to care about is that the hijackers are safe inside whatever building they hijacked.

    Now since Nazis are people that murdered Jews for no reason other than hate, and this is what you support Muslims doing, that would place you into the category of Nazi much more than me. Jews are killing Muslim terrorists in self-defense against the same kind of genocidal hatred that Hitler had toward them. The Jews did not deserve the Holocaust, but the Muslim Nazis deserve everything they are getting and then some because of the terror they have perpetrated. How many rockets did the Jews fire at German civilians? NONE! What a moron you are for not seeing this.

    The Muslim Mufti of Jerusalem collaborated with Hitler and wanted to extend the Holocaust into the Holy Land before the state of Israel was even founded in 1948, so this Muslim-Nazi thing is nothing new. And you being a supporter of this sickness makes YOU the Nazi, and YOU will get what you deserve in the end. Just look at the people who agree with you–basically every type of immoral evil filth in the world from communists to fags to Nazis to terrorists. That’s right, the NEO-NAZIS are even supporting the Muslims! Evil people stick together.


    Oh, and just for the record, I’m not Jewish.

  54. cutesweetsincere

    You cant take the heat…you ban the kitchen?

  55. This is my blog, and I’ll ban anyone I want. You’re next. Go join your boyfriend.

  56. What the hell does “People’s Poet” mean? Are you a Marxist? Those are the only kinds of people who use the term “People’s” like that. So, I assume that you are. So, you worship Pol Pot and Joseph Stalin and believe in murdering hundreds of millions of people in the pursuit of your proletarian utopia. Therefore, it only is reasonable that you would support Muslim Nazi mass murderers as well. Unfortunately, you’re a worthless hypocrite. You are an anti-Israel Marxist, but you have not actually gone to live in a Marxist nation. Go move to Cuba and then attack Israel from the safety of your computer desk–that is, if you are permitted to do so over there.

  57. What B. Hussein doing is forcibly making the Arab world like America by
    a. swearing in with a Muslim middle name
    b. closing Guantanamo Bay and spare the fate of hundreds of his brothers from the Middle East
    c. pulling the troops out of Iraq
    d. planning a speech in a Muslim capital
    e. what next? It’s just 2 days he’s been in…

    Maybe history will one day praise G.W. Bush for whipping the butt of Arabs for years and years.

  58. pookieginsjuggernaut

    PeoplesPoet…things are SIMPLE.. It IS as the above stated, we will kill you in defense of ourselves.
    Aryan?? We eat them for breakfast. OBVIOUSLY you know NOTHING about the JTF OR JDL- nothing. Even little Duke boy is SCARED SH*TLESS of US.
    I am ‘afraid’ of NOBODY.
    I have had a gun to my back, and I am ALIVE.
    5 MILLION JEWS live in their LAND, and 1 million ILLEGAL OCCUPYING CRIMINAL INVADER PHILISTINES are trolling there, they are from EGYPT, like their master (YOUR BUDDY ARAFAG) & Jordan, ANOTHER buddy of YOURS who was King HUSSEIN…seems like these 3rd reich LITTLE men seem to LOVE to side with Muslims people… LOL.. What a GREAT day it will be… when they dont convert to allah, and get their HEAD chopped off- I CANT WAIT! Allah come QUICK LOL!
    Since you are SOOOO good at sarcasm & debate, Challenge Chaim Ben Pesach to a debate, you wont last a minute with ANY person that is a leader of our Organization, we WILL FLATTEN YOU, and when we win- we require that you MOVE TO Gaza where your buddies are- and you WILL submit to the camel fkers, sheepfkers and all that sort of happiness.. So, lets debate- when we win, we EXTERMINATE YOU. šŸ˜‰

  59. I agree 100%, Israel is about to be destroyed.. we have to make a collective decision as to what we should do next. The Zionist movement has to move on and focus on a different locaiton for a jewish state. I think we should look at setting up in one of the Ex Soviet blocks as there will be least resistance. We will also need to make sure we can pull a few ropes in Russia to make this a sucess.

  60. pookieginsjuggernaut – you think you are so brave.. why the SH*T are you so scared of stone throwing underage terrorists? You are so good a debating yet you know little.. why people hate us Jews is because we STOLE the palestinians land and country and kicked them out and renamed each and every village and now we expect them to just sit back and enjoy the view from a concentration camp that is Gaza.

    Jews are not the problem.. Zionists and you my friend are the real problem.

  61. Zionists out there..

    I want to know what your god, whom ever you believe it to be will think of you when you say we kill people with white phosphrous, dispropertionate force.. I know you guys think you can “EXTERMINATE” everybody else that hates you but do you not think that god might not agree to your judgments and hold you to acccount… or do you have a PAC that is working hard to make sure God see’s things from the Zionist prespective too.

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