Gaza Offensive By Israel To Stop?

I knew this would happen. After enough whining from the United (with Terrorists) Nations, the European Union, and the Muslim terrorist loving news media, the Israeli government is saying its Gaza offensive could be in the “final act.”

Now I’m just an average person, but can someone please explain to me how broadcasting your intentions to the entire world while you’re at war is a good idea? And why on earth can’t they see a Hudna for what it is? These terrorists only use the ceasefires to regroup, and then attack when they’re stronger.

The fact is, Israel wants to get this all over with, before Obama is sworn in.

The inauguration of new U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday is seen by some as the time by which Israel will bow to mounting international pressure and call off its attacks.

Furthermore, I find it extremely disingenous for these Gazans to whine about all of their so-called civilian casualties when 90% of these people elected Hamas in the first place. The term Palestinian civilian is an oxymoron.

Many of these so-called civilians are happy to act as human shields. This way, they can hurt the militarily superior Israel with propaganda. In fact, Hamas actively recruits human shields.

Called to form a human shield
During the course of a prior Israeli military operation against Gaza terrorists in March 2008, Hamas repeatedly called upon civilians to gather near buildings where they expected the IDF to launch air strikes against weapons storage facilities and other military targets.

Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV issued a special call to children at the time to form a human shield at the home of Abu al-Hatal of the a-Shouqaf quarter in Sajaiyeh in order to protect the building from an anticipated IAF air strike.

A month earlier, Hamas Member of Parliament Fathi Hammad claimed in a speech broadcast on February 29, 2008 on Al-Aqsa TV that for PA Arabs, “death has become an industry at which women excel… The elderly excel at this, and so do the mujahideen and the children.”

So let me ask you guys something…How on earth is it possible to “massacre” people who would gladly die to murder Jews, or to make them look like murderers? The whole expression “massacring palestinians” is just another oxymoron.


13 responses to “Gaza Offensive By Israel To Stop?

  1. 1) The terrorists who attack Israel, or any other country, don’t have any good reason to do so. They just have the deliberate purpose to kill the people they attack. They never talk about peace, or any negotiated solution before they murder their victims, in this case, the people of Israel.

    2) Israel should use all the force they can, phosphorus, whatever they can, b/c if the terrorists had the phosphorus, or something worse, they wouldn’t hesitate to use it against their victims, in this case, the people of Israel.

    3) Electing Obama has been the worst mistake the people who voted for him has made. They’ll be sorry in a couple of years. His views are flawed, and weak, and his mandate will make the US position in the world weaker, and negatively affect freedom in the world.

    4) There’s no negotiation that will convince someone who wants to kill you for the only reason that they want to kill you. To whoever wrote above, who thinks terrorists who want to kill you can be talked out of their ideas: how old are you? Don’t be naive, and foolish!

    5) The only way for Israel to prevail, is total physical elimination of their enemy.

    6) Think about this: these terrorist forces are fed from civilians, therefore, civilians also need to be targeted. Just don’t openly target them at the beginning.

    7) Israel shouldn’t ask for any cease fire. Hamas violated the last one they had. Now that Hamas is losing, why make the same mistake of giving them a break again?

    Best wishes to the brave people of Israel in defending against their enemies.
    God bless the people of Israel.


  2. pookieginsjuggernaut

    TERRIBLE for Jews & Christians.
    Of course they are going to do this BEFORE the monster gets in.. he is on the side of the muslims, and if the wind goes in an ugly direction, Obama ALREADY told us where HE stands- with the muslims.
    NUF SED.

  3. I agree with you 100%, Richard. And welcome to my blog.

  4. Richard – Right on. I couldn’t have said it better.

  5. Jtfdotorg

    You may want to link to your site at this piece:

  6. Well, it’s official. Obama is our President. How fortunate for him that Israel was kind enough (dumb enough?) to have a cease fire prior to his inuaguration. God forbid he should have to make any difficult decisions (why difficult, anyway?) immediately after being sworn in. This is madness!

  7. Anna: Obama is not our president. He is a usurper, an illegitimate poseur who cannot prove his eligibility to sit in the White House. Maybe we should call it the “Black House” because it is being fouled by this monster. His pandering to sodomites and terrorists is just the beginning of this orgy of debasement he’s kicked off in Washington.

    I will never accept him as POTUS unless he shows a valid birth cert, and reveals his student aid forms as a college student. Til that day, whatever he signs has no validity and I won’t abide by any of his executive orders.

    Obama is a snake, a hooded-eyed, lying gangster who would sell his grandmother for a minute of popularity. He is the worst abomination to pretend to the presidency, and actually makes Hillary look like a saint.

  8. I agree with you Kathrine!

  9. It was plain silly by B. Hussein Obama to come up with pro-Palestine (first for an American president?) and pro-Israel stances just days after his inauguration.

    He was “deeply concerned by the loss of Palestinian and Israeli life in recent days and by the substantial suffering and humanitarian needs in Gaza”. Boy, that was really fast.
    Yes, he can… side with Palestinians for while, can’t he?

  10. I was just researching the Gaza conflict and came across this site. To say the least i was a bit shocked.
    Theres clearly not an ounce of empathy or compassion in any of you. Innocent people are dying in Gaza as well as Israel and because of their beliefs, they deserve it? Why stereotype a whole race of people as terrorists when the majority are normal people trying to defend their home from invaders? Israel, with the help of America, occupied the Palestinian homeland and suddenly now that a president who can see the injustice of the situation is elected, he is a ‘monster’ a ‘gangster’ and apparently occupies the ‘black house’. Yet more stereotyping.
    Since when has wanting peace made a nation or a leader weak. Also, i really need to comment on:
    5) The only way for Israel to prevail, is total physical elimination of their enemy.
    That sounds incredibly familiar to the beliefs of a well known 20th century dictator. There really is nothing worse than a hypocrite.
    Finally, i just want to say that i believe my opinions to be valid and i really hope that someone, particularly the racist woman, takes something from what i’ve said.

  11. P. the Hamas government was elected by the vast majority of the Gazans. Hamas has been designated a terror organization by the U.S., the E.U and Japan, among other countries.

    Your beloved Palis, who were just Egyptians and Jordanians until 1967 were offered a new state once in 1948 and again in 2000. But they don’t want to live side by side in peace with a Jewish state. They don’t want any Jewish state. Therefore, I have no sympathy for people who cheered when America was attacked on 9/11, and who encourage their kids to become suicide bombers.

  12. SomeoneWhoKnowsAccardo

    I was sold into a prostitution ring by Jews I worked for at a firm called Altheimer & GRay. Tony Accardo set his sights on me for Gerard Arpey’s pilots sex ring. Tammy Frye who was beautiul disappeared at the hands of these evil people. They covered her disappearance and then Beth Allenson was murdered whith a shotgun blast to the head. I was to be given to the pilots for sex, etc., at O’hare Airport. I was gang raped to prepare for multiple sex partners out of O’hare Airport for layover and pilots who live there. Tony Accardo is trying to keep a prostitution ring going that his father once ran out of the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at O’Hare Airport. I will never give in to this man or his goon pilots or anyother Jew lawyer or anyone who is involved in this ring. I will expose it and fight to death to keep everyone safe. Beware, these pilots want successful women because they are envious and jealous that women can do more than sit in a cockpit and read porn and have sex with stews who will do anyting to get attention and to have money.

    Gerard Arpey you are traitor to the United States of AMerican and you are “hater”. You will sit in prison with your prositute wife Lisa Arpey and eveyone will know what you and your family really are. Accardo, a/k/a Bob Kalec will also sit in the can or a prison camp for betraying this country. Screw you Accardo and your family, I will never comply you can kill me first. Pig.

  13. Orlando City of Lights 6/6/09

    I heard words of wisdom spoken by the leader of America to the Moslem world. President Barrack Hussein Obama said: “The Holy Koran teaches that whosoever kills an innocent, it is as if he has killed all mankind; and whosoever saves a person, it is as if he has saved all mankind.”
    Then, I thought, the president is talking about religion, bravo! Then I thought again, but what about the thousands of innocent children that are aborted (killed) in the United States of America everyday? And, I remember the words of Pope Benedict XVI to the presidents of Latin America bishops’ committees for the family and for life, the Pope said: “Abortion is a crime of aggression not only against the unborn (innocent), but also against society,” 12/3/05.
    Behold! The Word of the Lord came to me saying: Because you have said: “We (USA) have made a covenant with Death, and with Hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves.” Isaiah 28:15
    Now, the Overflowing Scourge has been passing through the land of America, since April 20th 1999, and I remember the Word of the Lord spoken in my ears in October of 1999: “To the leaders of the churches I say REPENT; for you have confused MY sheep with religious rituals; you have feed them fantasies of your own mind, and take their money offerings for Faith and prosperity that you can not deliver. You use MY NAME to work miracles; yet I don’t know you, neither do you know MY NEW NAME. I say to the people of all nations serve each other; love one another; for your government tells you: “Love your country and your flag.” But I say to you; before you love your country and your flag; love your father, mother, spouse, children, and your brothers and sisters, your neighbors, and the people of all nations. Porque la boca de JEHOVA lo a dicho asi.” And the prophet praised HIM saying “ALELUYA! AMEN! ALEUZENEV! Thank YOU for forgiving our sins.”
    Later in January of 2000 the Lord said unto me: “Neither the statue of Liberty nor the government of it, and its god of paper will save you.” That was to assured the Children of The LIGHT, that FAIHT in GOD and obedience to HIS WORD; is our only SALVATION; and not the Government promises for FREEDOM and PROTECTION through the shedding of blood. HE finished saying again: “Do not be afraid of Death, because Death is among you: be afraid of not loving your neighbor because if you don’t you shall die.” And that was to remind us; that the anti-CHRIST is alive and TRIBULATION will increase throughout the World with his false teachings and lies.
    Pope John Paul II spoke saying before the 2003 Iraq war: “This war would be a defeat for humanity which could not be morally or legally justified.”
    Bush justifies it, and Obama morally changed the name, thus the Overflowing Scourge is passing through America, and a burning up has been determined upon the World.
    Jesus disciples asked him, “Do you want us to fast? How should we pray? Should we give to charity? What diet should we observe?” Jesus said, “Do not lie, and do not do what you hate, because all things are open before Heaven; and there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed, and not in darkness where My Light shall not Shine.” Gospel of Thomas
    “For God, Who commanded the Light to Shine out of darkness, Has shined in our hearts, to give the Light of the Knowledge of His Glory in the Face of Jesus Christ.” II Corinthians 4:6
    To the Governments of America and the World, I repeat these words: Expanding Mercy and Love with our World neighbors, and feeding the hungry and poor is also an order from The LORD to all people; but to those that have received power, the prophet writes: “Health, Education and Feeding the Poor must be their only concern.” I Pray for You and Peace for the World, Ivor Manuel prophet.

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