JTF’s Newest Video – B. Hussein Wants To Destroy Israel


30 responses to “JTF’s Newest Video – B. Hussein Wants To Destroy Israel

  1. God bless you! Talking about putting constantly more arabs into countries where the jews have been living for centuries,look at the current situation, especially in France and Great Britain,but also elsewhere in Europe. The result of thirty years of what some naive people call uncontrolled muslim immigration( but I shout: “Scheduled muslim injection”)! Jews are no more safe anywhere in Europe. Their kids are attacked on the way to and from the schools, etc…But one day, french and britons will stop mocking them. Because that day is no more that far, when the arabo-muslims who have invaded the south of France, for instance, will demand autonomy and the application of the Charia.Like they already do in the UK and Canada.
    God bless Israel!

  2. kat in your hat

    “President Obama Does First Formal TV Interview as President with Al-Arabiya”

  3. And now “Long Legged Mac Daddy” and his mugs are going to Tehran, without preconditions! On the same day, the European Union takes the iranian People’s Mujjahidin out of the list of terrorist movements.What a synchronisation! Israel should not count anymore on these western cowards for its security.

  4. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  5. If only there were visionaries like a modern-day Charles Martel or anyone of his ilk, but not his coward descendants (former colonial masters of North Africa, now turned oppressed & colonized in their own country).

    There’s so much back-stabbing at present that Israel can no longer depend on Hussein Obama’s American. Guess Pat Buchanan didn’t predict this.

  6. He is also going to destroy the United States, IMHO. He and his “comrades” are all pushing socialism and friendship with radical islamists. They are also all patently dishonest and don’t care if their cheating is known. (Treasury Sec et.al)./

  7. After he’s done demolishing Israel, the Muslim sack of crap will be well on his way to declaring that our nation will henceforth be known as the Islamic Republic of America. And even that won’t be enough to wake up the political correct Jews to their idolatrous worship of liberalism.

    I believe it will be a grave mistake to look to Hillary Clinton to do anything to help Israel and the Jews. No doubt she was made SoS only after she promised to stay out of Hussein’s plans to destroy the Jews.

    It is time for every Jewish person to harm him or herself. If every Jew in Europe had had a gun, maybe 6 million of us wouldn’t have been murdered.

  8. The last paragraph of Mary@comment 7 should say, it is time for every Jewish person to arm him or herself.

  9. I agree with you Mary. You put it perfectly.

  10. I believe it will be a grave mistake to look to Hillary Clinton to do anything to help Israel and the Jews.


  11. Excerpt of Peres speaking at the economic summit. Passionate and brilliant:

  12. WOW
    I can not beleive how truly racist and ignorantly bias this video and comments are.

    I am speeechless… are we adults or foolish children here? Its hard to tell

  13. the speaker in the video hasn’t taken his meds nor made his bed (it’s disheveled in the background as well as the speaker’s face)
    let’s get real here: there needs to be a 2-state solution. let peace be in y’israel and in the gaza strip.

  14. That speaker in the video is a million times smarter than you’ll ever be.

  15. Obama and his administration are ripping apart the moral and financial fabric of America as they overturn and destroy our Godly laws. There were questions before the election on Obama and how he would treat Israel. Israel should not be forced to give up any of her land — The land was promised to the Jewish people from God and Israel is the apple of God’s eye. We are warned about these things and more in His Holy Word.
    signed-a one time reader

  16. Welcome to my blog, Jill.

  17. Obama’s first phone call was to the Prime Minister of Canada (Stephen Harper)……..if you can prove your claim he call Abbas first, I will continue to listen. If not, shut up!!!!

  18. Hate to break it to you William, but we still have freedom of speech in this country. So I will NOT shut up!

  19. Debbie - Jerusalem

    I’ve heard that Obama is GOG through Torah codes. Man, I believe it!!!

  20. Bruce Robert Hawkins

    Jewish conservatism moves me very deeply. Jewish liberalism foments anti Semitism in ignorant Christians and even I have to slap myself when my mind wanders lazily towards disgust when I see the liberal Jews surrounding Obama. As a Christian, I regularly rely on conservative Jews for clarity and education. Keep up the good work. I’m still learning.

  21. Thank you very much, Bruce.

  22. It doesn’t matter what obama tells Israel.Netanyahu will not bow to the Liberals.Even given the money that the U.S. gives them.And Obama won”t stop them from nuking Iran when they think they’re a threat.The Israelis are warriors 1st and last and will be around long after Iran is turned into a glowing pile of glass!

  23. JILL..Are you NUTS ????

  24. Where is everybody else on this one? These things should be “shouted in the streets”—and not just for the sake of Israel but to better prepare for and sustain life on this planet.

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  27. If BO needs to leave Israel alone, then can my tax dollars stop going to aid the genocide of the Palestinian people by the Isrealis?
    I’m all for letting Israel do its own thing and all, and have no problems with the jewish peoples, but American foreign aid to the tune of $3B+ per year should also end. If Israel cannot stand on its own without US aid, then perhaps they should find other benefactors.

  28. Hey No. 22… Wayne if the jews are warriors, what happened in the 1930’s and 40’s in Germany, Poland, The Czech Rep., Austria, Italy, France…
    Not very warrior-like, if you ask this warrior.

  29. We at jtf.org are against all foreign aid — even foreign aid to Israel.

  30. Actually, they were warrior like in Israel’s 1948 war of independence, 1967, and 1973. They’ve refused to win any battles/skirmishes since then.

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