B. Hussein Addresses His Anti-American Base

36 responses to “B. Hussein Addresses His Anti-American Base

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  2. Sorry I haven’t visited in a while.
    I heard a little something, and I’m wondering if you know anything about it. Was Prop 8 was a juicy political tool? I heard that if it were not passed, California would be one step closer to global integration, and the population control freaks (eugenecists) would be very successful at putting humanity extinct. Prop 8 passed, and in doing so saved humanity.

    I know you guys at JTF knew about Barack Obama’s church before anyone else was talking about it, so I’m wondering if you have any information about this.

    P. S. Good video. Only 2 disappointments. It says that “associate yourself with your inferior race” (this could easily be misinterpreted by those who accuse this site of being racist) and that JTF is the only group that stands against Obama. (Obama is using the so-called “Fairness” Doctrine to eliminate all Opposition Speech, which seems to be more popular on the radio airwaves than liberal Democrat radio is).

  3. Hi Jknight. Good to “see” you again. I’m not sure I understand your Proposition 8 question.

  4. If Prop 8 lost, would it be one step in helping some global organzation (possibly the UN, but the person who told me about this didn’t give me a lot of details on “global integration” so I’m not exactly sure what he meant) gain control of California? Would it also lead to the extinction of humanity? Or, at least (as the Nazis wanted to do) create a master race?

  5. P. S. It’s good to see you again too.

  6. P. S. It’s good to “see” you again too.

  7. And I was wondering…do you find this humorous or offensive? I remember reading an article saying some Jews found the “Hitler Dubbing Phenomenon” humorous, while others found it offensive.

  8. P. S.
    Do you think we should get Impeach Obama bumper stickers like Mr. Savage has suggested?

  9. Good to see you Jews stand up against Obama a little bit. Let’s see if you can break the clique mentality that Jews have followed for so many years of blind Democrat support. The latest payment to Palestine by Hillary Clinton is most certainly going to help fund Hammas in some capacity. At least Jewish voters helped seal the fate of those in Israel…not me.

  10. Isn’t Hamas a Zionist creation?

  11. Kem Wer: Isnt it true that when you were born, they slapped your mother??

  12. Yeah uh huh ARCHIE…. SURE… That why I get booked a LOT and you have a SMALL little itty bitty DING DONG 😉 you just like David Ben Moshe, and he is NOT a FAG, and YOU ARE. FAGGOT LIMP WRIST

  13. Nothing intelligent to say? Why am I not surprised….

  14. You’re the one who is unintelligent. So beat it already.

  15. Friend of Jews and Obama

    Looks like this blog did well, only 78% of Jews voted for Obama


    He supports Israel, give it a rest

  16. “friends of Jews and Obama” the FOREIGN USURPER HATES Israel STUPID. He sent 620.3 MILLION $$$ to HAMAS. Did you eat a bowl of stupid for breakfast?

  17. OOPS….. sorry.. I was OFF by 3 MILLION.. How about SAMANTHA POWERS who wants to INVADE Israel, MORON?

  18. KIM WER.. What is to debate with you? PROVE that Hamas is a “ZIONIST” creation. OBVIOUSLY you DONT know the meaning of the WORD. A TRUE Zionist is a person that goes to Israel and NEVER returns to the country they came from.
    People in the GOVERNMENT are NOT Zionists dumbbell- they are BOLSHEVIKS.
    jtfdotorg–WHERE do these STUPID people come from!

  19. J: We certainly apologize for the dumbbells, but the fact also is that they are NOT Jews, they are the UN-Jew, just like white America, that calls themselves Christians are Pseudo-Christians.
    Obviolusly jtfdotorg did a good thing here to seperate themselves from the bad, dont you agree? Jews are a small population in USA- 9 million, over 3 million of us are NORMAL, law abiding GOOD Jews that love gentiles and God fearing Christians. Just like ALL blacks are not bad, not all Jews are bad. 🙂 Anyway, we ARE in this mess WITH you.

  20. Does anyone here know about Alex Jones? I’ve heard some of his claims and want to know if there’s truth to them.

  21. I don’t know much about him. However, I once saw a video of him harassing Michelle Malkin over one of her books about the Japanese during World War II.

  22. very bizarre to impersonate the president in a way that sounds strikingly close to his speech pattern and vocal timbre. and much more bizarre to spend all those minutes opening up your very own can of worms about racial insecurities and a distorted outlook of american politics. i can only presume you are obsessed with barack obama hussein
    my friend, barack hussein obama is not the enemy, nor is he someone who is interested in a radical agenda for US national and international policy. he’s another politician who is naive to washington politics and that is why he formed a cabinet with extra padding for the real problems we all face.
    barack hussein obama is a republicrat, a democran, he’s no socialist or left-wing nut or right-wing nut.
    what democrats did for the last 8 years was feel angry at bush and company, standing around feeling powerless and confused at the extreme neo-conservative government policies at work. they supported the president, then they didn’t, they supported foreign policies, only to abandon them when they realized the problems inherent. and when the housing bubble popped to find millions of american’s homes worth less than the paper the deeds and mortgage agreements were printed on, both democrats and republicans alike spewed out a 40 year socio-economic debt called an economic stimulus.
    both obama and mccain signed on the 2nd stimulus to the banking systems during the tail end of last years campaign season. and now we have a big big big problem. it was reagan and his financial team that created the trickle-down economic matrix. and now its obama that is trying the trickle-up economic matrix. it’s voodoo economics, and it never ever works for long. so whats going to happen if the G20 comes to a collective agreement this week is, in year 2028, we will be where we were in 1985, a robust upper and middle class. so, obama’s not the problem. greed was the problem. greedy traders, lenders, brokers, and ahem – bernie madoff corrupted a system that had no legs to stand on. so, obama was never the problem. he’s just some poor schlub that wanted to gain some power and see the world from the biggest position in western society.

  23. Hmm…
    According to Wikipedia, Michelle Malkin is a Filipino-American who has written stuff for the Jewish World Review.
    Her book about the Japanese in WWII was defending the internment camps. I really don’t understand why she supported the internment of Japanese-Americans, as many were in fact loyal. Not that I support what Japan did in WWII. My relatives in Asia have told me about Japanese brutatlity. The Japanese soldiers took whatever they wanted. This even included people’s daughters, who often became “comfort women”. It’s just that there were decent Japanese who couldn’t stop what Japan did to Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Americans, etc., just like how some Germans tried to kill Hitler but unfortunately all their efforts to stop his evil actions were futile, or how we as Americans can’t stop Obama from cuddling up with Israel’s enemies.
    I do think that so-called “racial” profiling may be good in the war on terror. I mean, religion has been a motivator for some of these people.
    Well, God bless Israel, and God bless America. God bless you and your efforts. Even if this Alex Jones is wrong on most of his ideas, I hope that people agree with him that we don’t need to be part of the UN, and that he is right that Obama is turning us into a Banana Republic.

  24. Jknight, thank you for your kind words.

    Like I said, I don’t know much about Alex Jones. But there are other conservatives who say that we don’t need to be part of the UN, and that Obama is turning us into a banana republic.

  25. America is continously supporting the destabilisation of the whole area..I live in Zürich Switzerland,I see theese people will never be able to socialise with other coulture&religions.You got your own schools,churches, councils and you will never let an outsider into marriage with one of yours..now how do you call this behaviour? I wish that evry orthodox Jew would finally migrate to the promised land which you took with utemost force in 1947..U should all be ashamed of yourselfs for playing always the victims role so you distract the world from the root of the problem..You and your selfish behaviour are responsible for so much hate&grief in this world think about it…

  26. Walder, think about what you write.

    Muslims have about 66 countries to call their own. Christians have dozens of countries of their own as well. Hindus have India. The Shintoists have Japan. So explain to me why the Jews aren’t allowed to have one tiny sliver of land when Muslims have 600 times the amount of land that the Jews over there have?

    Secondly, Jews don’t have churches. We have Synagogues and Temples.

    Also, there are LOTS of Jews that have married outside of their faith. Furthermore, there are plenty of non-Jews that convert to Judaism. We don’t go forcing our religion on others.

    In terms of taking over Israel the “utmost force” the United Nations and the U.S. gave the approval for the state of Israel to be established. So why is it Israel’s fault that all the neighboring Arab countries declared war on the brand new country and promised to “push the Jews into the sea?”

    And finally, it’s genocidal nut jobs like, who project your own desires onto others, who are the real cause of the hate and grief in this world. So beat it!

  27. Truthsayer

    And what are we doing about all this? We have many lawyers in our numbers. hussein is not even a legal president. He needs to be removed before he totally destroys two great nations. To sit back, wait for four years to pass, and hope we survive is suicide.

    Get him out now and remove all those who aided him in stealing the power. Do this, and live.

  28. Unfortunately, many Jews voted for this monster. No doubt, they would even vote for Yasser Arafat if he had a “D” next to his name.

  29. Walder, you are a total jackass. Nobody ‘took’ anything by force. Israel is a land that is PROMISED to the Jewish people. We can’t help it if you are a Palestinian-firster. Everything that Israe did was LEGAL in the sight of God and man. DEAL WITH IT. Israel IS A STATE, and there is NO Palestine, and never was.

  30. Elyjah;
    Obama is the enemy to FREE people. Name ONE good thing this piece of crap has done, just ONE. Stupid little leftist BOLSHEVIK TRAITOR to America.

  31. William Copper

    There are alot of TRAITOR to America not just obama. Watch the video Endgame at http://suppressedminds.com/?p=13

    billionaire meet up for planning to end the us? I forget the name of this meeting. But in think its every year or something.

    There was a meeting this year , people at the meeting Gates and Buffett were joined by billionaire moguls Oprah Winfrey, Ted Turner and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg along with heavyweight philanthropists George Soros and others

  32. Hello William,

    I believe you’re referring to the Bilderbergs. Anyway, welcome to my blog.

  33. Jews are worse than Nazis.

  34. Cape, why dont you say something like WHY you think this way.

  35. Jtfdotorg: Good thing William Copper brought up that Endgame video. It contains some claims that Alex Jones made a while back. His more recent claims are in a video known as the Obama Deception.

  36. June 18, 2009: It is as clear as 1+2=3. Obama, in his inauguration speech, stated that he was going to make a new America. Hillary Clinton said that she’s an early 1900s progressive. Obama professes to admire Roosevelt progressivism. The progressives of those days were admirers of Musslini and Hitler and Stalin. Mussolini was a fascist, Hitler was a socialist, Stalin a Marxist (communist).

    Regardless of how they were all labled, they were all the same. Apparently (most) Democrats now in power are desirous of returning to their progressive roots. One of their main agendas to is return to the days of banning firearms. So now we not only have a party in power which is rapidly steering this country into early 20th century progressivism, but is acknowledging that it also fears its citizenry. Governments which fear its citizens – which wants to ban firearms – is a government its citizens should fear.

    Look what happened in the 1930s – the groundwork for WWII, the growth of the Nazi (National Socialism) party with its formulated horror, Stalinism, which was equally bad, and the fascism of Mussolini, which, although not considered as bad as the others, was still, in the final outcome, a Nazi partner.

    Is this what our federal legislators want for the United States of America? The actions being taken now by Obama and the Democrat majority could very possibly lead this country into a political state which none of us who know better would want.

    The current plan for the automotive union to own Chrysler is a “third way” approach to economics – wherein workers own and run the business – a collective or cooperative. This is also part of the increased centralization of government.

    Yellow Dog Democrats, young people, and Blacks all voted for Obama – apparently they were either fools, ignorant of issues, or both. The elections of 2010 and 2012 will be peaceful ways to return this country back on its true course. Hopefully, that will be the approach used.

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