B. Hussein Coddling The Taliban And Other Terror Regimes


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  1. Obama is so much worse than I ever imagined. All NON-muslim religions under now attack. America is under attack from within and by our so called leader. Our livelihoods are and our basic freedoms will all soon disappear. We need term limits for the congress via an amendment to the constitution. Americans need to study the constitution. Americans need to get off their butts, stop their whinning and waiting for a handout via welfare et al. We need to start rebuilding our nation, our job base which will soon all but disappear to India and China. Please pledge to NEVER again vote for Obama are any of his mindless followers!!

  2. Chaim,

    Thanks for the video. All is true EXCEPT please stop calling Obama an animal. I know it’s just an expression, but on behalf of animals everywhere (including lions, tigers, hippos, coyotes, wolves, monkeys, dogs, cats, even snakes, et al) – IT MAKES ANIMALS EVERYWHERE LOOK BAD. Obama is not an animal, HE’S A MONSTER!

    Animals are a very BIG step UP from Obama.

    He’s not a beast, he’s THE BEAST!

  3. Sorry Monique. You’re right.

  4. Happy Easter!

  5. Happy Easter to you and yours, Jknight.

  6. hi are you people real human beings ? Are you people living on this planet ?

  7. President Obama is a messiah sent by our Lord Christ to free the world from Jewish control of the world (both political and economic control).Step by step we will get to the point where all powers of the Jews will be gone.
    And if anything happens to him , the Jews will be responsible because they are the main opponents of the Messiah both Christ and Obama.Why are the Jews the only people against righteous people sent by God ?
    The black americans in the usa will eat the Jews up one by one.If anything happens to Obama the prayers of the arabs will be answered because USA will be hell for all Jews .

  8. This man has sold out Israel, sold out America and will destroy Democracy, Capitalism, and every Judeo Christian value that has made this nation great. There is nothing left to do but to fight with our votes, our donations to the right groups, and with our voices. We must not be silent for the very destruction of America is imminent from this man and the democratic congress and socialistic liberals who follow him. God help us all. God help us all. I have always know he was Muslim no matter what he said and what he has done, he belonged to a racist so-called church, has been supported by racist Muslim terrorists and well, now, it is coming home to bite us in the rear. Not one individual except him and his crooks will be better off in this country. Not one person, but the news media will never report the truth, never, ever, ever. Just as the world misses the truth of what is happening throughout Europe with the massive immigration of Muslims destroying every country they inhabit, America is blind, deaf and dumb to what is happening here.
    May the God of Abraham help us all. I am a Christian, but I pray for the peace and prosperity of Israel and give to the Fellowship of Christians and Jews because I know the importance of the safety of this nation for the whole world. God bless all here.

  9. James Smith, to many millions of people, and to millions of born-again blacks, Obama is closer to the anti-Christ, hardly the Messiah. Besides, unless someone is praying to the God of Abraham, prayers go up hit the ceiling and bounce to the floor. Read the Bible, Old Testament and New Testament. God does not operate outside of His Word. God has blessed the Jewish people, and can only bless those who bless Israel. You do not know Scripture, it is evident, you do not know God, it is evident. You are full of hate and violence. I merely want this man out of office, you want people destroyed. You are a violent person full of hate, and BTW, you are also uneducated, the Muslim Allah, is not the same god. It was one of 353 gods worshiped by Mohammad which nearly killed him, an evil spirit. Mohammad thought is was a demon at first and then his wife told him it must be some angel, or something. It is the not the God of Abraham, there is only one God. Jehovah. Period. You have no knowledge, but I am comforted to know your prayers will go answered by anyone. Pick up your Bible and read and see how God really sees your hatred, your statements of destruction and let me know if you think Her honors your prayers full of hate.

  10. James, what are you talking about? Obama, unfortunately got about 77% of the Jewish vote.

  11. I strongly believe you guys are extremists.As i said the Jews are in a catch 22 situation.There is nothing they can do .If you leave Obama alone you all Jews will be destroyed slowly.If you harm Obama you will see quicker destruction.The black americans will eat you up .
    The End of the Jewish empire has come and all mankind will rejoice.GOD BLESS PROPHET OBAMA

  12. James, you just stated what I have known, Obama is a muslim, and so are you. The Jewish people are blessed by God, and Israel is their land, and any nation that supports them has been blessed. Any people or nation that does not support them will face God’s judgment. I fully believe this. America was blessed because of its support of Israel, but due to whishy-washy decisions from past presidents, tragedy has hit our land. And you James are part of that tragedy. The black americans you are talking about must number about two. I know and have African American friends who are not muslim, and not full of hate, but love this country and want a good life, just like the rest of us. The majority of African Americans are Christian, not Muslim in case you did not know. You continue to show your ignorance, and once again, prove that the muslim faith is one of utter hate and violence, spawned from the devil himself. Thanks again for proving something so evident to so many. I am glad there are only two or three of your kind of African Americans. Truly. You are also the most confused person spiritually I have ever read. To any Christian, Jesus Christ, was the Messiah, so why on earth would He send another one. LOL Once you call Obama a messiah, the next you call him a prophet. Which is he? I call him he anti-christ, or at least a second cousin to him. I do not hate any people, but I wish one man out of office. It must be awful having this much hate inside of you. The devil must have a field day with your head.

  13. Oh, and BTW, James, the only extremist here is you. You are violent and full of hate. We just want a man voted out of office and a safe world, you want people destroyed.

    “The black americans in the usa will eat the Jews up one by one.If anything happens to Obama the prayers of the arabs will be answered because USA will be hell for all Jews.”

    Nope, wrong again, if anything happens to Israel and the Jewish people, the world whole world will be in hell, because God will judge it harshly.

    Who exactly is an extremist? LOL You are a very sick man. Period. You need help and counseling and anger management, etc. Such hate, such hate. tsk. tsk.

  14. I thank the webmaster for the videos which say what needs to be said. Thank you for the courage to speak the truth. May G-d bless your work.

  15. the jews are blessed with knowledge to kill decent human beings.They are responsible for all the wars in the world.The war is Srilanka between goverment forces and Tamils is a creation of jews .So as to fool the europeans and americans to believe they will not judge them and subhumans for maltreating their neighbours.
    The world is suffering today because of greedy jewish traders on wall street.they are asking for $6 billion free money from usa as beggers on the street demanding money from passersby

  16. Jews are smart and clever people in cheating and killing but Our Lord in His Mercy on Man has sent a new Messiah Obama to free the world from Jewish control.I think you guys know that Obama is more intelligent than all jews .He is playing his card slowly slowly.If anything happen to Him , if anything happens to Him ? it will be 100 times more than what Hitler did in Germany and Poland.It is understood that they made a plot on Him in TURKEY and cover it as a turkish muslim man .Lie , Lie .It is Jews plot.
    Let me tell you that our Messiah will not use bombs on you but cut and destroy the influence you have on congress and senate and stop your all powerful Jewish lobby group with time .As time goes by you will see more and more congressmen and senators going against the jews in masses.Mark my words.

  17. jews and the arabs are the same people.All believe the only to solve a dispute or conflict is killing and bombing each other.All of you have hearts full of hate.This all other people know and agreed.The jews and the arabs have no friends around the world .they only corrupt and befriend world leaders.Everybody hate arabas and jews.They are all same human species

  18. Hey Smith,

    You’re supposed to take your medicine every day.

  19. The jews corrupt politician by illegally funding their campaigns and control their minds .They control the main news medias.So the process will soon begin to end the control over the news media and expose those politicians whose campaigns are funded .It is all a process and step by step.It is not going to be easy and quick and the Messiah Himself will always say.
    Nobody is sleeping .
    And for Mary thankyou for your advice.

  20. James, you are mentally challenged and I might add deranged. Your statements, all of the contradict each other, and none of them make any sense. No one can be blessed by killing each other. The Jews and Arabs are not the same people, the same race. I cannot even begin to expound on the amount of hate you have for everyone. It is apparent you are a very sick individual with enough hate in him to implode, and I truly wish you well, and pray that you get help or counsel from a professional. You need help quickly. I am serious when I say this.

  21. Comrade thankyou .It is clear sign that here is the definate end of the jewish empire which dominated the world soo long since the end of the world war II.Political and economic power based on greed and cruelty on mankind cannot go on forever.How can you undertsnad my language as you said full of contractions.How can you ?
    The writing is clear on the wall for all to see except those who are hungry for blood and whose hands are with blood of innocent and week .I hope your forum is here in 2011 to 2012 for that is the only time when you will begin to see the real change .
    The rest of mankind all can see that change is coming and it is coming soon , we can feel it in the air.YES WE CAN

  22. Dear James:

    The G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob HATES YOU. Got it? He hates you, WHY? Because you are cursing His people. His chosen people.

    You need to go back to the BIBLE James REMEMBER THE BIBLE???? The word of G-d!!!!

    OBAMA IS AN ANTICHRIST, HE’S A FAKE, A PHONEY, he has you fooled and everyone who voted for him.

    He is NO savior, he is NO prophet, GOT IT?

    REPENT JAMES, for one day, you will stand before G-d’s throne and have to aaccount for these words you said against His chosen people.

    Thats all I have to say to you.

  23. p.s. James, do you happen to follow that Luis Farrakhan guy? He went up in a spaceship and got secret messages from space alians….ROFL.

  24. James, have you forgotten your daily dose of Prozac or why are you having these dissociations?
    I bet you are not serious with your strange opinions. Otherwise I suggest you get into a psychiatric hospice as soon as possible!
    If you are Christian, I do suggest you emigrate so some muslim country and let yourself be cut your hands off to enjoy the rest of your life with the dellusion that black will always protect others for being black. I can tell you that in Sudan there is crucifixion for Christians, in Gaza the same – they may escape if they support Hamas.
    It is mental povert< to believe the Jewish people would dominate the world and were responsible for every single war! What an advantage would it be for Jews if Hutus and Tutsis kill each other in Rwanda? Isn’t it the case that Africa is poor due to warlords and wars that are clan vs. clan, civil wars and Christians vs. Muslims? Judaism has almost no influence in Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan or other conflict regions. It is surely the ISLAM that provokes the very most conflicts – it has some very blood thirsty frontiers. In ex-Yugoslavia, in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Africa – all these regions which are the frontiers of Islam with other religions and cultures are the most violent and blood thirsty regions. Think about it!
    And a black muslim would kill a black Christian anytime! Also an American black muslim an American black Christian!

  25. Hey Jamie Boy,

    The bottom line is, who gives a s**t what you think!

  26. thankyou for those comments .But if i may ask you guys are you beleivers in the bible ? are you believers in the Lord Christ ? i am sure the answer is NO.So who are you trying to fool again here ?
    Hey christians we jews we do not beleive in christ and the bible but you have to follow all what is in the bible .Because when you follow the bible you will always help us to kill and kill innocent people.You will accept that we are the ‘chosen people’ of Christ even though we are not believers and you must give us $6,000,000,000 charity Who are you trying to fool ?
    Where was your God of the ‘chosen people when 6,000,000 ‘chosen people’ were killed and this they are revenging up to this day after 50 years against people who did nothing ?
    Please my friends everybody’s eyes is open it is time you wake up and adjust.
    Christians do no beleive in circle of violence and this madness of you kill my son so i will also kill your son.What Christ said is forgive your enemies .When someone slap you on your left ear give him your right ear .This is christianity.The young christians will never listen to your 10,000 years ago conservative arguments.They are irrevant.PERIOD.
    You will soon wake up to reality.These young christians you will call ‘liberals’are in control they will make sure that USA will never be the way you wnt it to remain.Let me take my medicine as some of you adviced.Will be back soon.

  27. the (chosen people) of god Which god ? the Lord Christ you crucified ? you humiliated ? and tell me are you ‘cursed people ‘or ‘chosen people’ of the Lord Christ .I think if you even talk to a mad person or a deaf and blind and tell him 6,000,000 people of a certain race were killed and you mention ‘chosen people’ to him i think he has all right to question your mental capacity.
    Now let me ask you a question how can the Lord ‘chose’ you among all men and allow 6,000,000 of you be killed in gas chambers and also being the most hated people on the universe ?
    The arabs and the jews are most hated in the whole world.

  28. Hey James!

    Get your facts straight. It was the Romans that crucified Jesus. Not the Jews! How come I never hear your type blaming those evil Romans?

    Also, wasn’t Jesus supposed to die for everyone’s sins? I believe he said something to the effect of dying of his own free will. So if that’s the case, what are you complaining about? Jesus died for your sins!

    Furthermore being G-d’s chosen people does NOT mean that Jews are superior in any way to non-Jews. Only idiots believe such nonsense. It just means that we were given the Ten Commandments and the Bible, whereas the other nations were not.

    So run along and play with you dolls

  29. ”Also, wasn’t Jesus supposed to die for everyone’s sins? I believe he said something to the effect of dying of his own free will”Jesus died for your sins!who are you trying to fool again ?

    i would like to know if you believe that Jesus is the son of God ? Do you beleive that Jesus died for your sins ?who are you trying to fool again ?
    stop using christianity as proof of your false claims.This nonesense has to stop now .what proof have .Always talking about two things holocaust and ‘chosen people’.You have succeeded to hijack and subject them to mental slavery.Your Lord Christ which you beleive in was a jew so we must be friends and you allowed Hitler to kill 6 million of us .You christians are resposible for all these.Mental slavery.
    I would end by saying God bless all children on this earth , every body.As the messiah Obama said ”God bless the children of Isreal and God bless all children”

  30. James, I’m Jewish. So I don’t share the same theology as you. Normally, I don’t care what other people believe as long as I’m left alone.

    So once again I ask you, since you brought up us EEEVIL JOOOS killing you god, did Jesus die for your sins or not? If he did, then what are you bitching about on this blog? Try to answer using a the proper grammar this time.

  31. It’s obvious that James is just a troll, and came here to cause problems. He is talking out of both sides of his mouth, he doesn’t even seem to know what the bible says, for one thing. The Romans actually killed Jesus, they were the ones that invented and perfected dying on the cross. James doesn’t have any of his facts straight.

    Go back into your cave James.

  32. James:

    Luke: 31 Jesus took the Twelve aside and told them, “We are going up to Jerusalem, and everything that is written by the prophets about the Son of Man will be fulfilled. 32 He will be handed over to the Gentiles. They will mock him, insult him, spit on him, flog him and kill him.

    Sorry Kiddo. The JEWS are not gentiles.

  33. James: Also, do you NOT know the story of Paul the apostle?? He was PERSECUTING his FELLOW JEWS. God STRUCK him with BLINDNESS. Be careful- dont you know that the New Testament says NOT to harm ‘my little ones?’ Jews AGAINST Obama….GET IT?? Or are you just plain a CINO- Christian in NAME only??

  34. Is he saying that JEWS ALLOWED Hitler to kill people– OMG-ROFL.

  35. I am very sorry for you guys.Why name Jesus Jesus Jesus by almost all of you ? We will no longer accept anybody to use our faith to hijack us and dictate our policies.So you want to say if i believe that Jesus died for my Sins so what does that mean to you ? does that mean to you that if i help you to commit your crimes and innocent and defenseless people Jesus will forgive me ?
    The jews/arabs think they are heighest in religion.This is wrong mentality.You guys shall i call you ignorant brothers or cousins.(sorry i don’t mean to offend)
    Let me tell you in one of my travels around the world i met a jewish man and a muslim woman married .They have one child and handsome baby boy.The child has two names jewish name and muslim name.The live in London and the jewish man is running a computer training school outside london.The wife muslim is his secretary.

  36. why putting my views on moderation ? you see i said that the jews and the arabs are the same people .The all lack tolerant.They will not allow opinion from their opposite side.This is dangerous and this makes you guys dangerous.They are not christians but they asking me endless questions about bible, Jesus etc .They are using our own religion to blind fold us and mentally force us to give them support to kill people and terrorise innocent people.
    Obama once said all your dirty tactics will not work.Not this time.

  37. SHUT UP WITH THAT “tolerant” JUNK! That is why we have FAGGOTS that are OUT OF CONTROL.
    The A-rabs and the Jews are HALF BROTHERS- YOU STUPID MORON!
    Esau/Jacob/Edom/Ishmael. READ A BIBLE DUMBBELL!!!
    Who the HELL do YOU think YOU are, coming over here to this NICE person’s blog and saying this CRAP? Whether YOU like it or not, YOU STUPID SONOFABITCH: The Jews are GODS people- so put a DAMNED SOCK IN IT.

    I pray that God will CURSE YOU, and that your curse will NOT be healed until YOU come back and return to THIS blog, and BEG FORGIVENESS. YOU ARE CURSED. LET ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE COME BACK ON YOU TEN FOLD UNTIL YOU REPENT!

  38. Also, stupid little LYING SCHMUCK! This Blogger is a RIGHT WINGER YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!! Nobody “blind-folded’ YOU- YOU ALLOWED SATAN to come in YOUR HEART, and now you want to BLAME it on a good Jew.

  39. there is no need to make insults.You got to have respect for your opponent in any case.Everybody now can see your intorlerance and now how can you claim God’s people ?
    6 million of god’s people killed ? where was you god .Or which god are we talking about here.Are you saying the god of satan or the god of christ.It can only be the former because you never believe in the God of the latter.6 million killing thats a curse . God sent his only SON and you disblieve.You say He is a liar .Now after you got cursed you lost your homeland and 6 million killed in europe.You have no other choice but to turn to the believers of the Son and say we are brother so help us get back our land and kill anyone who resist and call him terrorist.Christians only offer help to jews because it is believed that jews are cursed people wondering around the world.
    The Messiah is possible got 77% of jewish vote in USA.Those are the good jews in the usa.But he cannot get 1% in Isreal.Those are the jews and the conservative jews in usa we are talking about
    Nobody is saying that all jews are bad 100%.Conservative jews in usa and 99% in isreal are the bad ones.Just imagine asking the President of usa to use nuclear bomb on Iran when that country attack isreal.what is this madness .Eye for and eye.The answer is President Obama will never use nuclear bomb against any human beig.Not even his worst enemy.If you want that you can change the US constitution and bring back the biggest fool (George Bush)
    Could anyone give me Arab blog where i can blast them , those beings too are also cursed just like the jews are .The arabs are big fools very corrupt .They have no mercy for each other even their own brotherThe two cursed half brothers arabs/jews conflict nust end now.They all have to be disarmed soon.

  40. Hello anybody have arab blog please put it here .
    The arabs say because their prophet Mohammad is arab and His language is arabic so arabs and arabic language are superior.
    The jews say they are the socalled ‘chosen one’ because Jesus Christ and other prophets were jews .If you are against their state terror you will be cursed.They will even quote from the bible.Even though they disbelieve in the bible and Christ as a true phrophet , they will still quote from the bible.It is this not hypocricy ?
    Could anyone see similarity between the two half brothers .
    What happen to their PM who was in coma for soo long after killing so many innocent people .Is that too a curse .You are the people cursed by Christ and there is now a somebody who has come to cure that curse.He will love you and be your ‘true’ friend eventhough you hate him as that is your nature.To be a true friend to someone is to tell him you are wrong when he is wrong.When he is going to war advice him not to go to war and ask him to think the consequence.If he insist don’t give him any support.Leave him alone to face the consequence so that next time he will not do it again

  41. James, Prove they are NOT Gods people. MORON

  42. Also, You sound EXACTLY like Obama with disarming Israel, YOU voted in the bastard.

  43. James Smith

    Hi read above you will see there is prove that jews and arabs are cursed people .The prove is 6 million of them are killed in just one conflict in gas chambers.Can you tell me another race/tribe who lost 6 million people in one fighting ?If this is not enough prove what else can be ?
    God created all people and allowed 6 million of His ‘chosen people’ and also be the most hated people on earth from east to west and north to north.Nobody likes the jews because everybody is seeing the horrible pictures on the television.Yet they claim to be chosen people.
    The funny thing is ‘they will say go and read the Bible’.Do they believe that the Bible is the word The Lord ? who are you trying to fool my brother ?how long you will continue to try to fool christians ?
    the jews claim to be the gods people and arabs calim to be gods people and they are the ones killing and killing more than any human race and yet say they are gods ‘chosen people’ ?
    I think now all jews and arabs are convinced that they are ‘cursed people’ not chosen

  44. Hi, I’m a first time writer to this forum, I just want to say to James and all people like him stop your cyber stalking of Jews via Internet websites, forums, bulletin boards, chat rooms, etc! And please don’t respond nor justify your actions to me, your actions of just reading this website is evidence of inappropriate behaviour for someone of your mindset. It’s no different than anti-Semites that deliberately read on-line Israeli newspapers and then further solidify their superiority by posting their recycling of nauseating warn-out old Jewish hatred propaganda, which was made years before or even hundreds of years before!

    This website’s name “Jews against Obama” obviously illustrates that the ideas presented here are for a targeted audience, you’re not here to partake in this forum, you’re here as a Jew hating shit disturber! You’re the complete opposite to the target audience; your only purpose is to spew out the limited knowledge in that garbage in–garbage out brain (in other words you have shit for brains) of yours.

    Personally I’m sick to death of people like you! You’re not wanted in a particular place but you’re so conceited and oblivious to how you come off to others that you’re unable to learn from previous experience, so you continually make them same pattern of social confrontation over and over again. These personality traits are representative of an anti-social personality, look it up for yourself! You have absolutely no concept to how downright annoying and totally inappropriate you are by thrusting yourself among these readers! Your actions of hatred that you keep repeating over and over again in this little forum illustrates that you lack proper decision making and even cannot fathom the concept of prioritizing your life!

    Why has this little website become such an important detail in your life that you must feel it’s your duty to correct “The Jew”? Firstly, it’s not your place and secondly I’m sure you feel omnipotent, your knowledge is perfect, you’re always right and it’s everyone else that is wrong! Well I hate to break this to you, the reason why you probably lack friends and have no social life is due to your superiority complex. You turn people off by your “barging in” personality by abruptly and rudely budding in on other people’s lives and always criticizing them. People are immediately turned off by this type of individual and eventually society attempts to isolate this type of person because they can’t stand to even deal with this type of individual! The anti-social person eventually has no friends because people in general get disgusted and begin to lose their patience with a person that can’t read social clues regarding his/her actions and/or behaviours that have become inappropriate!

    People like you don’t get! That’s what epitomizes your behavioural problem, you keep repeating the same obnoxious patterns, which of course you’re oblivious to, when social norms of group dynamics attempt to correct your behaviour, you misinterpret it as a personal attack! So then you continue to be locked in a destructive cycle of oblivious denial while all the time attacking people! Is it any wonder why this disorder is labelled an anti-social behaviour!

    Anyways James, your actions are totally inappropriate, you’ve caught yourself up in a terrible pattern here, the group dynamics of this website have been giving you clues to leave but you don’t! Now listen to me, do not respond to my post, my post is a fact based analysis of you, don’t take it as a personal attack and feel you must get self-satisfaction by typing up a reply! Because that’s exactly what you’ve been doing here in this forum, over and over again ad nauseam and without having the ability to see how you come off to others. Just prioritize your life and stop your cyber stalking activities, it’s very unhealthy and by feeding this beast, you’ll only develop more and more obsessive-compulsive habits!

    So start right now, after you read my comment, never come back to this website! That’s a first step and then a second step would begin by writing down a list of your daily activities. Then see how much time you’re devoting to inappropriate obsessive thoughts and/or actions. Finally begin breaking your bad habits by completely removing the amount of time you spend obsessing over these things (mental and/or physical habits) on your list and substitute them with something positive! So for example, after you read my comment, turn off your computer and do something positive! Don’t feel compelled to post an argument to defend yourself to me, that will just start the same old negative cycle you find yourself locked into now! Stop feeding the beast of anger and substitute it with something positive right now…turn off your computer and start changing your life today!!!

  45. Welcome to my blog, Charles.

  46. James Smith

    charles man you are indeed very funny.Why do u think any blog dedicated to the hatred of the Messiah of this 21st century should not be attacked.you will search all over but you will see this kind of hatred coming only from jewish blogs.
    You seem to have great knowledge in psycology .Why you cannot go to preach jews and arabs who are soo much full of anger and hatred.I don’t think there are any people who spend soo much time on the internet today talking about hatred than the jews and their arab cousins.

  47. You’re the one that’s full of hatred James. So you’re out of here.

  48. Charles and James… Jewish leftist NEED correcting. As do Christian priests that are IN sin. SAME THING.

  49. James, you are not such a sweetie either.
    When EVIL is not corrected, then it breeds MORE evil.

    It takes a LOT of guts to expose evil against one of your own. IT IS NOT an easy task, but it makes HaShem happy, that you don’t make yourself GUILTY by associating.

  50. James, if you read the Bible you will understand that Jesus died for the sins of all people. While there were those in the Jewish community who asked for the Romans to crucify Jesus, the Romans were the ones who actually nailed him to the cross. Also you will understand that Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus’ disciples (as well as many of his other followers) were Jews as well.

    Personally, I think that Judas was a self-hating Jew, he sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. That’s what self-hating Jews did to other Jews by voting for Obama.

  51. Also, since all have sinned, all have a role in Jesus’ death.

  52. James Smith

    Jknight98 said
    May 7, 2009 at 10:25 pm
    (Also, since all have sinned, all have a role in Jesus’ death.)
    First of all i would like to know if you are Christian ? You cannot be a Jews and make that statement.You can fool some people all the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time

  53. James, I have plenty of Christian readers. Jknight is one of them.

  54. Hey jtfdotorg – I was looking for you email address here but couldn’t find it so I’ll just post this here:


    Obama really thinks he can convince us that he’s a friend to the Jews/Israel with meaningless declarations in one hand…while setting policy that weakens our homeland in the other.

    Go sell crazy somewhere else, we’re well stocked here.

  55. “You cannot be a Jews and make that statement.”

    I am a Christian, and never claimed to be a Jew. I do, however, believe that God wants Christians to support Jews because they are a tribe of the Ancient Israelites, God’s chosen people.

  56. Hi James:

    See unlike you I practice what I preach, I had my say and unlike you I haven’t come back to this website since I last posted, which was on May 3rd. I loathe people like you but I didn’t bother to come and visit this website because I was out doing productive things with my life!

    I stand by my previous post, you still stalking this website and being an anti-Semitic pest proves my point, which is that you have an anti-social personality! One of the key factors is the inability to learn from past mistakes and thus, the continuation of your offensive behavioural patterns. There is absolutely nothing I nor anyone else can do that could ever assist you in breaking this self-destructive pattern you find yourself in–it’s just you against the world!

    Now the following observation is for everyone else, James’ raison d’etre is perfect textbook anti-social behaviour. He misreads the intention of a person or a particular group of people, then as a result he forms a mistaken opinion that views this person(s) as attacking him or his personal beliefs and thus he obsessively and aggressively attacks (verbally and/or physically) this person or group of people who he feels has done him wrong! In this case, he has come up with the mistaken belief that this website is an affront to Christianity, especially seen as a “Jewish” attack on Jesus as the Messiah. See what I mean, perfect textbook behaviour, this website is an anti-Obama forum but James somehow has mistaken the intention of this website and the people who share similar feelings toward Obama and has come up with a completely different conclusion. Somehow James has formed the opinion that this website (just like all Jewish blogs) really is attack his faith and thus he has taken this insult personally.

    So just like any good anti-social person, James has mistaken the language and actions of this website; he formed an opinion based on his faulty reading of the group dynamics. He further makes this problem worse by feeling personally offended and finally he feels out of an obsessed feeling of duty and honour that he must continually attack this group!

    This is a perfect example of the basis of anti-Semitism, an outsider not familiar with Judaism (or has a pseudo knowledge of Judaism), misreads the actions of Jews, forms wild opinions which lead to all the famous blood libel conspiracy theories we’re all familiar with, then based on these wild conspiracy theories the outsider feels personally threatened and finally attacks Jews (verbally and/or physically) in an obsessed (and irrational) manner in order to regain his/her person honour!

    And essentially that’s no different than how Muslim men address their infantile extreme love/hate feelings for the opposite sex. Men in Muslim cultures somehow feel ashamed if they become “turned on” by the opposite sex in public. The bottom line is that they fear they might get an erection in public so they force women to cover up! But then since men have gotten their way with this action, they feel embolden to put females down to such a subservient position that all they are good for is sex! Muslim men don’t want to see women in public, they don’t want women to be educated (because this is the first step toward independence), they don’t want women to go out in public without an immediate male relative (because they’re paranoid that other men will desire their women), they don’t want girls to be able to chose who to date and/or marry, etc. Thus these rules are so entrenched in male dominated Muslim society that if any woman breaks out or attempts to break out of any of these imprisoned roles, she can be expected to be killed so that the men in her immediate family circle can regain their honour! And male honour is measured by how well they dominate and make the women in their family subservient to the men’s every wish.

    So finally getting back to James, a person like him continually misreads people so that his reactions of irrationally attacking people (who he views have done him wrong) have become so entrenched no amount of a normal discourse trying to tell him his formed opinions of other people are wrong/mixed up will work! So that once James has made up his mind that this website (like most Jewish blogs) actually exist in order to attack Jesus as the Messiah, no amount of trying to tell him he’s mistaken is going to work. In fact, the more anyone tries to tell him he’s mistaken about his formed opinion of the group, the more he’ll misinterpret these actions as proving his theory correct. And thus, his attack of this website and the people who post here will only gain in strength and viciousness! That’s why, psychologically over time it has been proven that it’s an absolute waste of time trying to argue with a sociopath.

    So I’m finished with you James and I hope everyone else here will also start ignoring you because you’re psychologically hopeless! You’re unable to learn from mistakes, you misread other people’s intentions, you constantly react based on false assumptions and any attempt by outside parties to correct your hostile (and wrongly concluded) feelings will only lead to more failure (and you misinterpreting these actions from others as proof that your theories about these people were correct in the first place)!

    Therefore James, you’re dead to me! When dealing with a sociopath, a person like myself is placed in a no-win position, anything I do will only result in more failure (and your insistence that I’m wrong and you’re right), which can only lead to more of your obnoxious and vile outbursts.

    So bye James–you’re dead to me now!!!

  57. From the comments section on Caroline Glick’s site on her most recent piece from The Philadelphia Inquirer, reposted on her own site:

    “Anyone who is able should attend the vigil to keep Israel intact – tomorrow in Lafayette Park across from the White House 10AM – 2PM. Netanyahu embodies all that stands between us and the pitchforks of a Jew-hating world. May Hashem guide and protect him.”

    FYI to anyone who lives in or around DC.

  58. Thanks Ron. Welcome to my blog.

  59. Hi Anna.

  60. countrysidevillas

    Well, more disturbing I-told-you-news about Obama, Prince of the New World Order and his hatred for Israel and love for the folks that worship the moon god allat. We all knew it was coming, especially JTF, but to see it happening is well, creepy and infuriating just the same.

    Just wondering if JTF has any news about him and his upcoming speech to divide the city of Jerusalem.

    This is an article by Joel Rosenburg about it:

    “(Washington, D.C., May 20, 2009) — Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has just finished his visit to Washington. Full analysis on my weblog, including a link to the YouTube clip of me on Glenn Beck’s show with a former CIA analyst who says he wouldn’t care if Israel ceased to exist.

    “That said, there’s more troubling news this morning. I’m horrified by credible reports that in his June 4th speech in Cairo, President Obama will say it is time to divide Jerusalem and make the holy city the capital of a Palestinian state.

    “No, Mr. President, it is not.

    “Jerusalem is and should be the eternal, undivided capital of the Jewish people and the Jewish state. Dividing Jerusalem will not make peace. Rather, it would send a message to every Radical Islamic jihadist around the world that Israel is weak, that the Jews won’t even defend the sovereignty of their own capital, that there is “blood in the water,” and that it is time to strike Israel and wipe her off the map. Dividing Jerusalem would trigger an apocalyptic war in the Middle East the likes of which the region has never seen.”


    p.s. monique’s disclaimer: joel rosenburg uses the title “president” for obama, and that is incorrect, as he is not a natural US born citizen. More fitting is PRINCE OBAMA.

  61. Countrysidevillas – You may want to follow Carolyn Glick’s coverage of this and other relevant issues if you don’t already:


  62. Хорошо что удалось отыскать такой замечательный блог, а то последнее время уже начал думать что инет это мусорка сплошная.

  63. Мне кажется или автор что-то недоговаривает

  64. I am not Jewish, but I think the Jewish Americans made a huge mistake backing osama for president. I knew better than to ever vote for this muslim, he hates Jews and hates All Americans. Unfortunately, stupid white people voted this monster into office and now not only Jews in Israel will suffer for this, but all Americans, like myself who would NEVER vote for him in a million years, I am suffering because of the stupid white people in this country. Blacks just voted for him because he’s Black, they all admit it, they would have voted for a Serial Killer if he was Black. There is no honor in their votes, but Jews and other white people should be so ashamed of themselves, I am ashamed for you all, I have family I will NEVER IN MY LIFE SPEAK TO AGAIN FOR VOTING THIS GUY INTO OFFICE. America is gone. It’s over, we are in a permanent welfare state.

  65. Nikki, I completely agree with you. I have family that voted for Obama. Unfortunately, American Jews idolize the Democratic party. No doubt they would vote for Yasser Arafat, as long as he had a D next to his name.

    Anyway, welcome to my blog.

  66. Can someone tell me why Jews voted overwhelmingly for Obama? All through the Democratic Primary and General Election there was no doubt this guy was going to be Anti-Israel. Do Jews just not care, I hope in the 2012 you guys step up and support another candidate?

  67. P. Jackson, American Jews, who are mostly of Ashkenazi descent (as in Russian, Polish and German) tend to mostly vote Democrat. For many of these types, Judaism just means “social justice.” Otherwise, I don’t know what to say, as I’m not of Ashkenazic descent. The purpose of this blog is to try and warn them, and others about why Obama is bad news for America and Israel. Now judging by the percentage of Jews that elected Obama, I think this whole “Israel First” canard is nonsense.

  68. why attack US president?

    TALMUD, TORAH and Koran does not teach hate like you guys are doing. What do you want Obama to do? chose One country over another? he is the president of the United States.His goal is to satisfy both parties Muslim countries (palestinians) and Jews to find peace. He is THE FIRST PRESIDENT TO VISIT horrors memorialized at the Buchenwald concentration camp Friday. PEACE

    You want Obama to bash muslims nations and ONLY side with Israel? It is about forming peace for both beautiful people folks.

  69. First off, the “palestinians” don’t want peace with Israel. They want Israel destroyed. The same thing holds true for Israel’s neighbors.

    Secondly, this whole issue of Israel and the “palestinians” would not be a big deal if it wasn’t for the West’s slavish dependence on Arab oil. We need to find an alternative to oil so that these Middle Eastern rogue states won’t have a weapon with which to blackmail us and to dictate our foreign policy.

    Also, for the record, I’m against foreign aid to Israel and all other countries.

  70. Hi jtfdotorg ~ good to see you’re still here. I’ve been clicking for a new post and wondered where you been, but I see you’re commenting so good not know you’re still fighting the good fight!


    “…Obama did defend Israel’s right to exist, but then proceeded to create a moral equivalence between the Israelis and the Palestinians with regards to the peace process. Let’s be clear: the Palestinians are souls made in God’s image. They deserve dignity and respect and the freedom to govern their daily lives free from Israeli interference. But if they had wanted a sovereign state they could have accepted the U.N. Partition Plan in 1947, like the Jews did. They didn’t, and they lost. They could have accepted any one of the numerous deals Israel has offered over the past six decades, including then-Prime Minister Ehud Barak’s offer at Camp David in 2000 for the Palestinians to have a sovereign state, half the city of Jerusalem, all of Gaza and about 93% of the West Bank. But they didn’t. Instead, the Palestinians continue to miss every opportunity to miss every opportunity. Rather than accept Israeli offers and build a state, they have sent waves of terrorists, suicide bombers and tens of thousands of rockets and missiles at the Israelis. In so doing, they have forfeited any shred of trust the Israelis once had in them. The President should have explained this. He should have noted that Israel gave the Palestinians Gaza as an act of goodwill, and Hamas squandered all of that goodwill by firing more than 10,000 missiles, mortars and rockets at southern Israel and turning Gaza into a terror base camp. But he didn’t. President Obama made it sound like Israel is the obstacle to peace, when this is simply not true.”
    -Joel Rosenberg

    NOTE: “PRESIDENT” PURPOSELY OMITTED FROM QUOTE BY MONIQUE BECAUSE OBAMA IS NOT LEGALLY PRESIDENT, he is not qualified because he is not a natural born US citizen–not born on American soil, just like all my relatives who were born in Italia.

  71. Hi jtfdotorg…I notice you haven’t posted in a while.
    As a result I haven’t been able to keep up as much on Obama’s Israel policy, but by following a government website that posts the current US federal government deficit for the day, (treasurydirect.gov/NP/BPDLogin?application=np) I have been able to say his fiscal policy is a disaster.

    According to treasurydirect.gov/NP/NPGateway, the debt increased about 132,755,459,971.85 over the past month. Assuming the population estimate of 306,637,958 at census.gov/main/www/popclock.html is correct, that would be an increase of approximately $432.94 per person, or $14.43 per person per day. Doesn’t sound too bad, until you take into account that at the current debt of 11,391,459,255,428.95, we now owe $37,149.54 per person. Keep in mind this includes the unemployed, retirees, and newborns.

    Government needs to stop overspending and needs to stop now. They’ve already racked up too much debt on our behalf.

  72. Where is Palestine?? It not on a map.

  73. Hope it’s okay I post this here, not see a new post, so here goes:

    Well, here we are AGAIN discussing usurper Obama, as if he were a REAL PRESIDENT, when in fact he doesn’t even meet the basic ELIGIBILITY requirements to BE president (not born on American soil). It’s not a small matter of him not providing a real US birth certificate when asked by the American people, it’s that HE DOESN’T HAVE ONE TO BEGiN WITH because he was BORN IN KENYA.

    Which by the way, makes every bill Obama signs and every THING he DOES acting as president, iLLEGAL. And pretty much means if we let this go on we are breaking the law right along with him. CONSTITUTIONAL CRISES!

    Come join me and help put up another billboard around the USA, it’s only $5 the cost for a pack of smokey-dokes (a pack of ciggs for Obama)

    CLICK HERE TO HELP DONATE MORE BILLBOARDS ACROSS THE USA (you know, the country that requires a president be born on U.S. soil?)

    At least we’ll get to hear the question being asked, since the media will not!

  74. I have support the cause Monique. I believe this too, and pray continually that the truth will come out. I do not know how or when, but I do know that G-d will not be mocked. I am a Christian who supports and prays for Israel. I only know that any country that does not back Israel will pay a heavy price, because every time we have asked this brave nation to bend to the demands of others, something bad has happened here at home. I can only hope and pray the truth comes out about the man currently in the white house, and I too, Monique do not call him my president because I did not vote for him. I call him “the guy that was elected.” LOL I have to believe that somehow, some way, something will happen to bring the truth out before it is too late. He is single-handedly destroying capitalism and I do believe he is a communist through and through. This nation cannot recover when you destroy the incentive to work and work hard for what you want. I trust G-d and people getting sick of the destruction to vote and do the right thing at some point. Keep on praying everyone, Jew and Christian. Keep praying.

  75. For my latest video… “Glad to be an Obamacan” go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlX3i7dli7M

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