Chaim Ben Pesach Weighs In On The Henry Louis Gates Temper Tantrum


19 responses to “Chaim Ben Pesach Weighs In On The Henry Louis Gates Temper Tantrum

  1. did you see the arrest after his tantrum came conveniently right before his book tour?

  2. LATEST NEWS! they located Obama’s birth certificate from KENYA!


    Folks, the document is REAL.

    Good work Orly!

  3. Chaim,

    You don’t mince words! Except Obama is not good enough to be a moron, retarded people are God’s children. But IGNORAMOUS fits the bill.

    Check out this photo, it’s Officer Crowley assisting Gates down the stairs after the beer fest at the White House – notice Obama walking way up in the front, not too concerned with helping Gates…just shows how arrogant Obama is too.

    Obama’s revealing body language (updated and expanded))

  4. Good point Annienyc. Welcome to my blog.

  5. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! G-d bless you abundantly for your courage to say on the net, what others are afraid to say out loud. Obama is a racist, he hates his own race, he hates the white race. He hates Israel, I know this because everything he has done, voted on, and not supported, due to his extraordinarily Muslim upbringing. I feel sure, that this man who bows to Saudi Kings (which I still cannot believe the main stream media did not pick up on as it should have) fully supports those who wish the demise of Israel.

    How could anyone, anyone, who looks at the fruits of the Muslim faith believe this to be a peaceful religion??? Unbelievable. You know a tree by its fruit, and there is no fruit there. None. Zip. Absolutely none. I recently saw the movie “The Stoning of Soraya M.” That is the face of Islam. That is the faith that kills, and declares that all Jews and Christians (which I am one) should be killed. “It is better to convert with the sword than to fast and pray.”

    Our nation is falling apart, the world is backwards, and the White House is abandoning our best friend. Even today, Clinton makes a statement about how wrong it is for the Jewish people to have settlers relocated from their own city, Jerusalem. This is so dangerous. Every time America has asked and tried to manipulate Israel to not defend itself, and claim its own heritage and land, something t e r r i b l e has happened to us. I fully believe this is G-d’s judgment. Here is the news link, pass it on:

    Please continue to post and to stand up for what is right. Best to you for standing up for America!

  6. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, Cynthia.


    So this is where you cowardly haters come to spill your guts huh?! LOL Slowly but surely…. you all will be exposed to America for what you really are. The comments by this person aren’t new to the world and in fact have caused the demise of the Jewish people time and time again. Its really a shame. But hey…. the world turns, right? And what goes around comes right back. Sometimes it even cost 6 million lives. Keep dishing out hate and see what you get. SHALOM 😉

  8. georg von starkermann

    Too many alarmists on this board. So what if the Jewish Socialists and Communists voted for their new Messiah Obama. Perhaps this man will do some good for the Jews and for Israel. Did Mr. Bush really support Israel? Did he move the Embassy to Jerusalem like he said he would? No. Israel is like an appendage to the USA, it is not an independent country-Never Was. So let’s all take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the rest of your life. Israel eventually will jump when the USA says jump and will cede the entire West Bank over to the Palestinians, the Golan Heights to Syria, and half of Jerusalem also to the Palestinians.

  9. hey “Goddamn America”… and Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago is where cowardly haters like Barack and Michelle Obama go to fill up on their Black Liberation Theology and their hate for Whites and Jews, isn’t it?
    good luck with that hypocrisy 😉

  10. Sunflower, have you even bothered to read the posts here, and click on the links. Or better yet, go to YouTube. You can see for yourself the videos of Jeremiah Wright screaming G-damn America, and that America injected black babies with the HIV virus.

  11. I see hate from the left, in all the comments here. How dare anyone make light of the deaths of 6 million people. How dare you!!! Prior to WWII, the Jewish community was living in and among every European nation, minding their own business, and living their lives quietly, while a madman, a complete lunatic, decided to use them as a tool of hate to unify a country into war. There was not militant movement of Jewish people across Europe. What history are you reading??? There was no doctrine of hate from the Jewish people, I repeat what history books are you reading. The only hate I see here is yours, and the fact that someone dares to speak the truth, as bitter a pill as it is to swallow, shows your hate. So I guess you think the Muslim religion is one of the peace, huh? Read the Koran, you are the fool. This is why as a evangelical Christian who sides completely with the Jewish people, and prays for Israel. I have read the Bible, I have read the great prophets of the Jewish faith. I know which side to stand with for my own safely and soul. G-d is not mocked, and they are His chosen people. And all the spin you have cannot change G-d’s mind or words on that issue. The Muslims want all of us converted or dead. Those are the options according to their prophet. There is no middle grounds. So what are you choosing, conversion or death, let me know? “Silence and crickets chirping.” I thought so. LOL Good luck with that. Read history and read the Koran before you spew manure, please.

  12. When the story of Henry Louis Gates arrest came out, I, an african born princess and swiss national journalist, was among the first commentators who severely criticized, not only the stupid behaviour of that exaggerately celebrated Harvard professor, but also the opportunistic, hateful and ridiculous reaction of his friend Barack Hussein Obama. The latter, without having read the whole report of the events, and trying to divert the attention of the press and the public from his own difficulties to “sell” his health care programm, had to come back to his rapper’s stage and, like a shameful dog,recognize his mistake. And what a mistake! James Crowley was exactly the opposite of what anyone could call a racist. Many americans had not forgotten yet his fifteen minutes mouth-to-mouth attempts to bring back to life a famous and black football star who was dying on the playing field sixteen years ago. Even if he failed to reanimate that poor boy, many black americans still consider him a hero. But Obama did not know…As he does not know so many things about America, the world politics, modesty, etc…Everything you have written about Barack Hussein Obama since the beginning of his campaign towards the presidency, was right.I never missed any single word of your comments or “prises de position” against the naive jews who had voted for him.I always agreed with you about Israel, the Fakestinians, the Israel and America haters, the nazi-muslims,the cowardice of the western world in front of Islam. etc.But now, Mr. Pesach, I am schoked and deeply disappointed by your insults against Africa and all Africans. Obama and Henry Louis Gates only represent themselves. Not Africa! Nor all africans! Besides, gorillas do not live everywhere in Africa. So what? Maybe Africans were intelligent enough not to destroy their biodiversity, like europeans and other allround eaters and hunters did! And please, go to libraries, or bookstores: buy and read History books. Not the books which were written by nazis, colonialists and other white supremacists about Africa, but real and impartial history books. Many of them have also been, and still are written by eminent Jews. Africa? The first men who left Africa and went to discover Europe already brought there culture and civilization.Why? Because they were “Homo Sapiens Sapiens”, not Neanderthaler like the righteously extinguished first european and asian humanoides. Closer to us, let me remind you that 24 dynasties of black Pharaos reigned over Egypt before the arrival of the greeks Ptolemeus, Ramses and other Cleopatra.Tutankhamun was black.So were the Amenophis, Khemis,Teye and other great kings of Egypt.During the 1000 years that Jews, according to the Bible,among other sources, have been enslaves in Egypt,that was also under some of the above mentioned black Pharaos. Before them, the empire of Nubia had taught to the world (especially the Greeks) how to build palaces, and pyramides, which are now regularly being discovered by german and… jewish archeologists. Now, let us talk about the Zulu Empire, which defeated the troops of Napoleon, allied to the british.Let us talk about the great empires of Mali ( not the actual and poor Mali) and Ghana ( not the actual and tiny Ghana, but the richest Gold Coast civilization). Universities, big cities in Africa before the invasion by europeans and arabs? Oh Yes!There are documents and books about them too.Have you ever heard of Tombouctou, Edo, Sahraouinia, Lat Dior Alboury, Shaka? Scientists?Search for names like Cheikh Anta Diop, Ibn Batouta, Fulani doctors. I could go enumerating dates and names for days. Anyway, you should be ashamed to talk about africans ans Africa exactly like the Nazi germans did about the Jews. Before sending them to Auschwitz and other extermination camps, they used to take measures of their skulls and study the prognatism of their faces, in order to distinguish them from the Aryans and call them apes, half negroids and other bad names. We all know how that ended. I am, and always will be, a friend of the jews, and Israel.I could die for Israel.Everyday,since twenty years, I receive letters full of insults and threats because of my support for Israel. I have been boycotted and discriminated as a journalist and fiction writer because of that.But sometimes,I just do not know what to think, after having read such comments from someone like you. I am beginning to believe that Jews do not really know who their real friends are. That is the reason why more than 70% of american jews have voted for “Long Legged Mac Daddy”, whose main dream is to destroy them.Not because he is black and african. Just because he is evil and muslim.

  13. I have an honest questions for you Ophelia, a sincere honest questions. Why is just about the entire continent of Africa in chaos, extreme poverty, extreme crime, hideously poor land management (in other words they destroy their own land by poor farming methods and severe lack of knowledge), genocide of their own people within their own country, and subsist off the foreign aid and charitable aid of other countries, and have the AIDS epidemics running rampant? Basically if Africa held such a high level of civilization what happened and why are most of the countries run by madmen and dictators who care nothing about their own people?

    I ask these things sincerely, for it is where a country is now that matters in 2009, not any past former glory days. Past glory days are good for memory but have nothing to help the current facts and situations about Africa currently. We are looking at the current state of the continent of Africa, and I believe that is what JTForg is referring to now.

    Just like Italy is no longer the glory of the Roman Empire, neither is Africa the glory of what it might have been a few thousand years ago. The question is what is it now, how did it get that way? No, you cannot blame the European population for it either. The Europeans have been driven out of many countries and when they leave it seems as if anything financial stability crumbles to the ground due to corruption and mismanagement, i.e., Zimbabwe and South Africa.

    I have one further question, why are you Switzerland? Why not live in your own country in Africa?

  14. Thank you for your comment, Ophelia. I am not Chaim.

    JTF does not criticize American blacks because of the color of their skin. We criticize their evil actions, and their evil culture. Some are rap music, drug dealing, killing each other, and the rape of babies in South Africa, among other things. Chaim Ben Pesach believes in free will. He believes that all people can choose to either be good, or to do bad things.

    Now although you might not like his language, Chaim was criticizing Henry Louis Gates basically for having a chip on his shoulder. He criticized Obama for automatically going after the police.

    Finally, I completely agree with you about the many American Jews who voted for Obama. They don’t know who their real friends are. And they refuse to to accept the evidence in this blog.

  15. Everytime africans talk about the real causes of their current economical situation,europeans and americans automatically order them(the word is not too strong) to stop blaming colonialism, slavery by arabs and europeans, etc…But, why should africans be the only human beings who do not have the right to remind the past in order to better understand it, correct their errors and organise their present, towards a positive future? A song written by Cole Porter and marvelously interpreted by Ella Fitzgerald comes to my mind:the title was “Let’s do it”. So,Jews do it, beginning from the progroms the tribes which were living in Mecca and Medina had to suffer from the hands of Mohammed and his first disciples. Up to their expulsion from Palestine and Judea. Then, let’us go “pêle-mêle”: the Varsavia ghetto,the Cristal Night, Ausschwitz, Treblinka and other awful places.For them ,and I think they are right,the “devoir de mémoire” is sacred”. They have the right to bring to justice anyone who dares denying the Holocaust.Even if this person is a jewish woman named Edith Zertal, with her sadly famous “Pornographie mémorielle des juifs”! Hungarians do it, by constantly explaining how the turkish invasion and occupation of their country, followed by the austrian domination had paralysed during centuries their culture and civilization.After all,Attila devastated Reims and, neglecting Paris,went to Rome, which he took under his domination!He died there, during his first night with Helena,his newly wed wife ! Then, freed from the Austria, the Hungarians fell into the hands of Stalin! They too will never stop talking about it. French do it! They still are crying over themselves about the roman colonisation, the arrival of the arabs conquerors up to Poitiers ( thanks God,Charles Martel could opush them back!).Then the 100 years war against England, the execution of Mary Stuart,and so on. Not to mention their universal explanation of all their failures through the Revolution, the killing of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette,the Terreur, followed by the “Occupation Alemande et les déportations”. German people do it, by trying, through manipulated television documentaries, to demonstrate to the rest of the world that they were not all nazis, nor jews haters.Arab terrorists do it, by putting all the blames of their history, not on their stupid and cruel religion, but on british colonialism and the plundering of their oil resources by the westeners.Same leitmotiv by the Iranians. “Even the cold jelly fish do it”,wrote Cole Porter, “So, letus do it, let’us fall in love!” Therefore,Africans too, have the right to say Let’us remember! But the most intelligent of them prefer to focus on today.For instance, they were outraged by the “bling-bling” declarations of Barack Hussein Obama during his recent trip to Ghana. How dared Mr. Flip-Flop deliver the same old lessons, by saying “Africans, your future is in your hands!” A few days after his journey, he sent Hillary Clinton in an circular tour of the richest african countries in oil, diamonds and uranium, in order to secure previous looting agreements and sign new ones, in competition against France and China.What a ballet of heads of states around the african capitals!Busier than the Bolchoï!
    Talking about France which, despite the official independence of its ancient colonies, still continue to determine their economcal and political lives, by maintaining its troops in the key regions,piloting elections,nominating and supporting dictators,ordering assassinations like those of Thomas Sankhare, Laurent Desiré Kabila, and tens of courageous other african leaders whose only crime was to fight against ” le Néocolonialisme”. Have you ever heard about Françafrique? If the answerr is no, I recommend the best-seller of François-Xavier Verschave, a franco-belgian journalist, who died some months after having revealed most of the secrets of the french politics in West Africa.The music is the same when it comes to the former britisch colonies, though with much more hypocrisy and understatements.
    Africa is rich, and everyone still wants to take that “Reichtum” from its natives. Now the western world, terrorised by the arabo-muslims, has given them the power over their own resources. But for the subsaharians, there is not such a respect. On the contrary, europeans and americans have become the accomplices of the arabs for a planified genocide of subsaharian africans…and the destruction of Israel.That is why africans and jews,are objective allies, since the times of the Ethiopian empires, and the meeting between king Salomon and Balthus, half yemeni, half abyssinian and queen of Sheba.
    Finally, stop nurturing the confusion between africans-africans and african-americans.These are descendants of slaves who were already slaves in Africa, before passing as gifts from kings to kings, then kidnapped by arab merchants who later taught the french, portuguese and spaniards how to attack peaceful villages, rape the women, massacrate the men who had the courage of resisting, before picking up the little children, castrate a certain percentage of the males.N.B:Europeans never went so far in the abomination. That is the reason why there are more african americans than descendants of arab-africans slaves.. The story of the african-americans can also explain why some of them are violent and full of hatred.Henry Louis Gates, a white hater, a separatist from the bottom of his heart,a friend and mentor of Michelle Obama, and a financial sponsor of the candidate Barack Hussein Obama, committed the failure of trying to help him in his health care jam, by exploiting his own arrest with the race card. But,I also must saying that many black activists and community organizers hate him and call him a self-hater, since he wrote in one of his books that instead of complaining and blaming the whites for all their failures, black people should “behave”!

  16. “Na,endlich!” (= finally )would a german say! The round trip of Avigdor Liebermann to many countries of black, and essentially christian Africa, is a wonderful sign of how much more and more israelis and jews around the world are getting aware that black africans,whether subsaharian or not, christian or not, are their natural and heartful allies. The fact that Al Jazeera, last night, launched a sort of alarm report about the above mentioned, represents the best indicator of the fears among the arab muslim world. These great manipulators and, simultaneously african haters are now torturing themselves about the “secret” reasons of such visits.How dares Mr.Liebermann? Have not Nicolas Sarkozy and other european members of the “Union Pour La Méditerranée” given them the insurance that subsaharian Africa, but also Ethiopia and Erythrea would, according to the motto “First insulate, then crush” always remain under their domination? They are also surprised to hear muslim africans and members of their common and useless African Union,say that they too are fed up with the double crossing of countries like Morocco, Algeria, Tunesia, Egypt and Libya. Therefore,I encourage Mr. Liebermann and the israeli government to go on with such diplomatic moves, and get more and more involved into the development of black Africa. I am sure that they will do that without neocolonialism nor contempt.Israel is the protector of the free world. If Israel falls or even wobbles, we all will be lost. Too many nations, blinded and dazed by energy needs, miscalculations and false promises, are losing that essential awareness.

  17. you ‘re nothing but trash, motherfucker.

  18. What an amusing debate. Sad to, as well as pointless. As for the South African comment about baby rape earlier on – rather don’t say more, because that is not germane to this discussion. It is a TINY percentage of the population who did it – it has been nipped in the bud. As an African (South African) of European origin, I am deeply offended by ALL of your attitudes. As far as I am concrned, there is only one race – the human race, to which we all belong, and are all brothers and sisters. All people of all cultures and colours have contributed to humanity, so enough with “when your ancestors were swinging from trees and painting each other blue, mine were reading and writing” PLEASE!

  19. jtf,

    I have thought many times about your piece on the new Jewish religion, Liberalism. Here’s a link to Podhoretz’ article to the same effect in the WSJ.

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