Obama Gives Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson

Mary Robinson is the former president of Ireland. She also headed up the infamous Durban I conference, which was nothing more than a rabid anti-Israel hatefest. To add insult to injury, Ms. Robinson is a fanatical supporter of fakestinian terrorism. As president of Ireland, Ms. Robinson provided millions of dollars to the PLO.

During the last four years of Robinson’s tenure, the European Union donated large sums of money to the Palestinian Authority. Ireland even held the presidency of the European Union for the second half of 1996. During this time, Arafat siphoned large amounts of European aid money away to pay for terror. Robinson can plead ignorance, but documents seized during the recent Israeli incursion into the West Bank revealed that the Palestinian Authority spent approximately $9 million of European Union aid money each month on the salaries of those organizing terror attacks against civilians. While European officials like Robinson looked the other way, the Palestinian Authority regularly converted millions of dollars of aid money into shekels at rates about 20 percent below normal, allowing the Palestinian chairman to divert millions of dollars worth of aid into his personal slush fund.


Robinson’s post-Durban record is little better. On April 15, Robinson’s commission voted on a decision that condoned suicide bombings as a legitimate means to establish Palestinian statehood (six European Union members voted in favor including, not surprisingly, France and Belgium). The vote came after Robinson initiated a drive to become a fact finder to investigate the now-famous massacre in Jenin (also known as “the massacre that never happened”).

Here’s a list of the other recipients. I notice that there’s not a single conservative among them.


4 responses to “Obama Gives Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson

  1. Wow, you guys are real sick Zionazis! Here’s an idea: let’s send Tzipi and all the other Polacks back to Poland; Avi and his racist pals back to Moldova, Shimon back to Poland; and so on until all the invading racists, thieves, and killers are gone, baby, gone!

  2. Michael J. Fleming

    I am a Catholic, but I am also a Zionist. I copied some of the information on your website and sent it to commentators on the Fox News Network. Why don’t you do the same? I think that Obama is an evil man. Here are some email addresses:
    hemmer@foxnews.com and O’Reilly.foxnews.com
    Please dessimate this info.


  3. Thank you, Michael.

  4. Stonewall Jackson

    I long for the good old days of Judah Benjamin, Robert E. Lee and Jeff Davis. 500,000 americans killed each other and for what. Sherman should be tried as a war criminal (post mortum) for what he and his army did to the civilian population. He and his army were truly the original nazis.

    Actually, all this pandering is dumbing down america. The quality of life has diminished because of the demographics. It’s purely a numbers game. Maybe,we should rename the country to New Zimbabwe. Most definitely at least rename NYS. I mean come on – a blind black governor! If that isn’t the epitome of mindlessness. If obanana and patterson weren’t black would they have been elected?

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