Famous Obama Supporters Attempted To Sneak Into Gaza

The famous Obama supporters I’m referring to are Bill Ayres and his wife Bernadine Dohrn, Jodie Evans of Code Pink, and pro-Obama fakestinian supporter Ali Abunimah of Electronic Intifidah. A few days ago, they tried entering Gaza through Egypt. But they were deterred by the Egyptian govrnment. Read all about it here.

Notice how they blame Israel for Egypt not letting them cross over into Gaza? I never knew the Israeli government is now running Egypt! Who knew?


3 responses to “Famous Obama Supporters Attempted To Sneak Into Gaza

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  2. lol you know what is a real problem of gaza? that people know nothing! for example-they see israeli constractions – and they have never heard of ‘kerem kayemet le israel’. they have no idea why their land goes to israel. they just see that they had land and now its confiscated. same here. i knew nothing. desinformation or no information- that what becames a good base for new conflicts.

  3. All of us as American Jews and Christains have seen the handwriting on the wall. I confess that I voted for him and that has to be one of my worst mistakes ever. I will do everthing that I can To expose him or anyone else that does not support ISRAEL. He said rhat he is a Christain and I know that anyone claiming to be a TRUE Christain will love and support Israel. God says that He will BLESS those that Bless Jerusalem and curse those who do not. It is just that simple and I do not need a Harvard law degree paid by muslims to figure that out. I believe that we will pay dearly for putting Obama in OUR White House. OH! GOD PLEASE FORGIVE US I PRAY? Dorothy from Texas

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