Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch Predicts Anti-Democrat “Tsunami”

Let me say right out that I’m no fan of Ed Koch. He was way too liberal. After his three terms, New Yorkers ended up with that white hater anti-semite David Dinkins. As an aside note, David Dinkins, instructed the NYPD to do nothing as the cruel blacks of Crown Heights committed a modern day pogrom against the Jews. But I digress.

I’ve always been a fan of Mayor Rudolph Giulani, who cleaned up New York City, and who took no nonsense from race pimps like Al Sharpton, and that Saudi Prince Awaleed Bin Talal, who after 9/11, offered him a check with a note for America to rethink their policy on the fakestinians.

Anyway, as a result of Obama sucking up to every Third World dictator and Muslim terrorist leader while throwing a temper tantrum over Israel building apartments in Jerusalem, Koch has come out swinging against Obama. The former NYC mayor is predicting an a “tsunami” against the Democrats. (If only that could be true!!!!)

The legendary three-term mayor said that President Barack Obama had “betrayed” the Jews who voted for him en masse. “I must say,” he added, “that Jewish support – according to the polls here in America – for President Obama has gone down about 20 percent, from 78 to 58. I’m going to try to make it lower.”

“I believe that there is going to be a tsunami in November and that the Democratic party is going to suffer enormous defeats,” he said.

He said that Jews need to rethink their unwavering support for liberal candidates like Obama. “Jews are liberals, we want people to have their rights,” he explained, “and regrettably too often they forget about their own rights and the rights of their brothers and sisters in Israel.”

I actually agree with Mayor Koch about this. Unfortunately though, Koch was an Obama supporter. For those people who are now suddenly surprised at Obama’s hostility to Israel, and his sucking up to Muslim terrorist leaders and communist dictators, I just wonder if where on earth they were in the months leading up to the November 2008 election. There was plenty of information out there on Obama’s friends in scummy places. In fact, I’ve had Jewish commenters on this blog calling me a racist and otherwise whining about my “fear mongering.” One man even went so far as to say Obama would make the Star of David rise over Jerusalem. These simply did not want to accept the facts about what they were electing to the highest office of the land. All they cared about was the “D” next to his name, and that he would keep abortion on demand legal.

Pretty sad, huh?


4 responses to “Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch Predicts Anti-Democrat “Tsunami”

  1. To have respect for others rights does not mean you have to be liberal.That a lie liberal’s tell. I always say you don’t go to Satan get his advice on what to do in a situation. Because he’s the one that created the situation in the first place. He’s the master deceiver(liar) and those that follow him. All anyone had to do is check who Obama hung around with in his past and who were his influences (Wright,Marshall,Al Mansour). Marxists, racists and Jew-haters.

  2. Good point, Andre.

  3. Hopefully there will be some anti-Democrat tsunami. Apparently some people have picked up that Obama isn’t pro-Israel:

    According to BBC Netanyahu’s brother-in-law “said it was clear Mr Obama agreed with Rev Wright because he had remained a member of his congregation.”

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