Hezbollah (Lebanon) Storing Weapons Against U.N.

JTF.ORG & Jews Against Obama position:

Israel is one little place, it is supposed to be a Jewish state. It is no bigger than Jersey. There are 66 Muslim nations, all in the name of “Islam”. The Jews can have one little place and defend themselves as well. We pray that the Israeli government wakes up to see the threat, and that most of the world would want Israel ‘wiped off the map’. The time for Israel to be armed, and ready is NOW, not giving up more Jewish land to the A-rabs, who are occupying Gaza.

JTF.ORG does not support the government of Israel. We support the Israeli-Jewish and Christian people who have a right to defend themselves against evil & tyrants in the middle east.

Lebanon is evil.

We encourage the appeasing government of Israel to arm our people and prepare for a bombing from Lebanon and Syria. To stay in the camp and fire when the threat arises.


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