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Liberal-Jews Turning Away From Obama~Is It Because They Finally Are Figuring Out That Obama Is Like Hitler?

Why did it have to take this long for Jews to turn away from Obama?  Is it because he is a Muslim? Is it because he is an Israel-hater? Who knows.  NO Jew should ever want Obama in charge.  He is the one behind the Jew-hatred out of control.

Obama: Nationalized healthcare; so did Hitler.

Obama: Nationalized the banks, so did Hitler.

Obama: Nationalized the car cos, so did Hitler.

Obama: Seeking to ‘reform’ education, same as Hitler.  What more do you liberal Jews need?  For Obama to send you to the gas chambers here in America before you wake up?

New Poll: American Jews Are Moving Away From Obama ^ | 10/12/2010 1 hour ago | Jeff Dunetz

Posted on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 7:35:39 AM by Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid!

American Jews, 78% of whom voted to make Barack Obama president are continuing to move away from Obama and his policies. According to a survey conducted by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) , 51% of Jews approve of the way Obama is doing his job. While that number may seem high keep in mind that the AJC poll conducted in March 2010, showed the president with a 58% approval.

(Excerpt)

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Jewish Leaders “Worried About Obama”…Please, Give Us a Break

Jews Against Obama, in 2008 was heavily visited by the Jewish community.  We warned our people of the Jew- hatred Obama possesses, even calling Jews, ‘kikes’, yet you did not listen: Obama Referred To Jews As “Kikes” | JEWS AGAINST OBAMA -At this point, how is it, that we can actually have mercy and compassion on you now? You still work against America and falsely accuse Christians in America of dastardly deeds, all of which are lies

You have broken the ground for these serious waves of Jew-hatred, and have not shed a tear for little Jews that have to pay for your stupid & treasonous mistakes.  When Bernie Madoff bankrupted the ACLU, we here at the JTF.ORG leaped for joy.  More of you should be put out to pasture for treating America, a place that opened its arms and sheltered you, like yesterdays garbage.

Shame on left wing Jews for treating America with such contempt, backing a Muslim, Marxist with NO records in, as a world leader.

SEE:  In spiked Vanity Fair piece, Jewish leaders worry about Obama

NAACP Worried About A “Kristallnaught” That The LIBERALS Are Creating

Everywhere you look in the media, it is filled with bogus, empty rhetoric like in the link provided below.  The truth about a “NAZI” movement is that Obama is the Muslim-Nazi. Obama has done 3 things that were  attempted and carried out in NAZI Germany:  (Where are the Liberal Jews to stop this atrocity? ADL? ACLU?, SPLC?)

1. Nationalize the banks.

2. Nationalize the car companies.

3. Nationalize heathcare.

Obama is the NAZI and here Benjamin Jealous is claiming that the conservatives who are NOT in power are the NAZIS.

Obama is so terrible, that this is the reason why you see posters all over like the one below..people cannot figure out what evil leader Obama is like from the past, Hitler, Stalin, Mao.. etc.

Mike Berry (Radio Host) “I Hope Someone Blows Up NYC Mosque If They Build It”

Obama Intentionally Speaks Before The UN~Israel To Surrender Land On Succoth, While Israel Is Not Present

Obama intentionally spoke to the UN on Succoth, knowing fully well that it is a high, holy day in Israel for the Jewish people. Israel will suffer dire consequences if it gives up any more land for false peace.

Obama, The Muslim wants Israel to withdraw to the 1967 borders. Surrendering land is against HaShem, and Chillul HaShem. JTF and Jews Against Obama Position;

Obama is a Muslim, which is why he supports “Palestine first”. Obama cannot even control our borders in the US. The more that America curses Israel, the people, the more America is going to have natural disasters.  G-d is WITH the people of Israel, and he is now against America for our demands on tiny Israel and its people.

America needs to repent, Israel needs to stop taking any foreign aid ‘for peace’ (The 1976 treaty between Egypt & Israel, 2.7 billion a year to Israel and 2.4 billion a year to Egypt) It is a fail and no peace is achieved.

Jews To Be Ruled By “Palestinians”, Thanks To Obama & Netanyahu

This should make the Ron Paul bots happy.  Netanyahu, a disgrace- is going to let HAMAS, & “Palestinians” a non-people, non-country rule over the Jews in the West Bank, some who have been there for thousands of years.

America, will suffer the ramifications here for demanding this from tiny Israel. Arizona will be completely invaded in Southern AZ.

Genesis Chapter 12 בְּרֵאשִׁית

ג  וַאֲבָרְכָה, מְבָרְכֶיךָ, וּמְקַלֶּלְךָ, אָאֹר; וְנִבְרְכוּ בְךָ, כֹּל מִשְׁפְּחֹת הָאֲדָמָה. 3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and him that curseth thee will I curse; and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed.’

The words of G-d are truth.


Shock plan: Palestinians scheduled to govern Jews


Netanyahu secretly proposed new plot in talks with Obama.

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Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch Predicts Anti-Democrat “Tsunami”

Let me say right out that I’m no fan of Ed Koch. He was way too liberal. After his three terms, New Yorkers ended up with that white hater anti-semite David Dinkins. As an aside note, David Dinkins, instructed the NYPD to do nothing as the cruel blacks of Crown Heights committed a modern day pogrom against the Jews. But I digress.

I’ve always been a fan of Mayor Rudolph Giulani, who cleaned up New York City, and who took no nonsense from race pimps like Al Sharpton, and that Saudi Prince Awaleed Bin Talal, who after 9/11, offered him a check with a note for America to rethink their policy on the fakestinians.

Anyway, as a result of Obama sucking up to every Third World dictator and Muslim terrorist leader while throwing a temper tantrum over Israel building apartments in Jerusalem, Koch has come out swinging against Obama. The former NYC mayor is predicting an a “tsunami” against the Democrats. (If only that could be true!!!!)

The legendary three-term mayor said that President Barack Obama had “betrayed” the Jews who voted for him en masse. “I must say,” he added, “that Jewish support – according to the polls here in America – for President Obama has gone down about 20 percent, from 78 to 58. I’m going to try to make it lower.”

“I believe that there is going to be a tsunami in November and that the Democratic party is going to suffer enormous defeats,” he said.

He said that Jews need to rethink their unwavering support for liberal candidates like Obama. “Jews are liberals, we want people to have their rights,” he explained, “and regrettably too often they forget about their own rights and the rights of their brothers and sisters in Israel.”

I actually agree with Mayor Koch about this. Unfortunately though, Koch was an Obama supporter. For those people who are now suddenly surprised at Obama’s hostility to Israel, and his sucking up to Muslim terrorist leaders and communist dictators, I just wonder if where on earth they were in the months leading up to the November 2008 election. There was plenty of information out there on Obama’s friends in scummy places. In fact, I’ve had Jewish commenters on this blog calling me a racist and otherwise whining about my “fear mongering.” One man even went so far as to say Obama would make the Star of David rise over Jerusalem. These simply did not want to accept the facts about what they were electing to the highest office of the land. All they cared about was the “D” next to his name, and that he would keep abortion on demand legal.

Pretty sad, huh?

You Just Might Be A Liberal Jew If…

Via Zionist Conspiracy

Hat tip: Xoce

1. If you spend more time worrying about whales and dolphins than about Jews, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

2. If you think that the essence of Jewish ethics is supporting the political agenda of the left wing of the Democratic Party, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

3. If you think Michael Lerner and Arthur Woodstock of Tikkun magazine are really sensitive or deep thinkers, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

4. If you think the highest priority for your ‘Temple’ is to have a good recycling program, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

5. If you think Clinton was the most pro-Israel president ever, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

6. If you think that American pressure on Israel to make peace is necessary and valuable, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

7. If you think Jews should support affirmative action programs, even though they discriminate against Jews, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

8. If you disapprove of the Rev. Al Sharpton but think he has a good point about Jews being racists, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

9. If you oppose voucher programs for schools and school choice, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

10. If you think Anthony Lewis and Leonard Fein make a lot of good points, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

11. If you approve of the Religious Action Center of the Reform synagogue movement, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

12. If you do not understand why America still needs a strong military, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

13. If you still believe the US should have just let sanctions work in Iraq, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

14. If you still think Nelson Mandela is a hero, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

15. If there’s even the slightest possibility you might vote for Jesse Jackson for any public office, you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

16. If you like to complain about how tough people have it in America, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

17. If you send your kids to a Quaker day school, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

18. If you think all that talk about political correctness suppressing free expression is a myth, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

19. If you seriously doubt that the media are dominated by liberals, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

20. If you donate to the New Israel Fund, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

21. If you think the courts and police are riddled with institutional racism, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

22. If you think Jews should practice zero-population growth because the world is so crowded, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

23. If you think the Israeli settlements are the main obstacle to peace, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

24. If you think that Oslo was basically a sound idea that was applied incorrectly, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

25. If you think Shimon Peres is basically a decent guy with the right agenda, then you just might be an assimilated Jewish liberal.

Obama Urges Israel To Open Gaza Borders

I doubt this news will affect any of the millions of stupid liberal Jews who voted for Obama. After all, liberal Jews are notorious for caring about every other cause under the sun except for the plight of their fellow Jews, and the Jewish state. Liberalism is their true religion, and they’ve twisted the Torah to fit their crazy beliefs.

President Barack Obama urged Israel on Thursday to open its borders with Gaza.

The plea came in a speech that signalled the new US administration’s shift from Bush-era policy on the Middle East and the world as a whole. In a high-profile address on his second day in office, just hours after he signed an executive order to close the centre at Guantánamo Bay, Mr Obama proclaimed that the US would “actively and aggressively seek a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians” in the wake of this month’s Gaza war.

“The outline for a durable ceasefire is clear: Hamas must end its rocket fire: Israel will complete the withdrawal of its forces from Gaza: the US and our partners will support a credible anti-smuggling and interdiction regime, so that Hamas cannot re-arm,” the US president said.

“As part of a lasting ceasefire, Gaza’s border crossings should be open to allow the flow of aid and commerce, with an appropriate monitoring regime, with the international and Palestinian Authority participating.”

Wow, this sounds like the fox guarding the hen house. He wants so-called palestinians guarding against the smuggling of arms from Egypt to Hamas?


“Let me be clear: America is committed to Israel’s security and we will always support Israel’s right to defend itself against legitimate threats,” Mr Obama said.

But in comments referring to the Gaza conflict he added: “I was deeply concerned by the loss of Palestinian and Israeli life in recent days and by the substantial suffering and humanitarian needs in Gaza. Our hearts go out to Palestinian civilians who are in need of immediate food, clean water, and basic medical care, and who’ve faced suffocating poverty for far too long.”

Hussein can speak for himself. There are no “palestinians.” They’re merely Egyptians and Jordanians who changed their names after 1967. Nor are they civilians. Thus, the term is a complete oxymoron.

It’s not Israel’s fault that these monsters elected a terror organization to govern them. And the fact is, Ham-Ass doesn’t care about them either.

I notice that these Arabs are ecstatic when their women and children blow themselves up and kill Jews. BUT it’s only when these so-called civilians fail at killing Jews (for example when Israeli’s accidentally kill these willing human shields) that the Arabs pretend to be upset at the loss of life.

So the many American Jewish Obama supporters can be grateful that they helped destroy the only civilized Western democracy in the Middle East, while creating yet another Muslim terrorist rogue state in its place.

Chaim Ben Pesach On The Real Meaning Of Hannukah

This video is about a year old, but still relevant, being that today in Hannukah. Click here to watch it. ( doesn’t let you play Live Leak videos directly on blogs.)