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Egypt & Iran Will Resume Flights After 30 Years.

This is what happens when you have a CIC in America that is a Marxist-Muslim from Kenya.  Tyranny, worldwide.

See CNINEgypt and Iran resume flights after 30 years

Also see this, it is an article talking about Obamas Muslim Outreach:

The Fruits of Obama’s Muslim Outreach


Third Jews Against Obama Press Release


Web site: JewsAgainstObama.com
Email: jewsagainstobama@yahoo.com


JewsAgainstObama.com, a national grassroots organization, charged that the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency would enable Muslim terrorist Iran to create nuclear bombs, a development that would “gravely endanger” the United States, Israel and the Western world.

“If Barack Hussein Obama is elected president, there is no chance that the U.S. Air Force will be ordered to destroy Muslim terrorist Iran’s nuclear bomb-making program. And Obama will also pressure tiny Israel not to destroy the Iranian nuclear terrorist facilities. Since a decisive military strike from the air is the only realistic hope of stopping Iran from completing its nuclear terrorist program, this means that an Obama presidency will lead directly to a nuclear-armed terrorist Iran,” said Chaim Ben Pesach, the Chairman of JewsAgainstObama.com.

“If Muslim terrorist Iran gets its hands on nuclear bombs, then every other Muslim nation in the Middle East will develop or acquire nuclear weapons as well. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria and other Muslim nations will get nuclear bombs, leading to a massive nuclear arms race in the Muslim world. Since all of these Islamic countries sponsor a myriad of Muslim terrorist organizations, there is no doubt that Muslim terrorists will also get their hands on nuclear weapons. This will lead to a Muslim terrorist nuclear holocaust against the United States and/or Israel,” Ben Pesach added.

“Therefore, if we do not destroy Muslim terrorist Iran’s nuclear bomb-making program before it is too late, we are literally committing national suicide. And if Barack Hussein Obama is elected, that is exactly what will occur,” Ben Pesach concluded.

JewsAgainstObama.com plan an intensive grassroots campaign aimed at reaching millions of voters with this message between now and election day. The voters will be reached through appearances on television and radio talk shows, and mass emails on the internet.

Although the founders of JewsAgainstObama.com are Orthodox Jews, the organization is open to anyone who wishes to help. In fact, most of the organization’s members are not Jewish.

JewsAgainstObama.com spokesmen are available for interviews and can be reached at the email address listed above.