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JTF’s “Burn Quran Tour” Coming To A City Near You

In retaliation to the Hate Mosque in NYC-One of our audio/videos by AsheDina:

NYC Issues Terror Warning & Warning To Americans In EU.

See the news on this at CNIN: Obama administration to issue terror warning to Americans in Europe, senior intelligence official tells Fox News

Jews Against Obama is sick and tired of the media not reporting the real news. We have seen only one valid source that truly cares about the American People:   The Conservative Monster.com  We urge you to please add The Conservative Monster to your favorites. 

Obama is a non-practicing Marxist-Muslim, so, if we get attacked, he said we can ‘absorb it’.  OK… Whatever Barry.

Fat-Boy Bob Beckel Whines Like A Little Mary Against Brave Geller/Atlas Shrugs

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   This is a terrible interview, by the way.  Fox News analysts just sat there and gave this militant Muslim-Ahmed Rehab, lee-way to dump on Geller.  In comes fat boy Bob Beckel, who is so obviously a sexist.  Watch this video from Atlas Shrugs.  Fox is un-gentleman like in our opinion and not up to task to fight against any Islamics,  probably because one of Fox’s largest share-holders is Saudi Prince Alwaleed… {Must be a “Zionist” conspiracy..}  FOX Business: Hate Sponsor CAIR on Steroids, Waterboy Bob Beckel Squeal and the Ground Zero Mosque

Go eat another Cheeseburger, Bob..

Mike Berry (Radio Host) “I Hope Someone Blows Up NYC Mosque If They Build It”

AMERICAN BLOOD LIBEL: Pro-Islam, “Palestinian”-Firster, (R) Ron Paul Supports G. Zero Mosque

Obama has a lot in common with (R) Ron Paul. Ron Paul is an Israel-hater & puts the non-country “Palestine” first, before America. His followers are severe Jew-haters & cater to radical Islam. Many of Ron Paul followers believe there is nothing wrong with Shari’a financing.  The only reason Ron Paul supports this mosque is: #1. He believes that the  U.S. government perpetrated 9/11/01, (and “Israel” was also possibly involved). #2. He is an Israel-hater. #3. Ron Paul cares more for Muslims in A-rab lands and Muslims in America over NYC residents that suffered directly from death by Jihad from the terrorist acts on 9/11/01, committed by 19 hijackers, all Muslims.

The fish rots from the head down. Ben Stein called Paul exactly what he is; An anti-semite. The only reason Ron Pauls followers hate Israel is because of Ron Pauls stance, which is anti-American, (pro-Islam, political movement) and anti-Israel. 

Israel has supplied intelligence in every single war we have engaged in, in the Muslim countries. Israel warned America that Iraq is/was not the problem, Iran is the problem.

Craig Winn (Prophet of Doom) a former, close, personal friend of Pres. Bush, wrote a Letter to George W. Bush  regarding the Iraq war. Pres. Bush rejected this letter of warning, and sent more of our U.S. troops into Afghanistan & Iraq to be killed by Muslims, who do not follow the Rules of Engagement.

Jews Against Obama, & JTF.ORG at one time supported Ron Paul for President. Since we have found that he blames America for 9/11, supports radical Islam, hates Israel, couldn’t care less about the feelings of NYers, we will not ever give him an inch of support.

Jews Against Obama/JTF.ORG warned America in 1993 about Islam. Islam is not a ‘religion’, it is a political movement, that demands all non-Muslims to submit, or die if they don’t convert to the political movement, Islam.

Loony Ron Paul Blames “Neocons” For Ground Zero – gatewaypundit

BLOOD LIBEL: Jews Against Obama Condemn The SPLC Accusation Of Pamela Geller/Atlas Shrugs

Jews Against Obama, & JTF.ORG  Condemn The Actions & Accusations Of Mark Potok (Jewish) Against Pamela Geller (Jewish) Who Is Famous For The Website, ATLAS SHRUGS, That Stands Against Radical Islam.

  As Jews, we are to never turn against our own blood, in favor of a radical, political movement, “Islam” that is not a religion, but a cult of death and murder.

  SPLC’s Mark Potok has turned against his own people, the Jewish people, by favoring Islam and a “Victory” mosque 2 blocks from the site of Ground Zero.

  Mark Potok has chosen a path of Nazi-ism and death over his Jewish faith, and has projected his own evil, on a righteous Jewish woman, who is also one of his own people, namely, Pamela Geller.  This is what Mark Potok has projected onto Pamela Geller: White Supremacists Find Common Cause with Pam Geller’s Anti-Islam Campaign

  We call on Mark Potok (A Jew) to relinquish this wrongful accusation and blood libel against Pamela Geller, a fellow Jew. We call on ALL Jews to condemn this blood libel of the SPLC against Geller.

May HaShem judge between Ms. Geller & Mark Potok.

Feel free to observe the comments on the SPLC site. Evidently, nobody agrees with Potok and the SPLC. Our comments were not authorized by the owner of the SPLC blog site.

We advise readers to take a look at the threats that Geller receives, on a daily basis, from ‘peaceful’ Muslims:

Death Threats and Security