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Liberal-Jews Turning Away From Obama~Is It Because They Finally Are Figuring Out That Obama Is Like Hitler?

Why did it have to take this long for Jews to turn away from Obama?  Is it because he is a Muslim? Is it because he is an Israel-hater? Who knows.  NO Jew should ever want Obama in charge.  He is the one behind the Jew-hatred out of control.

Obama: Nationalized healthcare; so did Hitler.

Obama: Nationalized the banks, so did Hitler.

Obama: Nationalized the car cos, so did Hitler.

Obama: Seeking to ‘reform’ education, same as Hitler.  What more do you liberal Jews need?  For Obama to send you to the gas chambers here in America before you wake up?

New Poll: American Jews Are Moving Away From Obama
biggovernment.com ^ | 10/12/2010 1 hour ago | Jeff Dunetz

Posted on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 7:35:39 AM by Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid!

American Jews, 78% of whom voted to make Barack Obama president are continuing to move away from Obama and his policies. According to a survey conducted by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) , 51% of Jews approve of the way Obama is doing his job. While that number may seem high keep in mind that the AJC poll conducted in March 2010, showed the president with a 58% approval.

(Excerpt) Read more at biggovernment.com

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Jewish Leaders “Worried About Obama”…Please, Give Us a Break

Jews Against Obama, in 2008 was heavily visited by the Jewish community.  We warned our people of the Jew- hatred Obama possesses, even calling Jews, ‘kikes’, yet you did not listen: Obama Referred To Jews As “Kikes” | JEWS AGAINST OBAMA -At this point, how is it, that we can actually have mercy and compassion on you now? You still work against America and falsely accuse Christians in America of dastardly deeds, all of which are lies

You have broken the ground for these serious waves of Jew-hatred, and have not shed a tear for little Jews that have to pay for your stupid & treasonous mistakes.  When Bernie Madoff bankrupted the ACLU, we here at the JTF.ORG leaped for joy.  More of you should be put out to pasture for treating America, a place that opened its arms and sheltered you, like yesterdays garbage.

Shame on left wing Jews for treating America with such contempt, backing a Muslim, Marxist with NO records in, as a world leader.

SEE:  In spiked Vanity Fair piece, Jewish leaders worry about Obama

BLOOD LIBEL: Jews Against Obama Condemn The SPLC Accusation Of Pamela Geller/Atlas Shrugs

Jews Against Obama, & JTF.ORG  Condemn The Actions & Accusations Of Mark Potok (Jewish) Against Pamela Geller (Jewish) Who Is Famous For The Website, ATLAS SHRUGS, That Stands Against Radical Islam.

  As Jews, we are to never turn against our own blood, in favor of a radical, political movement, “Islam” that is not a religion, but a cult of death and murder.

  SPLC’s Mark Potok has turned against his own people, the Jewish people, by favoring Islam and a “Victory” mosque 2 blocks from the site of Ground Zero.

  Mark Potok has chosen a path of Nazi-ism and death over his Jewish faith, and has projected his own evil, on a righteous Jewish woman, who is also one of his own people, namely, Pamela Geller.  This is what Mark Potok has projected onto Pamela Geller: White Supremacists Find Common Cause with Pam Geller’s Anti-Islam Campaign

  We call on Mark Potok (A Jew) to relinquish this wrongful accusation and blood libel against Pamela Geller, a fellow Jew. We call on ALL Jews to condemn this blood libel of the SPLC against Geller.

May HaShem judge between Ms. Geller & Mark Potok.

Feel free to observe the comments on the SPLC site. Evidently, nobody agrees with Potok and the SPLC. Our comments were not authorized by the owner of the SPLC blog site.

We advise readers to take a look at the threats that Geller receives, on a daily basis, from ‘peaceful’ Muslims:

Death Threats and Security